Paul Revere & The Raiders - I Hear A Voice Lyrics

I hear a voice, it's calling me
I don't know what she could want with me
My love has gone behind the hill
She says that if I hurry I can catch her still

Her voice was light as summer air
The sun kept painting changing pictures in her hair
The memories keep running through
The laughing things she used to say and used to do

The healing beads before me lay
In shades of yellow, red and green and blue and grey
A few of them can make it right
But all of them will let be with her tonight

The darkness fades away and it will soon be light

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Paul Revere & The Raiders I Hear A Voice Comments
  1. John Gallo

    Brilliant Psychedelic Gem....🎶🎶🎶🌴🌠🌜🌟💜☮🌈☀🌹💖jmg

  2. Rebecca' Dale

    I heard this song when I loved with my parents and playing with my Barbie dolls I thought they're groovy man the 1960s music lives on in my house and my apartment

  3. Rebecca' Dale

    When I get 3 album's of this group I'll 4 albums Paul revere and raiders is a good group

  4. Jenny B.

    I've always loved this song. It's the prettiest song about love and not wanting to lose it. Mark outdid himself on this!

  5. Martin Ellis

    Sublime harmonies from the raiders - beautiful, as good as the Beach Boys anyday!