Paul Revere & The Raiders - Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) Lyrics

They took the whole Cherokee nation
Put us on this reservation
Took away our ways of life
The tomahawk and the bow and knife

Took away our native tongue
And taught their English to our young
And all the beads we made by hand
Are nowadays made in Japan

Cherokee people
Cherokee tribe
So proud to live
So proud to die

They took the whole Indian nation
Locked us on this reservation
Though I wear a shirt and tie
I'm still part redman deep inside

Cherokee people
Cherokee tribe
So proud to live
So proud to die

But maybe someday when we've learned
Cherokee nation will return
Will return, will return
Will return, will return

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Paul Revere & The Raiders Indian Reservation (The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian) Comments
  1. raywhittenjr


  2. Esther Peterson

    I'm proud of my Cherokee blood may not be full blood but enough to make me Cherokee more than two third and this song so true. Now we don't even know the proper language. My grandfather could speak Cherokee but got lost after his death my mom and sister never learn but there dad talked all the time to his uncle in native tongue I want so bad to learn proper Cherokee

  3. surfboy2100

    I guess I am part of and older generation this was on American Bandstand when I was like 13.. love them as one of my ancestors was an Indian

  4. Jonathan Rios


  5. David Carr

    Are the band members Native American?

  6. Thomas Cogburn sr.

    Good Song.

  7. Atenas Zelomit Apostolakis Zimbrovski

    Hermoso tema musical. No lo olvidaré. Los rubios la tienen clara.

  8. NOMADdaf

    Love this song, but the Bowie knife has nothing to do with Indians. They didn't work steel and the Bowie knife wasn't even invented till 1830.

  9. Carol Colose

    This is the best song describing what the Indians went through and still are

  10. Noah

    I think I heard the backstory to this song through an old Casey Kasem recording...

  11. Wil Barnes

    Amazing song. I’m 1/8 Cherokee

  12. Dean Morgan

    The thing is I am of Norwegian desert and we were instrumental in the fall of the Cherokee nation

  13. 70s and80s dude

    The lament so beautiful

  14. Ronnie Adams

    Awesome song and tribute to Cherokee People. Malcolm in the Middle brought me here!

  15. Vick Ross

    This one of my favorite bands when I was a teen.Love this song & The Raiders😍 I didn’t really understand it back then. Those were the days of the TV western & many of them told a different story.

  16. Monz Gueg

    in Europe we will be the Indians.....

  17. Carole Tremblay

    Thank you honey for sharing this with me tonight ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  18. Deb Blevins.


  19. Chris B

    Apache here good song

  20. Dave Carver

    brilliant song

  21. debbie123703

    O really love this sont

  22. Marifer Santos

    my social studies teacher showed us this lol

  23. Jim Hadder

    This song alone should have these guys in the Hall of fame.

  24. proclaimliberty2000

    It deeply disturbs me to know the genocide committed against the Indians of this nation and is one of the many things that makes me ashamed to be called an American. We will never know the true depth of their suffering and the wrongs committed against them by a tyrannical government who STOLE their land and way of life. To all Indians, there are no words that could ever express how deeply sorry I am. It will always grieve my spirit for what my government did to your people.


    I love this song being I'm part Cherokee,but man,that Drummer needed to work on his fake playing.

  26. Fantagillian

    The singer here: Mark Lindsay. Great Mark in the Paul Revere & The Raiders group!

  27. Mike Fox

    God yes

  28. Richard Hommel

    Question: Were they from Oakland or LA.

    Jay Alan

    Richard Hommel. . Boise Idaho

  29. Mr. Thoroman

    I am the Cherokee Man, bless.

  30. geoffreyjones2000

    I'm choctaw/cherokee and irish from the OK trail of tears people...I've been told I have the scariest face they have ever seen. My wife looks like a beauty queen...Try and explain that to me

  31. Morris Gipson

    I'm Cherokee

  32. Christopher S. O'

    The relocation of the Cherokee tribe from the states of North Carolina,South Carolina,Georgia,Eastern Tennessee on the Trail of tears in the 1830’s was the beginning of forced racial segragation & those damned ugly,racist Jim Crow laws plantation owners didn’t want the true Americans around them & the freed blacks & slave blacks. It was one of the many wrong doings that was & is still unjust that was done to the Native Americans. If it weren’t for the Native American helping the English,Dutch,Spanish,Swedish,Amish,& Quaker settlers how to survive and adapt, most of those settlers would have given up and/or died.

  33. The Lost Rock n Roll Wop Soul Of the 1950s 1960s

    I’m latino but this song is the truth the Indians deserve respect the Cherokee too is to rise up

  34. Steven Coffman

    Rock n roll Hall of Fame snubbed why classic 60 rock

  35. jpbown7

    In Indiana crying for the Indians.

  36. GyrlSmylee Ireland

    I loved this song when I was in 6th grade. We got together as kids and talked about it because we were learning the words and understanding their meaning. Listening to this song just now and watching the calmness of the band as they played and sung this is kind of a protest song. But the band exudes peace. I still love this song and the band.

  37. Tanya Lebron

    Reminds me of the good ol days

  38. Paul Price

    I am part Cherokee proud of it

  39. Keisha Daniel

    I live in Gordon County Georgia...Home of "New Echota" the Cherokee Capital. I am part Cherokee & Creek & Irish. This song has always been my favorite. Our County is beautiful and you can tell they were every where around the river and such because of all the Arrowheads found by the creek & Oostanaula River.

  40. Robert Waters

    Pretty good!

  41. tractor fone

    Cool song!

  42. Marc One Star

    Osiyo ginalli... wado.

  43. Mickey Hodge

    Cool song

  44. Eileen Wright

    Good song!

  45. Hester Manning

    gets better everytime I hear it

  46. MermaidDolphinNYC

    My dad was part Cherokee.

  47. Schulyer Averill

    This is my song for school

  48. Laura Montano

    I agree with Kap

  49. Maria de Fatima Xavier da Costa

    Não sou pública e nem comum, não quero ser seguida, sou humana, teista e só confio hoje no criador do universo.

  50. Brad Thompson

    The Don Fardon version pre-dated the Raiders. Not as big in the US.

  51. Hec Ramone

    Wow, this song brings back so many beautiful memories of friends long gone, from Jr. High out here in Arizona. Powerful tune back then, Powerful tune now! History of this song is incredible, thank you for sharing!

  52. Luong Nguyen

    I feel poor for Cherokee people, this a good song anyway

  53. Catalina Simmons

    Are these dudes native american?

  54. JST3618

    Will return, will return, will return

  55. Wendell Cotham


  56. stuart9534803

    I love that Leslie speaker ramping up at the end!!!

  57. Lansing JP

    I’m tribal member of the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe of Michigan!

  58. K Pete

    I love this song but I pity the revenge nature of it. I would hope, as is the case most time, that all peoples of this land would pull together to make this country a showplace of love and respect for each other regardless of who the person is. Many tribal people have fought and died in wars to preserve this country. I am thankful for their sacrifice. I hope the Cherokee people can prosper and enjoy life for what it is and not be eaten up by things that destroy their great potential.

  59. year1914

    This one was in my parent's 45 rpm collection.  Loved listening to it on our 'record player.   It still sounds good!

  60. Craig Wallander

    I grew up and live in Okla.and am part Cherokee(though I ain't cot a card) and I've always loved this song

  61. Chuck James

    I'm still part Red Man deep inside

  62. John Doe

    Love this!!

  63. Michelle Nine

    Love Love Love

  64. John Doe


  65. louis borselio

    Am I the only one noticing that they're not wearing their traditional Early American attire for this video.

  66. Gianna Scaglione

    This song really describes the trail of tears 😭

  67. ron martine

    i make native american flutes when i play them i can hear thier crys

  68. Patricia Curnutt

    Was Paul revair part Indian . He sure sand that song seriously?

  69. Big W

    I think that's Mark Lindsay.

  70. Patricia Curnutt

    Great song remember it well and the group. Wow!! Brings back memories of years.

  71. TheBayouBound

    Chickasaw I am......and love my blood.

  72. Denise Hedden

    Cherokee Indian Gal here I love this song! Oh yeah tell it like it is.

  73. nery carpenter

    I do love this song, Mark Lindsay is so handsome and nice.

  74. LadyJAtheist

    first called this song one of my faves when I was about 5... maaaaaan that was a long time ago!

  75. patoo1000

    so sad but true

  76. charles poe

    cherokee people.isthe title..

  77. nery carpenter

    MARK LINDSAY is my favorite male singer.


    sorry the March of Tears was terrible never again

  79. Thersa Hunter

    I groove

  80. CobCeo

    I saw him sing this at Charlie Goodnight's comedy club in 1989. He was still great. The Europeans should have adapted instead of conquer. The Rainbow Warriors Return.

  81. Linda Poole

    My maternal grandparents were part Indian, and we lived in Indiana, appropriately.

    Linda Poole

    Their name was Means, just like Russell Means!

    Linda Poole

    A very large portrait of an Indian Chief hangs on my wall in my office; the Native American Ten Commandments that I purchased in 2009.

  82. Sharon Edmark

    always loved this song as a kid and NOW as an ADULT

  83. Linda Stanger

    Love you Paul, you are so sexy.

  84. Cynthia 1983nunez

    we will return


    Of all the races the Native American should be compensated for what we did to them.... Taking their land from them.... You They never ask for anything though but are the most deserving of receiving compensation.... They are a proud race.

  86. jompa same

    Long live the Cherokee Indians..

  87. Brenda Slegona

    After watching THE WEST documentary by Ken Burns my husband and I have a new respect for the Native American. If anyone should be in protest in this country, it should be the Native Americans. :(

  88. Dee Smith Keaton

    Indian reservation

    they took the whole cherokee nation
    put us on this reservation
    took away our ways of life
    the tomahawk and the bow and knife
    took away our native tongue
    and taught their english to our young
    and all the beads we made by hand
    are nowadays made in japan
    Cherokee people, cherokee tribe
    so proud to live, so proud to die
    They took the whole indian nation
    locked us on this reservation
    though i wear a shirt and tie
    i'm still part redman deep inside
    Cherokee people, cherokee tribe
    so proud to live, so proud to die
    But maybe someday when they learn
    cherokee nation will return, will return, will return, will return, will return

  89. twoyears23

    He States it clearly!

  90. SuperEROQ

    I'm an English Puritan Cherokee

  91. Sara Heisenberg

    Hi I really like this song , I use to work on a reservation with the tribe (the people of the pines) Serrano Indians , Im so glad I got to work for them. The Indian tribe are good HEARTED, I still can not understand the reason for the way they were mistreated back in the day, I thank God for blessing them and having them succeed in life as they have,

  92. Mike Daulby

    LMAO!! The drummer hasn't got a clue. HAHAHAHAHA

  93. Charles Kuckel

    Paul Revere and the Raiders were saddled with the moniker of "novelty act". Actually, they were more often than not a very talented group and well polished musicians. They had many LEGIT classic rock hits. This was one of my FAVORITES. Sad that Paul passed away before he got his deserved props.



    Wendell Cotham



    I am Cherokee and I am proud

    Chris Lowry

    bomba hacks I'm part myself

  96. garou20zx

    I want some of what the lead singer smoked before making the video. :D

  97. freecat beme

    all the beads we made by hand are now made in japan.

  98. freecat beme

    Yes me too.  I am Cherokee. this song Rocks with Truth.