Paul, Sean - All On Me Lyrics

Back again et the trendt was me the great SP
Alongside Tamicgirl...I all on you girl...anytime....
I all on you.... Anyplace
Any gal weh want it it tell them come right now you know
Cause we like when dem tell we say...

[Verse 1:]
Whatever you want boy you know what I got
I givin you all of me
Don be afraid boy, take me away...Ill give you a guarantee
You won regret anything that you get..I can be all you need
It gettingso hot boy you hittin my spot.....I want you all on me

So if you like it.....Come and get close youe invited
I know that you cannot hide it.....You know that I want you all on me
And if were grindin..we won be done till sunshinin'
Tonight you gonna be mine...and....You know that I want you all on me

[Verse 2:]
Say gal you a request the strength outta me back yow... Everything me got yow
True me style so versatile me give it to them a lot yow...
Like the starts up inna the sky, so me have dem inna me flock yow..
Every woman a mine....a so me think from me a tot yow..
Wether them white or wether them black yow, wether dem slim or wether dem phat yow..
Sean da Paul we deh ya we a sting and we a shock yow
We have dem under lock down....Born to give dem a pat down....Bring it over here gal if your back round.
Cause I'm searchin just to find a toppa top girl...and you lookin' fine
I love that shape and that design...gimme your body anytime
And I know you hea me clear girl you gotta know I got no fear
And you know I will be prepared if you give me your body anywhere

[Verse 3:]
In the heat of the night now our bodies entwine
You're all that I can feel
I'm losin' my breath everytime that you get a little closer to me
You touchin' me right and I'm holdin' you tight
You're like a midnight dream
Ready or not now I'll give what I got...If you give it all to me


[Verse 4:]
Well out of the midst of the dance girl follow we leading
Cause we no ramp fi give them what them be needin'
With them believin' we give them good seedin'
From mornin' right back down to evenin'
Wether the time or season, wether it warm or freezin'
Girls say them waan the lovin' increasin'
Gilrs dem we breedin' girls dem we pleasin'
Girls inna di after party proceedings
Cause I'm searchin just to find a toppa top girl...and you lookin' fine
I love that shape and that design...gimme your body anytime
And I know you hea me clear girl you gotta know I got no fear
And you know I will be prepared if you give me your body anywhere


Cmon now lets go...where nobody knows
You and me alone...You and me together
Wanna feel it in my take control
Love when you..ohh....make it last forever


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Paul, Sean All On Me Comments
  1. Daniel Munyaka

    Masterpiece 🔥🔥🔥🕺👌

  2. Sandra Richardson

    Keep "; me "! High"! Bady;.

  3. Samuel Ngumii

    November 2019 and still bangs!!

  4. Donny Dank

    Banger till now

  5. Ihaji Made It

    Massive tune! Tami killed the hook!

  6. Andy Da Great

    Truly an on underrated song from this fantastic album

  7. arthur fungai Mashamba

    This song was SLEPT ON!!!

  8. Mahlone Anthony Mebale

    Le meilleur tube de tte la carrière musicale de SEAN PAUL👏👏👏❤️💪👌👍


    Nice 💖

  10. Odera Geyline

    Love it August 2019

  11. Sarah Only

    2019 ??

    dior kelvn

    Sarah Only 🔥🔥

  12. L Shayo

    Why Sean Paul never did the video for this song?

  13. Titus Tuwan

    I just have to search it on google,

  14. nini kellya

    Her voice💕💕💕💕💕👑✨ #the Best of this album

  15. Manzel Naticha


  16. Alfonso Ferrante

    Summer 2019 still rocking it as shit

  17. Saida Msami

    who is here 2019


    All on it

    light man

    Sean Paul for all times

    Xavier Samuels

    @light man Late High School Years

  18. Davin Carbon

    that's my tune ! proper song for your woman to grind on you in the club....😉
    big up Caribbean massive....💝

  19. jeff edler Toussaint

    What language that Sean Paul singing? Lol

  20. Toa Kasi

    I was 16 when this came out this got me thru college second year & now its 2019 & I'm almost 30 still love thank you ☝👏💓

  21. malina kusjemalinax

    Fineally find the song wauwiejj.x

  22. mostafa korashy


  23. Markus Ruhl

    2019 whose here

  24. Slim Gucci x


  25. Sarah Only

    Decembre 2018 ??

  26. anna chitaya


  27. William Estrada


  28. Christine Awuor

    Grooving to the jam 👄💓💋👅💅✍️👣

  29. James Anderson

    Love this song. Big tune .

    Chalabi Ismail


    Chalabi Ismail
    "أفضل" الهواتف الذكية في 2018

  30. Rjay David

    man! memories to this song

  31. Odera Geyline

    2 018???

  32. zeeshan ansari

    Sean paul went hard asf in whole album , TRINITY! And this track 😮 is spectacular

    adam mohammed

    He went hard

  33. zeeshan ansari

    Sean Paul’s one of the gold track 🔥🔥 still banging in 2018 and trinity is my favorite album tho ✨😍

  34. Lilian Okemwa

    Am still listening to this song

  35. Callum Brown

    brother used to play this gem so much peace!

  36. Louisa Beckles

    love this music as it got me through shit times brilliant sean paul xx

  37. Paul Brassh

    2018 ❤

  38. State the facts

    One of his best collaborations. Sean Paul and Tammi

    Aliihsan Gulsen

    State the facts

  39. ivanovithsa santos

    I Luv it

  40. Araceli _ce

    Que recuerdos 💥

  41. Josie F

    Lovely song💞😙💞💯👍👏🌹

  42. jultv1

    The perfect Fuck song💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

  43. Jess Balvazor

    Still here 2018

  44. braulio cartes

    tanta publicidad caga todo el disco

  45. Asma Essa

    Still reminiscing in 2018😝 👅

    Markus Ruhl


    Jsaiddi sir-E.D

    Nice lyrics let alone the beats!

    dior kelvn

    Asma Essa 🔥🔥

  46. KillJD

    Still love this song.

  47. MisterDJ45 DJ

    j aime trop cette musique

  48. Daoukro DAOUKRO

    Trop fort le mec je kiff grave

  49. Miinaliah Pak

    Who still listen this song 2017

  50. malenita vargas

    I loved

  51. James Anderson

    Pull up!

  52. hilaire ludovic

    one of my favorite from sean paul

  53. Moni Jzhra

    love it .... missing old Sean Paul

  54. Daisy Jane Ling

    this is the first sean paul song that makes me love him and hooked me up on all of his songs.

  55. Ronesha Davis

    What a way to end 2016


    OMG! I'm in great EUPHORIA right now!!! I FOUND YOUUUUU!!!! Sean pls could do a remix of this song in this new era, plssss...

  57. Adil Zanouny

    good Sean paul

  58. siro Barak

    One of the best Songs from Sean Paul forever

  59. Dj 4play

    i miss old sean paul, cant remove it on ripit since 2005

  60. miss nellie

    i loved this one, till today

  61. Madison Marker

    My dad has this kind of cd of this one

    Vivek Patel

    Daddy knows best. ;-)


    😘 👉💞 MALBUM Sean Paul ft. Tami Chynn - All on Me [The Trinity 2005]

  63. Joshua Deale

    omg i haven't heard this song in years and i forgot who sung this. i was searching every sean paul song and i actually yelled omg when i found this hahaha YESSSS!!!! MY FAVORITE SONG

    malina kusjemalinax

    The same here hihi Yeahhh x

    Omara Daniel THE LOL MODEL

    malina kusjemalinax This Song Is A One On One Nude Dance With A Fuckmate!

    Aliihsan Gulsen

    Joshua Deale

    Aliihsan Gulsen

    Joshua Deale


  64. Martha Mutanda

    shake wat yo mama gav ya miss those odd days

  65. Enilson Rodrigues

    2016 I came to listen to this song one more time...Great song great memories!!!

  66. boy Afrika

    great song

    Berlantha Jean Baptiste


  67. Moses Njuguna

    reminds me of how my ex used to grind on me..

  68. First Born

    man..sean paul have to bring ths type of reggae dancehall back.this used to be the ish back in the days


    +African dark boy Totally Agree

  69. dwayne m


    Stephanie Lapilus

    bonjour je suis madame pied j'habite au lamantin 👱

    Cherisse-Angel Charles

    Mine, too!

  70. mohani Mohanlall

    I love this song

  71. Jazbleidy B. Osorio

    ¡ I like it !

  72. תמיר מונטנה

    i love you sean !
    one of your greatest songs !
    i know yours songs and you since I was a kid 
    i love this album the trinity so much !
    but i have one problem
    i dont like so much your new songs and i really miss your old songs
    but i still love you and you the best

    Aliihsan Gulsen

    תמיר מונטנה aliihsn

  73. ArpSp

    sean breaks it maaad

  74. Ally Gubara

    I was looking for it long time.

  75. Rusty Nail

    reminds me of cool moments ;) ..

  76. Elton Mutema

    this song is the best for kwesho

  77. Houssein I. Hersi

    one my favorite song..!