Paul Revere & The Raiders - Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon Lyrics

Life is bringing you so down
You don't think you can make it
Every night is a show down
Every day, it's just fake it

Let me show you a new place
If you follow directions
You'll be wearing a new face
Add it to your collection
Come on

Mr. Sun, make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon, come on through
When Mr. Sun goes we'll be counting on you

Mr. Sun, make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon, come on through
When Mr. Sun goes we'll be counting on you

Let me show you a new place
If you follow directions
You'll be wearing a new face
Add it to your collection

And if you are interested in
What I'm trying to say to you
Look at me
Your heart will start to gain on you

Mr. Sun, make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon, come on through
When Mr. Sun goes we'll be counting on you

Mr. Sun, make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon, come on through
When Mr. Sun goes we'll be counting on you

Mr. Sun, make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon, come on through
When Mr. Sun goes we'll be counting on you

Mr. Sun, make it fine
Shine on down for this baby of mine
Mr. Moon, come on through
Oh, we're counting on you

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon Comments
  1. Kenneth Biebighauser

    The BRIDGE at 1:36....No more Dick Clark simple soundsssss.... Mark breakin the coccoon ol Dick stuck em in ....Creative juices MARK L....BREAKIN through.......

  2. Valerie Teti

    Love Mark’s mic flip at the end.

  3. FijiStar Productions

    “Listen. I’m going in there, and this [flicks the screen] isn’t stopping me”

    What a great scene

  4. Maija

    My mosaic work of the sun and the moon brought me here.

  5. Cottage of the Crone

    In retrospect...these guys were a lot cooler than I gave them credit for back in the day. I liked them okay but now I like them more. Maybe it's because music has slid so far down from what it was back in the day.

    I can just hear it now..."Okay Boomer"

    Yeah...whatever...prove me wrong.

  6. TechnicJunglist

    Love the Raiders

  7. Donruss Jenkins


  8. Brookdale27

    Lesser known, but another great song by this phenomenal group.

  9. Matt Giacona

    OUATIH brought me here. Love it so much, just wish it wasn’t lip synced (poorly) :/

  10. Beatle Bob

    What TV show is this the Paul Revere and the Raiders are singing mr. Sun mr. Moon on?

  11. Maria Sandra Amador

    Love this song

  12. Donna Frost

    I have loved them ever since I was a kid long ago

  13. Ghostdialoog

    Once upon a time in Hollywood (2019)

  14. MarvinYoureNaked

    44 people got gypped out of their George TV time

  15. Luis Barragan

    Written and produced by lead singer Mark Lindsay

  16. Tuomas Huovinen

    1:11 - 1:19 I want this sampled or replayed for a looong loop, it rocks!


    James Brown clasic drum beat

  17. XMIR10C


  18. cliffbooth27

    You can't listen to this and not smile. Love this song!

  19. Duchess Lust Moon TYPE 11a

    Once upon a time in Hollywood was a TRIP !! I loved it !!

  20. INF1NI73

    1:15 is that a amen break?

  21. M Chas

    Mark Lindsay lived in the Polanski/Tate house at one time.

    Valerie Teti

    M Chas You’re right he was staying with Terry Melcher his producer. He also met Charles Manson briefly at the house when Dennis Wilson brought him over.

  22. Clayton Meinke

    “Once Upon a Time ... In Hollywood” brought me here!

    Manuel Perea

    Es la que suena en la casa de Play Boy.


    Bruce derr... lmao


    On the strength of the movie, I bought the special edition CD of The Spirit of 67

    Muttley Dastardly

    All this cheerful , good vibe , optimistic music is being played and you have this seedy underbelly creeping up on everyone.


    I was just about to write that comment lol. I had a feeling someone had already beat me to it

  23. Rockit Man

    "Gtf off my street you hippes!!"

  24. Richard Zion

    Cute Tune!

  25. Beatle Bob

    What TV show is this from the Raiders appear on?

  26. P. Hamilton

    They had their niche, teeny-boppers....and did well. They just weren't able to compete with the music that the Hippie /Drug Gen was into...Foreign and Domestic...

  27. Christine Wilson

    After the recent death of Peter Tork of the Monkees, I looked back on this group... I was in jr. high and in love with Mark Lindsay.. This song brings back so many memories.....very good young we were and totally into teen magazines...

  28. Joseph Weston

    they were very adept at subtle key changes

  29. Kevin Larkin

    I had this single ...
    Saw Mark ...
    A few years go in Branson, Mo ....

  30. Russell Millheim

    This song reminded me when l left home when l was 15...loved the song

  31. eddie bklyn

    Like cool man

  32. Neil Forbes

    The group was typical of their day, late 1960s, tail-end of the psychedelic era, likely the era's "last hurrah", along with Russell Morris' epic 6-minute-plus track, "The Real Thing Parts 1 & 2", Status Quo's "Ice In The Sun" from 1968, The Lemon Pipers' "Green Tambourine" and "Jelly Jungle", also from 1968, and Strawberry Alarm Clock's "Incense & Peppermints" from 1967, not forgetting "The Small Faces' "Itchycoo Park" from 1967.

  33. Neil Forbes

    When this first came out in Australia, the only place you'd hear it in full was either AM Top-40 radio or buy a copy of the single. When Majestic Records included the song on their 24 Solid Hits LP they chopped off the last bit by fading out at the softer part of the song.

  34. Ted Szweb

    The Greatest Garage Band !

  35. Dag Nabbit

    I lived in a medium Southern town and when they come they brought the house down. Found out that our city was one of their favorites because of the warm reception we gave them. TV was the only thing we had and they were Tv stars

  36. RDK860

    Landed on the Top 40 on 2/15/69, Peaked at No.18 12 Weeks on the Chart!

  37. nery carpenter

    Precious singer Mark Lindsey!

  38. 2728muzikmann

    not up to the standards of their other stuff

  39. Beatle Bob

    what tv show is this from?


    where the action is? a guess .

  40. Joe Easter


  41. Kerry Schlegel

    They have such a great sound!

  42. Jett Rink

    This is heaven compared to the feminist controlled culture we live in today.

    Steve Nadel

    Why would you inject this into this conversation? Trying to get a rise out of someone. OK, big succeeded. OY!

    Janet Cobb

    Probably couldn't get a date if his life depended on it! Poor baby! Lol. Sounds like a whiny little 'incel' if you ask me!

  43. gwwayner

    I miss the feel-good music of the Raiders back in those days. WTF is the matter with pop music these days that you can't hear upbeat melodies and lyrics anymore other than the odd one-hit-wonder. Just rap-crap and Auto-tuned dreck.

  44. Kerry Schlegel

    Check out those drums!

    Barbara Jordan

    Joe Correro Jr. on percussion. The colors were very popular on drums, guitars when Buck Owens had them on Hee Haw; and, because 1976 Bicentennial celebrations were coming up.

  45. Kerry Schlegel

    This group had such great sound quality!

  46. Dr. killpatient

    Does sound a little too bubble- gum. Hanna- Barbara esques, Scooby-Doo .( lame. & embarrassing.)"Partridge Family," "Shaun Cassidy, "2 Not great.

  47. Fake Drummer

    This tour was my 1st concert. Civic Center, Great Falls, MT. 1969, I think. Awesome show.

    LD C

    Fake Drummer
    My first also....I was in the 6th grade...I now feel sorry for the mother who took us there..but best memories....

  48. Alexis Giner


  49. Joe Ives

    I could swear I heard this song on Scooby Doo? LOL

  50. mark tyner

    This is groovy for sure..


    dig it !

  51. Unholy Periodza

    1:26 Is that Paul McCartney??


    NO , but he heard this all the time and possibly the for runner to the second seighing of sir paul back then ,..


    Keith Allison

  52. John Stone

    I like most of their songs but this one isn't one of their better efforts.

  53. Bob Schneider

    The Raiders during their "Flower People" period. ☺ But seriously, great song - full of hooks and a great listen. Classic.

  54. Игорь

    Люблю эту группу! Охренительные песни!!!!!

  55. Martin Pedersen

    radiers--hello 1969-rock mark-klod-fm

  56. Mark Riva

    Quite a groovy tune.

  57. William Shields

    such a huge part of my high school and Junior High days life would have been the same but I'll put her in the Raiders huge fan then huge fan now

  58. ev dallas

    this was one of my favorite songs had good music and lyrics

  59. taxi frank channel

    "As i remember it...."

    taxi frank channel

    let the midnight specialo,lol!

  60. ev dallas

    they were better in uniform the leisure suits dont get it

  61. ev dallas

    good song but this is lip sinkin

  62. XMIR10C

    whay up? the wrecking crew ha nothing tpo do with early 45s like kicks

  63. Frank Talotta

    Great days!

  64. kimmy loves vintage

    this jingle was on the swingy doll commercial!

  65. ghostownaproach

    Love this

  66. cyn guilbeau

    Saw Mark Last Saturday. First time and he was awesome. When he was almost finished his set, he put on one of his jackets. THAT made my day. and SHOW. LOVE Mark

  67. Debbie Kappel

    Did they play their own instruments on the records?

    Hal Eisenberg

    No, actually the famous Wrecking Crew handled most of those parts on the Raider's records.

    William Henshaw

    I'm not an expert on the band, but in their early days they recorded their music in Seattle and were signed to Jerden records. They were an old band, started in the late fifties and played in Idaho, Washington and Oregon. They always got airplay in Seattle and Portland, so they were considered a real big deal in the N.W. Once they got signed to Columbia records they probably started recording in California and that's when the wrecking crew came onto the scene. They were a great band live, they did a lot of crazy stuff on stage and had built not only a loyal audience, but also a reputation for their stage act.


    they mopped up the charts in 19699

  68. Jan Parrot

    I think they were very under rated for their music. The songs were really very good and relevant to the times...This is my favorite.


    great air plane strike


    or eve of destruction latter on

    valerie ehrlich

    please let's get them into the rock and roll Hall of Fame NOW in 2019

    valerie ehrlich


  69. The Alchemist

    Kinda sounds like a scooby doo chase scene music!!


    +The Alchemist scooby do was New then too ,i like space ghost better

    Eric Millington

    i literally found this comment because i was searching google to see if this song WAS a scooby doo chase song. haha. too funny. great minds...

  70. djf750

    I don't like it when they are out of uniform

  71. Bob Lewis

    In my humble opinion this is their best song.


    eve of destruction . or him or me !

  72. Jim H.

    This was my favorite from these guys!!! I was in Jr. High at the time.

    Thomas Ponzio

    I was 7

    John Golofit

    Me too. Spring 1969 as 8th grade was coming to a close for me. Very soon a half century will have passed...

  73. libraryquiet

    Dig those drum breaks. Yeah!

  74. geofbrit59

    Great set design for this song.

  75. Jack Walker

    In one interview I read, Mark Lindsay was actually ashamed of this record, but it's actually my favorite of their hits.

    David Long

    @John Walker Mark's shoes seem to be nailed to the floor! Why can't he move around a little?

    Rick Kernell

    @David Long He had to stay on his mark for the camera crew.

    Mark Pierce

    @John Walker Then why did he write it?

    Mark Pierce

    @David Long That thing he's standing on is pretty narrow.
    Try to pay attention.


    Yes, I guess I remember that... it's been so long and I was only about 7, 8, 9. ; )

  76. Starry&Bohemian

    I first heard it in 2007... and this will take a place in my "soon to come" best of 1969 playlist... 69 a ka(r)ma sutra move
    It is one of my fave Raiders song too :-p


    I still got the 45

  77. Peter Wesley Bastone

    RIP Paul

    Kevin Turner

    Great Group and Great Music!

    Cherokee Nation is my favorite song!


    +Kevin Turner eve of destruction


    Heart being in R&R Hall of Fame makes me ill when so many are not in.

    Cottage of the Crone

    Oh man...I didn't know he died. Very sad to learn it.

  78. Antifrodis

    RIP Paul

  79. FA Barragan

    As a happy little kid growing up in Los Angeles I got hooked on this band, they had such a great sound! 


    FA, and you had some outstanding radio stations playin those Raider hits too in LA! how bout KHJ to start!


    I grew up in LA too. Think KRLA, KGBS, KGFJ (soul), early KDAY, KPCC (now KROQ), KMET, KNX-FM, and longtime survivor KLOS.

    FA Barragan

    @chrisbacos Remember before KHJ "Boss Radio" we would listen to KRLA and KFWB before it went all news!

  80. Tj Campana



    I hear ya. Funny how the RARHOF will put lame ass performers like Abba and Heart in there.


    @Tj Campana The rock n roll hall of fame is a joke... Deep purple are not even in there... Roxy Music & Jethro Tull  too ( who were immensly popular in the states as well)... Judas Priest and even the Cure... etc... i like all those bands... they made at least 2 or 3 essential lp's

    The "medal" concept irritates me... it is too is made for egos a gogo... and at the end of the day it do not feed a soul (searcher)

  81. David Windhorst

    Excellent hook.  These guys were a downright pop powerhouse.

    FA Barragan

    A "Hit Making Machine!"

  82. Charlie Battis

    These guys so underrated


    They also deserve to be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    Roberto Molina

    They sure do, chrisbacos. Paul Revere and The Raiders are one of the most underrated bands of the time. They recorded so many hits and were so popular at the time that is not fair that they haven't been inducted to the R'nRHOF.

    Drew Pall

    Paul Revere & the Raiders, had the most air time on American television then any other band in the 1960's they where consider the house band for (Where The Action Is) from 65/67 hosted there own television show (Happening 68/69) appeared on Dick Clark (American Bandstand) (The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour) (Hullabaloo) others television shows of the times. record 15 albums on the Columbia Records 65/72

  83. Tlyna1952

    I loved The Raiders. Remember watching them on Where The Action Is after school along with Never Too Young and Dark Shadows. Can't quite believe so many years have passed since then, doesn't seem possible even if the body makes it very plain that it has.

    Rick Kernell

    Dark Shadows...I hadn't thought about that show for such a long time!!!!!!


    me too use too watch it everyday it was so cool

    Wes Bittick

    Tlyna1952 You and I are holding hands . Great time to be young then . As far as time goes it is that “ vapor “ thing I hear tell of .

    Cottage of the Crone

    Yes! Where The Action Is!

  84. eva rupe

    Was a great song

  85. Tj Campana


    Cottage of the Crone

    They had some great material....them and the Dave Clark Five.

  86. okman45

    hey dad ,,remember when this was the song of the day

  87. libraryquiet

    That's a cool drum break, yeah!

  88. 792x33

    Oh, don't tell me Sun Myung Moon bought out Paul Revere and the Raiders too.

  89. Mykola Alexander

    I love it. Every time I listen to this song I think of "Swingy"...

  90. Sherry Yates

    Hot, hot hot!

  91. Chris Matthews

    The video of Mark you refer to is not what I'm talking about. I'm referring to Paul, Mark, Fang, Mike and Drake. Or even the later lineup with Harpo Valley or Freddy Weller and Charlie Coe. No live video anywhere. And back to them "not" being the Monkees, you seem to forget all that slapstick comedy and the cartoonish persona of 'Action' that preceded the Monkees. There were actually more similarities than one would think.

  92. Chris Matthews

    No, my statement is not based on them not playing live on TV at all. I'm referring to ANY live performance. They must have played thousands of shows, right? And no, they were not the Monkees, but that brings up an interesting point. The Monkees tv show was created as a fictional show about a rock band. The members weren't intended to be portrayed as real musicians, even though Mike and Peter were musicians. Unlike the Raiders, there is live video of the Monkees.

  93. tull1971

    I have seen at least one video here on You Tube where Mark was singing but the music was all canned. That still does not mean that they used studio musicians. Not many bands played live on TV shows back then. The Raiders were not the Monkee's. They could all play and continued to do so after they left the Raider's. Is that statement based solely on the fact they did not play live on TV?

  94. Chris Matthews

    I've concluded that the only Raider heard on any recordings is Mark Lindsay. There is not one video that exists of them playing live and not lip syncing except the videos from recent years with all the fake Raiders. I believe that all of their hits and other recordings were made with all session musicians with Mark Lindsay doing the real vocals. I saw a comment from Fang claiming they played raw and live on the Tonight Show but I haven't seen the video. Prove me wrong if you can.

    Seer Stone

    6 years later, and nobody has proven you wrong yet!

    Bernard J Harmsen

    Sounds like the Wrecking Crew studio band - drum fills by Hal Blaine!

  95. John Rinaldi

    This is a great song. Another great song can be seen on the Super Kids and Dad Teaser.

  96. DoofsterDan

    Poor Freddie Weller: he never looked like he was comfortable as a Raider. Was this from the Ed Sullivan show where Drake was fired at the last minute & Weller put in place of him?


    mark looks like he jumped out of a ken doll house! great band an music.

  98. Kevin Clepps

    a great band!