Paul Revere & The Raiders - Happening Intro / Too Much Talk Lyrics

Read the news in the Times today...said the world is goin' round (world is goin' round)
I don't care what somebody said, somebody always puts 'em down (always puts 'em down)
Red or yellow, black or white
Are you left-handed or are you right
When you open your eyes can you see the light
Do you wake up screamin' in the middle of the ni-i-i-ight

Too much talk, and not enough action
Do you know anybody gettin' satisfaction
Everybody wonders 'bout the crowd's reaction.
And the world gets better by a very small fraction.

Turn around til you see a face and it won't be very long (won't be very long)
Someone soon will be in your place and it won't be very wrong (won't be very wrong)
Red or yellow, black or white...


Now's our chance to change the world,
Change the world with love, with love...


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Paul Revere & The Raiders Happening Intro / Too Much Talk Comments
  1. william Hagenmaier

    I hear a copy right violation. Paper back writer

  2. Nancy Wilson

    Had it in Junior High.

  3. michael peterson

    from 1965 till now have seen them in person 8 times. not to be missed. great show. miss uncle paul. a real raider rooter. thanks for making some great music.

  4. geofbrit59

    Thanks for turning me on to this great album version! I have the 45 now must get the album.

  5. Lawrence Edmiston

    The song proper starts at 0:14.

  6. Robert Maciejewski

    Perhaps one of the most overlooked band of sixties

  7. Dan Nájera

    I've always liked this album/extended version with the lush, dreamy bridge.

  8. JohnAudioTech

    Yes! Finally the album version with the nice bridge.

  9. Trip Fontaine

    Such an underrated album from an equally underrated band. Amazing production on this LP as well.