Paul Revere & The Raiders - Legend Of Paul Revere Lyrics

In a little town in Idaho way back in sixty one
A man was frying burgers gee - it seemed like lots of fun
But to his friend the bun boy he confessed its misery
I think I'd like to start a group so come along with me

And all youth stations across the nation
Please play our records for your congregation.

The band soon started booming they were raking in the coin
They found few new musicians and persuaded them to join
And Paul Revere decided since they had such new-found fame
We need a fancy title and The Raiders they became

And all youth stations across the nation
Please play our records for your congregation.

They soon packed up for Hollywood to read their fortunes there
But streets aren't really paved with gold and you can't live on air
And then Dick Clark approached them said I know a thing or two
I'll put you on a TV show and make big stars of you

And all youth stations across the nation
Please play our records for your congregation.

Now thins are going groovy and we really can't complain
Thou the pace of rock 'n rolling nearly drives us all insane
Everybody's bushing saying give it all you can
To come to think of it our business manager's our biggest fan

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Legend Of Paul Revere Comments
  1. Montana Crone

  2. Wanda Mathis

    Thank you paul for being my hero and to sat on a table with you just to talk. pastor F rankie Mathis. RIP my friend.

  3. Sally Pope

    Freddy weller has a very funny and enlightening song entitled "The Legend of Paul Revere and The Raiders. "


    Sally Pope :D

  4. Ital Rocker

    happy day =)

  5. Thomas Ponzio

    B side of Him or me May 1967 top 5 hit that appears on greatest hits spring 1967 funny that A side didn't appear on either original greatest hits in 67 or 70

  6. Jesse Hale

    Ry Cooder on guitar!

  7. John Hintz

    To all our fallen Raider's.. The Spirit of 66 Lives with us Forever and a Summer Afternoon!.. :-)

    Thomas Ponzio

    midnight ride and spirit of 67 two of the 60s greatest rock albums very under rated


    Hey i love them and I was born in "61 :)

  8. kory stephens

    R.I.P. Paul Revere

  9. Rainey Dawn

    RIP Paul Revere... Your legend lives on! <3

  10. rvisual

    Best sound quality I've heard on youtube, thx for posting. " I'll put you on a TV show and make big stars of you." 

  11. WatchingMoldGrow

    I love this channel!

  12. Lloyd Carroll

    I always like how Mark sang "Come to think of it, our business manager is our biggest fan!"

  13. Bill Downing

    Dick Clark and his mafia both enhanced and murdered the Raiders by 'Hollywoodizing' the sound and beating all the Northwest sound out of them, thanks a heap Terry Melcher for nadah

  14. soundgarden700

    In a little town in IDAHO U.S.A. I know a cute little Black Lab Labrador and one in Lake Odessa, MI and in Grand Rapids, MI.

  15. Piggy-218

    Yes--this is the song ive been searching for--thanks!!!

  16. soundgarden700

    In a little town in IDAHO U.S.A I know a cute little Jack Russel Terrier dog, a Beautiful German Shepherd, a Beautiful Beauceron dog and a Gorgeous Golden Retriever.

  17. "Wild Man" Dean

    I went to my "Oldies Channel" to listen to this great tune, and I really enjoyed listening to it. I'm so glad you uploaded this great tune over a year ago. And what's really cool, it's STILL on YouTube!!! This is a nice, clean version of "Legend Of Paul Revere". And, I'm proud to say, this is STILL my Featured video on my "Oldies" channel. So thanks again for uploading this great tune!!!!

  18. Harley Moore

    get off here u kno more about sarah palin!

  19. moxie96

    Actually this song was included on the PR&R greatest hits album a bit before this new raiders formation released likely around the last Popular formation's album the great airplane strike. There is some known footage of Smitty still being in the band when the song Him or me was released but he was either sitting in for his replacement or haddn't joined the brotherhood yet with Drake and Phil that time.

  20. moxie96

    I wonder how a song this older got on a later single? It was the transitional era when the members were changing and I guess they had nothing else to put as a b side.

  21. kory stephens

    R.I.P. Dick Clark

  22. "Wild Man" Dean

    Also, Dick Clark was known as "America's Oldest Teenager".

  23. "Wild Man" Dean

    You are so right my man. He started "American Bandstand" in the 50's in Philadelphia, hosted the "Pyarmid" games shows in the 70's and 80', and who can forget about "New Year's Rockin' Eve" at Times Square in New York City. It's gonna be strange, tuning into "New Year's Rockin' Eve" and not seeing him. He was an Icon, a true legend.
    He will be missed by many generations.

  24. "Wild Man" Dean

    Too bad this song was never a hit. Great song about how Paul Revere & The Raiders got their big break.

  25. 60s70sVintageRock

    @rslitman Well, the farther away she's from Washington DC, the better ;-)

  26. rslitman

    @bze2nlz4 And she's even from Idaho originally!

  27. 60s70sVintageRock

    @heymrk LOL, how right you are :D

  28. K K

    They know more about Paul Revere than Sarah Palin!

  29. "Wild Man" Dean

    "And all you, Stations, Across the, Nation, Please play our records for your congregation". Mark sings those lyrics so well. This should have been a hit record. It is so awesome. Thanks Chris for uploading this :)


  30. bender1958

    Another great early foray into country rock.

  31. "Wild Man" Dean

    Nice song. I like the way Mark tells the story how The Raiders got their start and made their way to Fame and Fortune. Great sound too.