Paul Revere & The Raiders - Let Me Lyrics

Let me, let me, let me
Baby don't you get me
Let me, let me, let me
Baby don't you get me


Can't you see what I'm trying to do
Doing my best to try to get to you
Don't you hear what I'm trying to sing
All the right words but still you run away

Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me (Yeah)
Baby don't you get me
Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me (Yeah)
Baby don't you get me
Come on, Come on, baby won't you let me


Don't it seem (Yeah) that when you love somebody (Houuuu)

Ain't it right (Yeah) that somebody should loves you (Houuuu)
And I know (Yeah) my love is going somewhere (Houuuu)
But I'm sure (Yeah), it ain't being got by you
That it's true, won't you try, won't you try

Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me (Yeah)
Baby don't you get me (Yeah)
Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me (Yeah)
Baby don't you get me
Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me
Baby don't you get me
Come on, come on, baby won't you let me [x2]


Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me (Yeah)
Baby don't you get me (Yeah)
Let me (Let me), let me (Let me), let me (Yeah)
Baby don't you get me

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Let Me Comments
  1. gina gray

    Love this man since I was 11 years old, '67, finally met him about '88. got a kiss and hug! Love him always!!! Most talented amazing looking man that ever lived!

  2. Joe Postove

    Paul Revere is barely seen. Was this on purpose? What was his contribution to the act by 1969 as the Raiders became a more serious band, musically?

  3. Glenn Morris

    Terry Melcher production ?

  4. Joseph Ingrao

    Paul Revere and The New and Improved Raiders :)

  5. VaL Moore

    Dont cha see what Im tryin to do,,.Doin' my best ta try to Get to You! 👍👍💋💝

  6. Ricky Mastromatteo

    1:04 has the meanest bop

  7. VaL Moore

    Yes Id Love to try babe if U just Let Me 😸😽😉😉💋👍✌

  8. Teresa Hardy

    Love this song! Goes back to the good times.

  9. bigjoe4110

    This is a very underrated ass-kicking song!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Robin Mayhew

    Just heard this on Golden Years Radio . net and all the 60's music that gets played takes me back to the good old days when I had a rock band called The Presidents. Our recording for Decca in 1965 was lost for 53 years and just released in June 2018 and Golden Years has included it in the playlist. Got the old band back together and made a video so it's me 78 miming to me singing 25 - great fun and who knows we might trend : -) Please share......

  11. MoeGreenesEye

    Dreadful. Does the lead singer think he's mick jagger lol. Looks like a huge dork

  12. FloridaGreg

    i still got the 45, great tune !!👍

  13. Korrina B

    The end is mamamamama

  14. Korrina B

    Still makes me want..... love Mark

  15. mcmike100

    Is that Keith Allison on bass?

  16. ev dallas

    The Kings of lip sink

  17. j v

    how does someone publish rolling stone magazine and then years later seemingly have no fuc*ing clue as to who should be in the Hall of Fame?

  18. mcmike100

    Keith Allison on bass?

  19. lezzman

    1:47 The keyboard player really doesn't seem to be enjoying himself too much.

  20. kleo8577

    Sure Mark, I'll let you! 😀 I never get tired of this song.

  21. Simon Kovacs

    Mark says Let Me........

  22. musicluver1958

    Very creative! I absolutely Love the drum part in the bridge!

  23. Ego Boy

    My my my my my my my 😂 yeah boi this is the song for my feet to groove

  24. Valdemar Jorge

    curti muito , ouvia pela Radio Excelsior SP

  25. Sherry Yates

    I just noticed when this came out....damn I was 16, almost a old maid. LOL

  26. Sherry Yates

    I probably would have let Mark do anything, I believe I was only 14 when this came out. He was gorgeous.

    Virginia Walters

    Sherry Yates Yes Mark was HOT .

  27. fordpickup40

    The scream at the end makes the entire song!

  28. Sue Cox

    Who is that on the drums?

    Mark Simmons

    Joe Correro Jr.

  29. David Ferguson

    Keith Allison...Paul McCartney's right-handed twin brother!

  30. scottbaino

    This film quality for 1969 is astounding. It looks like it was filmed today.

  31. nello pinello

    Best HQ RAiders video ever posted!

  32. Manoel Prado

    Great sound 60s Hello from Brazil

  33. dmullsr

    It's Happening !! from 69 their own show on ABC..Used to watch Happening 68 and It's Happening...on Sat around noon..

  34. jennifer crane

    At least we know who invented the Mullet now.

    Ken Perk

    Not a mullet. It's a thing called a ponytail.

  35. Andrew Kling

    Saturday afternoons after cartoons were over brought me here

  36. lindsey lefrois

    This was the second edition of the Raiders, after Harpo (Jim Valley), Fang (Phil Volk), and Smitty (Mike Smith) left the band.

  37. 25411959

    Aaaahhh, the glorious summer of `69!

    Jeremy Dunn

    summer of "67 helluva lot better, buddy 14300848

  38. Gazanvlogs

    a special made with the beach boys

  39. Salvador Garcia Sanchez

    This was on a especial with the beach boys on ncrv studios

  40. Art M

    I had the album that contains this hit single (album: Alias Pink Fuzz) but one of the best cuts from the same album is the song "Handy Man".....

    "A woman's like a race car; she's a fine machine
    But when the gears get rusty, the plugs need to be cleaned.
    I do major overhaul, minor tune-ups, too.
    Bring your woman 'round to me
    I'll have her running just like new......"

    Wow! :)


    Funny you could sing those lyrics to this song.

    A woman's like a race car(Yeah)she's a fine machine (Houuuu)
    But when the gears get rusty (Yeah) the plugs need to be cleaned (Houuuu)
    I do major overhaul (Yeah), minor tune-ups, too.(Houuuu)
    Bring your woman 'round to me
    I'll have her running just like new.....

  41. alblues fish

    dig it thx

  42. Dave In Montana

    Lip Sync.  Lip Sync.  Lip Sync.  Baby we all Lip Sync.

  43. Frank Talotta

    "Dont you hear what i'm trying to say,lol! Let me baby!

  44. JohnAllanification

    whose band was it ?   Paul Revere or Mark Lindsey    thank you


    @JohnAllanification it was pauls.him and mark started it. but it was pauls idea.


    @valsueann  check.ty

  45. Duda marques

    muito Legal!,.. a banda "Blow up" de Santos,SP, gravou a versão dessa musica "Deixe-me" em seu primeiro LP em 69.

  46. Vitreous Lamella

    Am I the only one that digs the part where Mark sings "My, my, my..." (or whatever the  lyric is) @2:14? Now I know who Steven Tyler ripped his stuff off from!

    michael tooke

    i was in 8th grade on the track team waiting for my turn in a relay race, and i could hear this song playing on the radio.

    lindsey lefrois

    No, you're not the only one ... in fact, I've been digging "Mama Mama Mama Mama!" since 1969.

    nello pinello

    i think you´ re right...

    Larry A

    Best part of a great song.

  47. Aubry Owen


  48. Aubry Owen

    who else loves fang?!?!?!?!!!!!!!

  49. Aubry Owen

    sing it mark lindsay

  50. Jim Campbell

    Guess the Vietnam War made their American Revolution costumes unsavory.

  51. PaulLonden

    The Raiders at the Bunny club.....&
    Mark just a few months away from the Manson murders ,which had a dramatic effect on him,because they came very close to him and Terry Melcher ,the producer of this track. For now all was still rosy and blissfully unaware of the horrific things that were about to unfold.

  52. J Blair

    I think BOC lifted the guitar chord riff

  53. Kim Serrahn

    Thank God for Youtube or we'd only have the radio for out Raiders fix. I miss you Paul and my misspent youth, But waht a fucking ride. Thanks.


    +Kim Serrahn if i want a raiders fix.i play their albums. have them all

  54. raltoni raltoni

    Paul Revere - RIP

  55. Robert Barnhart

    Yes, R.I.P Paul! i always will LOVE your music! to bad we all cant live forever!!

  56. aleph Breacher

    RIP PAUL !

    nemrac fiftyto

    Amen to that.

    Charlie Rogers Music

    who is that guitar player that look like Paul with the raiders

  57. vp81955

    Always preferred the single version of this song, where Mark Lindsay immediately returns to the refrain after his "my-my-my-my..." It's simply more power-packed -- one of the best records from an act that exemplified late '60s Los Angeles pop-rock.

    paige folger

    vp: Is that version available? Thanks!


    Not sure if you mean this one - - it's the full length version from the album.

  58. James Taylor

    My name is SHARON TAYLOR & I live in Jacksboro , Tennessee. Does anyone know if Mark Lindsay has been Inducted into the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME? If not he DESERVES TO BE!

  59. DougCameraman

    good video and sound quality. Thanks for posting.

  60. Dan Michaels

    Paul Revere and the Raiders were too real for the Hall of Fame. They were just a decent bunch of guys having fun. But I don't think this is one of their best songs. I think I remember it from MTV Closet Classics.

  61. Norman Witt

    We had a grade school group called Paul Revere and the Raiders sporting the same headgear in 1968

  62. Notnannette

    Mark Lindsey recorded this song without "the raiders."  And, he alone had the next big hit "Cherokee People" on his own. 

  63. Jack Haller

    What great rockin' song. Mama, mama mama mama!!!

  64. FA Barragan

    Remember Keith Allison from "Where the Action Is" the guy who gets startled by Front Man Mark Lindsay!

  65. Nesta Abbott

    Makes me wish they and I were that young again!! This is what memories are made of!! Saw MARK last August at Ind state fair!! Really enjoyed it!!

  66. Nesta Abbott

    Makes me wish they and I were that young again!! This is what memories are made of!! Saw MARK last August at Ind state fair!! Really enjoyed it!!

  67. Katherine Kramer

    Believe it or not, I first heard this song on MTV in the late 80s. It was one of their "Closet Classics". 

  68. Martin De Wilde

    In 1969 a number 16 hit in Vlaanderen (Belgium).... nice melody... nice performance....

  69. charlesrlassiter

    Am 55 and have listening and enjoying PR @ the Raiders since the seventies and they always have blown me away!!!  Great video!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  70. George Penwell

    Gee, ya think Mark's singing about wanting to "ball" some chick? He he! Yes kiddies we used to call "it" ballin'. Would've enjoyed a longer look at the girls at the end of the clip

  71. ConfederateRose

    I have this song on a 45, liked it then and still do. Love this video. Mark is so handsome and coooool.... Thanks for sharin

  72. ronfowlermusic

    Freddy, Keith and Joe are not Raiders? Then who are the guys on the album covers (Hard 'N' Heavy, Pink Puzz, Collage)?

  73. Raider Rooter 1967

    Another "person" who thinks because he has never seen a live clip, none exists. And that of course means that PR&R couldn't play their instruments. Sorry to confuse you with FACTS, but I have posted live clips on my channel just to set the record straight for naysayers like you and Dan Cooper, who didn't have the guts to accept my $20,000 bet. Nonetheless, check my channel for a LIVE version of "Soul Man".

  74. puppy cat

    my favorite paul revere and the raiders song and 3rd 45rpm record. 79 cents in 1969

  75. FA Barragan

    Mark was at odds with Paul in regards to the Revolutionalry Uniforms but uniforms or not these guys crancked out the hits between 1965 and 1971!

  76. drummermaneleven

    looks like keith allison on bass?....but no drake,no fang or valley raiders....only poor (rich) paul and mark.......

  77. poopiemagoopie

    A precursor to the Mullet. lol

  78. Sherry Yates

    I've seen the Raiders minus Mark. I'll finally get to see him in June. Back in the day he was the hottest thing in pants. "LET ME"....Hell yes.

  79. Bill Downing

    This is the last gasp of the Raiders Phil and Lance had left, the music had been 'Dick Clarkafied' compare the beat and rhythm of this dog with the 1964-66 stuff like 'Kicks'.
    Mark bailed around this time, I went to see PR&R in Vegas several years ago and got up and walked out about four songs into the set, it wasn't 'THE' Raiders, it was Lawrence Welk in 4/4 time.

    Ken Perk

    Your opinion. I think this is one of their best.

  80. puppy cat

    bought this 45 in 69 when on the radio......83 cents.
    In my opinion, some of the best music came out in that year.

  81. Denny Terrano

    It's impossible to find a LIVE performance from the Raiders in the sixties.....Everything lipsynced. Question......Could the Raiders back then play?

  82. Yardbird68

    Always loved Marks cool!!

  83. Thoracias

    2:15 cracks me up! I saw them in concert in 1985 at the World of Wheels show in Atlanta, GA
    and they were great.

  84. Susie196921

    For all you Raider fans, check out their cover version on You Tube of the Sonics "Have Love Will Travel." As usual, Mark's voice rocks!

  85. Joannakathryn

    I'll never forget the first time I heard this song. Senior Trip to Galveston, and all of us were packed in one hotel room, playing the radio. Great memories.

  86. FA Barragan

    Love it!

  87. Chris Moore

    youre like the 4th person who's said that and the 45 I bought skips right there too, but my promo copy doesn't skip at all. Go figure!

  88. Karen Tackitt

    Memories!!! Good ones!

  89. earlofsnoh

    I had this 45 and sadly and strangely, I scratched it right after Lindsey belts out mama mama it repeated that over and when ever I hear this song I except a much longer..mama mama mama...

  90. jhnstn1

    Odd to see a performance without them in the uniforms and tri cornered hats.

    Listening to some of this stuff recently with a good set of earbuds and some of the guitar and bass work is outstanding. Unlike the early Monkees stuff these guys could play.

  91. Susie196921

    I still love the Paul McCartney look-a-like, Keith Allison playing bass guitar! The Raiders should have been inducted a long time ago into the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame!

  92. MsMcmoe

    I still have this 45--I played it so much back then it warped! It's 2012 & this video has almost 129,000 views--thats flippin awesome---->

  93. Bnosrettaptrebor

    Great sound! I like that tele

  94. JackFlemingFan


  95. sean o'neill

    @KTKTRock I'm sure I haven't heard this since it was out & I was13 years old - was a great song.

  96. 60s70sVintageRock

    @KTKTRock You're correct...aka 'Happening '69'

  97. John Asher

    Let me YAAAAAAAH ;D

  98. muvitup1

    These guys were definately not uncomfortable in front of the camera..totally relaxed and lovin it. So many of the sixties bands were too rigid and fixed in place on Lindsey has the best pure rock voice of them all!

  99. calligal55

    @KTKTRock I DO!! I used to watch it & American Bandstand for the "latest" sounds!! LOL!!!

  100. Notnannette

    Mark Lindsey will always be yummy., The band had broken up when this song was recorded. Look for the blondie on guitar, he's not here.