Paul Revere & The Raiders - Up And Downs Lyrics

Now, things was looking golden, baby
Everything was fine
You never made no sign
That you had changed your mind

I guess I was mistaken, girl
To count so on you
What else could I do
Time to pay my dues

Well girl, I've been torn up before
But I can't handle that once more
Well I been down for a long long time
And now it's time to reach my mind
There's lots of pain upon this earth
Girl, I've had my money's worth
I have had my ups and downs and all around

Girl, I've tried to change your way of thinkin'
Tried to make you see
Well, livin' here with me
Is where you ought to be

But it didn't seem to make no difference
It never changed your world
Or stopped your social twirl
You're still the same old girl

And now, I've been torn up before
But I can't handle that once more
I been down for a long long time
But now it's time to reach my mind
'Cause there's lots of pain upon this earth
And girl, I've had my money's worth
I have had my ups and downs and all around

I've been up, down, all around now baby (up, down, all around)
I've been up, I been down, I been all around now baby (up, down, all around)
Yeah we've both been up and down and all around baby (up, down, all around)
You go up, you go down, you go all around now baby (up, down, all around)
Yes, I'm up, I'm down, all around now baby (up, down, all around)
Up and down and all around

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Up And Downs Comments
  1. No One

    Notice the intereeting country picking stratocaster in the background

  2. Willy James

    love the horns.

  3. Andrew Heller

    Great Song!!!!!!!!!
    Dumb Vid!
    No Relation to song!
    With tiny exceptions of few LP covers.

    And, in cases where Dolenz or other notable person in pictured, give info on the pic: place, time, circumstances; how obtained; why used; who else are people in photo; how others in photo relate to main character or celeb in pic & what relationship they had; importance of photo; etc.

    7:59 P.M.

  4. Kennneth Treistman

    Why they did not have this in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, we’ll never know, only Quentin Tarantino knows why he didn’t include the tune because he wrote the script to that movie.

  5. paul amrod

    Mark Lindsay as the singer made his mark as one of the greater vocalists. A little slippery and bluesy and they has a great TV show as well.

  6. FA Barragan

    I remember the day they introduced this hit on the show "Where The Action Is!" They sang it on the top of a locomotive!

  7. cathy vuksanovich

    Maybe if they looked and acted like The Ramones they'd already be in the HOF...NAH!--but THAT'S Why they had such appeal...They had their OWN persona and dance steps and joked around onstage the Board of Directors of the HOF are Tone DEAF! This group is a part of a log cabin,they were distinctly a part of the 60's!!! Most of these fellas have passed but some,including singer,Mark Lindsay are still here. Pay RESPECT to this group,HOF!!!---Mitch.

  8. casesusa

    Good song by a GREAT BAND.

  9. Will Drucker

    The Smothers Brothers brought me here....

  10. Susanne Redford

    The Crazy Horse Bar!!! Was our punk bar in the 80's.

  11. Carol Nygaard

    I used to watch them every day on Where The Action Is. They WERE really huge! I met Paul Revere a few years ago. What a wonderful guy he was. So much fun. So was his concert. You could tell he really enjoyed what he was doing. Loved your pictures, too.

  12. Cynthia Pickett

    Only a small number of those old-school McDonald's buildings even exist anymore (with the one on Florence and Lakewood in Downey, California as a notable exception).

    oldies geek

    I've been to the one in Downey. It was in '98 not long after it had been restored.

  13. lp1330

    It just doesnt get any better than this!

  14. Joseph j Trevino

    where you get those boots. and your tights . thanks Paul Revere Raiders for years of joy you all give .you make me happy watching you for Yrs. You all the best. Fan V

    valerie ehrlich

    Get these guys in the rock and roll Hall of Fame PLEASE!!!!!

  15. iSteve

    I have a pretty vivid memory as a little kid in the mid-1960s of taking part in a TV concert show starring Paul Revere and the Raiders. About a hundred of us 7 year olds swarmed up and down a two story slide at the Studio City Park (now the Beeman Park) for a Beatles-movie style scene while the band played. I long thought the show must have been “Shindig!” but now it seems likely that it was “Where the Action Is” with Dick Clark and Paul Revere and the Raiders as the house band. I can’t remember the song being played, but it seems pretty reasonable that the director chose the big slide for the Paul Revere single “Ups and Downs.”

    Anybody know of a video online of this?

  16. Steven Moore

    I saw them live in Denver in 1967--my first concert--and they closed with this song. They were terrific!

  17. Silicon Chip

    This was the loudest 45 I ever owned back in 1968.

  18. lp1330

    I am a huge fan of them but forgot about this great song until I heard it on Siruis/XM a while back. It is up there with Kicks, and Him or Me

  19. Armand Alegg

    This and Him or Me What's It Gonna Be are their two best songs IMHO.


    those two plus Kicks. This one is great and does not get the recognition the other two get

  20. Montana Crone

  21. Susanne Redford

    Such a good song. A song for all times!

  22. Terry DeLaney

    The R&R Hall of Fame is so political. They wouldn't induct Grand Funk Railroad because Mark Farner became a Christian.

    @Gannon Roberts: It's Mitch Ryder.

  23. bobthestoic

    Interesting photo montage. It took me back to my environment of those times.

  24. 2minstral

    You are right. They were overlooked. They created a lot of great music and still don't get the airplay they should today. I'll be weaving tunes into my 60's rock n roll & psychedelic rock playlists ;-)

  25. WillyisaPain 95

    Great picture of Micky Dolenz.

  26. Gannon Roberts

    Make no mistake, the Raiders put out some bitchin' rock & roll 45s. If you investigate, you will find out it was "rock by committee", I.e. corporate rock. Whatever it was, it worked.

  27. Mike Brown


  28. Robert Last

    I loved watching them on Where the action is. Priceless!

  29. Walt Godek

    Indeed they are Great! So many good bands in the golden age of music that the recognized bands needed to be the complete package and these guy's were just that, GREAT!

  30. jerry feigelson

    the version on smothers bros was the best

  31. Larry Wax

    classic and overlooked

  32. Fern Clavette

    Very nice

  33. WillyisaPain 95

    Sounds Great. Thanks.

  34. Nan Fagan

    I was in fourth grade when this song first came out. I just absolutely love this song!

  35. emerybayblues

    Just heard this song on Music Choice on the Solid Gold Oldies Channel. Never heard this Raiders song before.


    I've listened to this about dozen times. Love this song and dig those horns.


    Stone's tribute song, according to Mr. Paul Revere in a personal interview on my am-radio show, live at Santa Monica Beach,  evening of July 4, 1967. Everyone was there: what a party !

  36. Trivvent

    rip paul revere

  37. Peter Gerstenzang

    Loved em. That's Ry Cooder on slide guitar, btw, folks. 

    Robert Vavra

    +Peter Gerstenzang Listened with headphones; never heard the slide guitar before!

    Peter Gerstenzang

    +Robert Vavra Yeah, he's a bit down in the mix. Ry did lots of sessions as a 19 year old boy. Cheers.

  38. John Hintz

    Thank you for Showing me a America I almost Forgot about.. I've Just about had it..i was Reddy to give up..thank god for You Tube.:-)

  39. John Hintz

    As always..I Come here for the Music, and stay for the the Slide Show.:-)

  40. Mosbyraid2000

    Listen to real talent, real music and then listen to the so called rap artists.  Amazing how crap passes for talent today.  Political correctness be damned.

  41. Dan Michaels

    Paul Revere is such a nice guy and a really genuine person. You can tell from his interviews he's not trying to be anything he's not. I think the Raiders aren't in the Hall of Fame because they weren't really adaptable or statement making. It's the same thing with the English band the Troggs or even Tommy James and the Shondells. They were just good guys making good songs. 

  42. Jonathan Vernot

    Those horns are almost mariachi. The Raiders hit the Border.

  43. Ken McDee

    Paul Revere and the Raiders should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. For example, listen to the song Stepping Out, circa 1965. Strong bass line and excellent guitar lead. The song is one of the genesis and origins of garage/punk rock music. They were good musicians, re:  Drake Levin and Phil Volk, The are apparently overlooked by R &R Hall of Fame committee members because of their "shtick" with the Revolutionary War costumes and their playing around. But listen to the music. In my opinion, they were ahead of their time. R and R committee members are snobs. P.S. A young guitar player watched one of the Raiders performances in Seattle in the 1960's. Drake Levin was playing the lead guitar behind his back and doing other lead guitar tricks. The young guitar musician told Drake that he dug his guitar playing. That young guitar player was Jimi Hendrix. Peace, out!


    Only R&R act's should be allowed in the Hall of Lame !

    Eddie Vincent

    Most of the intruments were played by studios musicians


    Good point. The Wrecking Crew had nothing to do with Mr. Tambourine Man by the Byrds.......

  44. EmpressOfWyoming58

    They weren't over looked at the time. They were HUGE, with a sound all their own. I'm glad you can make sure newer generations get to discover them again.

    Kennneth Treistman

    EmpressOfWyoming58 they have quite a few tracks on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, The new movie from Quentin Tarantino with Brad Pitt!

  45. Rick Ulsh

    Excellent , Great song by the Best Damn American Band before , during and after the british invasion . This Band deserves to be in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame , Lets put pressure on the hall of fame to induct these Guys

  46. pigurine

    60s rule !!!!!

  47. Marcus Lukens

    Sorry to criticize. But, other than 3 flashes of album covers (2 of the same one), WTF does this video have to do with this great song??

  48. Wayne Arthur

    Agree! They are a rockin' group with a great sound. I love em' Wayne Arthur

  49. Nyquilcoma

    Definitely one of my top five Paul Revere tunes! As an added note, the Flamin' Groovies do a great cover of this one on the "Now" album, sorta like a garage band Byrds with heavy slide guitar.

  50. irishbandido

    Tight song. An underrated rocker like Moreen.

    Chris Sommerfelt

    Love Moreen! Louise was another great tune.

  51. bass0111

    GREAT tune!!!!! 8-D

  52. mary quant

    I used to look these guys over every night. Their photos were all over my walls and ceiling. I was 12 at the time.

  53. rslitman

    The McCoys, best-known for "Hang on Sloopy", were originally called Rick & the Raiders but changed their name to avoid confusion with Paul Revere & the Raiders. Ironically, the McCoys had a hit called "Up and Down", while Revere's Raiders had one called "Ups and Downs".

  54. B5Payne

    Sadly, THE most under-rated band in rock music history. My mom had such a crush on Mark that I am named after him. Great music, so no regrets for that.

  55. jim larkin

    1st concert i ever saw : pr &r chattanooga, tn 1969. they did jumpin jack flash

  56. Kevin McGauley

    I LOVED the Raiders when I was a kid in NJ in the 60's (13 in '66). Never missed one episode of "Where The Action Is--"Ups and Downs" was one of my favorite 45's--it's just as great as Kicks, Hungry, Great Airplane Strike, or Him or Me. Mark was the American Mick Jagger to me--and Fang on bass was HILARIOUS. I'll always love and miss these guys.

    Guidobrat (Kevin M.)