Paul, Sean - Head To Toe Lyrics

Don't pretend you don't need me...Daily monthly and weekly
Sean da Paul...Pon the girl them...intermediately
Don Corleone...deh ya fi make the girl ride pon the pony...
Sean Paul no phony..Hear me tell the girl them say..

From head to toe.. You finesse....jah jah bless you with would a
Mash up man head to toe....most naturally..
Anytime me want it, girl just gimme the pre
I'll set you free....I give you my love and you know it's guaranteed
I got what you need...believe in you and me

[Verse 1:]
You physique a speak...And if a talk you a talk it make man heart a beat
When you out a street...The walk wey you walk make this world look counterfeit
Cause you no incomplete...Everything weh you got on sexy everything look neat
We can feel the heat...I guy must be blind if him haffi look hard fi see it..

Cause from you set on me ready fi go put on the sweat on.
Gal cause you body it a beckon
Every minute every second me turn on the threat on..
Gal, you goin' get wet on..
Just ease you mind up one time..Flex tonight because it's not a crime
Relax you vibe because hype we no join...Gal bubble when you feel the bassline, cause..


[Verse 2:]
Come roll with we...If you man a pose up like him just don't know how fi do it...
Him lack energy...Him nah work you right never work it fi you properly
And give you memories...Inna di bathroom, sofa, hammock up between the trees
Up in the evening breeze...Cmon baby girl this is not a good time fi tease

So off let will not forget it...Sean a Paul a youth wey naw go pamper nor pet it..
Pump it hard but no me naw offset it...Nuff how fi turn it don't fret it..
Just ease you mind up one time..Flex tonight because it's not a crime
Relax you vibe because hype we no join...Gal bubble now to the bassline, cause..

[Verse 1:]
[Chorus (repeat)]
[Verse 2 (repeat)]
[Chorus (repeat)]

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Paul, Sean Head To Toe Comments
  1. Daniel VelMartin

    Real deal

  2. Donny Dank

    2019 stilllll

  3. Galva Tron

    This album is a classic

  4. Donny Dank

    2 many memories

  5. The Music Police

    Sean Paul must be the WORST rapper in history. Every song he ever does he sounds exactly the same. Every songs sounds like the same song. Why would anybody like his "music" (I use the term very loosely).

  6. Tetty Franck-Simplice


  7. TruckerRochelle- RachelRolandaHarrisBoyd

    Got to get back to working out to again yes yes yes dear ,i love it!

  8. February Aquarius

    my shit

    February Aquarius

    Alyson Berryhill lmao

  9. Dalimar Acevedo

    Youngest comment.

    February Aquarius

    Dalimar Acevedo ?

    Dalimar Acevedo

    Elijah Meadows Yes?

    Dalimar Acevedo

    ah you won at me bro

  10. David Durán


  11. Kwanelletary TV

    still dope! loved/love this album,

    Marice Middleton

    That's a factuality

    Xavier Samuels

    @Marice Middleton yeah and a actually

  12. Abbath Malevolent The Czarnian Saiyan Hybrid

    I forgot what year this song came out but I'm still listening to it on 016 and beyond!! -If I'm still alive in beyond lol

    February Aquarius

    Lioness Of Judah 2005

  13. eddi djiba

    I'll set be free,I give you my love and you knows it's guaranteed, I love dance this song

  14. E.L.I Thompson

    Best song ever

  15. KCL

    i love all of sean paul songs

  16. MrKez910

    What was the name of the riddim?

    Codie Code

    Trifecta Riddim

    Donny Dank


  17. Nick Corello

    nice song i like it a lot 

  18. SPEC44388

    Me too ;)

  19. Âlas Bieëng


  20. TheMassive Bash


  21. Mert Sağır

    Buraya, Hanımların Dikkatine Overlok Makinesi Ayağınıza Geldi. ' den geliyorum herif bişey yazıyodu ordan bu şarkıyı yazdı merak ettim geldim yoksa ne işim olur şarkıda bok gibiymiş zaten anasını sikerim böyle adamın ben isme bak sean siktirgit burdan beyler beğeninde yabancılar güzel bişey sansın

  22. Wesley Chikeya

    still my favourite sean paul song