Paul McCartney - Queenie Eye Lyrics

There were rules you never told me
Never came up with a plan
All the stories that you sold me
Didn't help me understand

But I had to get it worked out
Had nobody who could help
So that in the end it turned out
That I had to do it
By myself…

Life's a game
Rags and riches
Dogs and bitches hunt for fame
Difficult to know which way to turn

Lay the blame
On the snitches
Wicked witches fan the flame
Careful what you touch in case you burn

Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye
Who’s got the ball?
I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket
O-U-T spells out that's out
Without a shadow of a doubt
'Cause you've been putting it about
Hear the people shout
Hear the people shout

Play the game
Take your chances
Every dance is much the same
Doesn’t matter which of them you choose

Never blame
If romances
Seldom came
Never pick a fight you're gonna lose

Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye
Who’s got the ball?
I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket
O-U-T spells out
That's out
Without a shadow of a doubt
'Cause you've been putting it about
Hear the people shout
Hear the people shout

It's a long way, to the finish
When you've never been before
I was nervous, but I did it
Now I'm going back for more

Let's shout
Yeah, hey, yeah, hey
Yeah, hey, yeah, hey
Yeah, hey, yeah, hey
Hear the people shout
Yeah, hey, yeah, hey
Yeah, hey, yeah, hey
Yeah, hey, hey, yeah

Here the people shout

Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye
Who’s got the ball?
I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket
O-U-T spells out
That's out
Without a shadow of a doubt
'Cause you've been putting it about
Hear the people shout
Hear the people shout

Queenie Eye, Queenie Eye
Who’s got the ball?
I haven't got it, it isn't in my pocket
O-U-T spells out
That's out
Without a shadow of a doubt
'Cause you've been putting it about
Hear the people shout
Hear the people shout

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Paul McCartney Queenie Eye Comments
  1. Arturo Rosso


  2. Arturo Rosso



    baby face ムリするな おっさん

  4. kendodds dadsdogsdead

    Paul is a genius and this song is brilliant. He really doesn't need need to fill the video full of celebrities though. It's kinda off putting. Especially that annoying james corden. I only want to switch off when I see his face 🤢

  5. frank facts

    billy no songwriter paul4ever - faul never

  6. Dalynda Bellmore

    Who is the chick dancing to a different song? she's all over the place, like she isn't even listening to the same music.....

  7. paul v

    what a great song!!

  8. Nico Traficante

    And where's the double of him?

  9. Long Le

    Something in the songs Paul writes,
    Attracts me like no other composers.

  10. likespurple

    Did you notice the little hop/skip as he left the room (in his Birkenstocks--he likes sandals-- think of some shots that were taken, but not used, for the Abbey Road album.)

  11. Siti Komariah

    I imagine if linda is in beside her

  12. Vivian Caroline

    Passa o tempo e ouvi-lo nunca cansa ❤ I miss you Paul, get back for Brazil❤🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  13. José María Fuste


  14. Edu black ice

    Paul 💫larga vida 🌠✊👹🔥🎶🎶3-12-19🇦🇷🍺🍷

  15. MORGAN5005

    The very King of Pop.

  16. Margaret Brandman

    Paul can still come up with fresh musical ideas that really appeal. A great composer and performer. Love your work Paul.

  17. A. F. G.

    Joooooooohhhhhhhnnnnnnnnnny!!! 😱😍😍😍💞❤💖💕🦄🙈

  18. jefemaestro117 tafur

    Merry Christmas paul

  19. Judith Núñez DP

    LoVely Sir Paul ever 😍😍😍😘😘😘

  20. therotiv4

    who is the girl in 1:40

  21. Dean McGee

    Without you, would there be me, probably.........., not ! Keep inspiring others, all the sisters, and all the brothers, and remember you are cool 😎

  22. Lily Bull

    Paul McCartney- the only person who can shine brighter than anyone else in a room full of famous people

  23. Laren TV

    Why is it that Paul sounds better without autotune?

    Malgo Pierzchala

    Good question :) I prefer Paul's natural voice, too.

  24. Alessio Soggetti

    He still kicks lots of asses...even wearing sandals, and while playing a piano

  25. chad windham

    pains me to say it but this is just not a good song

  26. Alenka Venx

    He can rock on sandals!

  27. Mr Wilfred Myers

    Reminds me of Norton Collage sound Studio.

  28. Mr Wilfred Myers

  29. Muso Snoop

    THis video is nothing but establishment egos prancing about next to Mr big establishment McCartney. Friends with Meryl Streep, The Clintons, Al Gore, etc - people who despise the common man and woman, people who are nothing but criminals. Yea , really getting down with the working classes eh Macca..


    Hi, John Lennon of 1971!

  30. alias

    Is it bad I don't really care about seeing anyone else other than Paul? Lol

  31. WTF is going on

    A hell of a song!!

  32. Garfield I Dunno

    OMG Johnny Depp!!!!

  33. メガマスこうちゃん

    than you paul !

  34. Mauritz Svalander

    What is this, i loved this mans music my whole life, iam 62. My mum brougt me Revolver after a Londonvisit, i guess i was eight or nine. I listened to it constantly for a long period How can this music, still go right into my heart. I still cant stop listen, and everytime i hear something i didnt the last time. Its sad to realise he wont be here very much longer, even that i hope he enjoys his life for a very long time. God bless

  35. josue castillo

    Es la canción de candy crush! haha es broma. Siempre que lo jugaba me acordaba de esta canción

  36. Si Fi

    He grabs you from the first note and doesn't let go. He's maintained that ability for 60 years.

  37. Edouard Mercure

    I really like the spirit of this song's video. Just like Appreciate's video, it really seems to represent Mccartney, trying to keep a certain fire - or way to live - alive, while all the world around is becoming colder - or more objectified. Touching in many regards, and really original (the fact that he his surrounded by all these celebrities, who seems in many ways deeply depressed or troubled, says a lot too!)

  38. pothsman

    До чего же крутой дед

  39. Tatiana Hernández

    Bro I'm just in love with this song 😩💜🥰

  40. Murmur Mr

    It's one of the paul's song. So on finding that,I tapped thumb up button.

  41. Imee Palmares

    My heart when I saw Meryl.

  42. Deborah Sturaro

    Depp 💥♥️

  43. jarrett finney

    Such a great song. I feel so sorry for the young people who’ve never even given them a chance. Their music is absolutely perfect.

  44. Fabio Vaccaro

    One of Paul's best solo songs ever, after the beatles. Love you Paul my best friend even if I'll never meet you , you stay in my soul.

  45. Margarida Carvalho

    look how he’s singing and playing the piano flawlessly
    with 71 years old

  46. Tenement Funster

    This was on my recommended, lmao, and the title Queenie lool

  47. Victoria Laguna

    Minuto 01:57 Jhonny Deep😍

  48. David Slaner

    SIR PAUL McCARTNEY singing and playing on the piano and Johnny listening music with headphones

  49. Ringonaticos Forevah

    Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore (Johnny Depp, Jude Law) together. I'm crying... long live to Grindeldore and Paul 😂❤️

  50. celosemnexo

    Not very good.

  51. Lelho Thedevil

    living legend

  52. Matt Burrows

    Fun fact: Paul McCartney is alive......not a lot of people know that.


    With all the garbage that is in the charts over the last few years - why was this not a massive hit. If Paul had released it 30 years ago, it would have been a No 1 and regarded as one of his classic hits. The man can still write a great tune.

  54. Hung Over

    Coolest man on earth

  55. Ryan Veale

    Listened in 2013 💖 still here 2019💪🤞💯

  56. Keso my crazy Kreso

    I remembered a girl with black hair, so Tamara Rojo is her name

  57. Mario Diaz

    simplemente magia....

  58. Hazim Harola

    Looks like James Corden was there from the start. Lol

  59. Jatin Sharma

    "Want me to do in one take"
    "Yeah let's do it"
    Definitely not one take

    Hazim Harola

    Jatin Sharma it’s one take to him

  60. Joy Stinson

    Dude always cool in sandals, started in abbey road...fine looking here....

  61. AllAn ARo

    2019 and Paul... Go ON!

  62. Caleb Lenister

    love you meryl

  63. Mr. snickett

    It reminds me of " lovely rita" off of sgt pepper. 😊

  64. ALÃO

    Meryl Streep dancing in this video 😻

  65. Rocío PG

    Paul mccartney que no se te olvide que eres mio okey?

  66. Gary Woolton

    Fancy appearing in a video with Paul McCartney.. Yeah why note... A few others will come by as well.. OK.... Love or not Sir Paul, this is a man with pulling power and I truly believe when his time comes the world will stop and remember.

  67. Собака Бела

    А вот и по-русски! счастье-счастье!!!

  68. Anthony jung

    HOLY,,, steinway piano..

  69. Red Rose

    The song is wonderful. I love!

  70. Sweden Ivy

    I have to do it by myself!

  71. Retro

    pirates of the carribean in a nutshell

  72. emma georgia

    I'm become a fan of Beatles because of our activity in sociology and we assigned to perform 60's hits...This is from 2013... I'm a fan of Beatles for 6 years

  73. Mjgirl55

    Johnny Depp is gorgeous here♥️♥️ Sean Penn is sexy too being his usual brooding self lol

  74. Mjgirl55

    He makes being amazing so effortless....he just is ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ His concert from Japan was phenonenal... 73 years old. I also loved his karpool karaoke with James Corden

  75. Rodrigo González

    Ver este vídeo me da mucha nostalgia al ver solo a mccartney en estos estudios sin john George y ringo

  76. Miguel Angel

    1:43 Fernanfloo que haces ahí?

  77. Uziel Vesga

    Paul McCartney Forever!

  78. Carol OBrocki

    Who's the cute guy wearing the wool hat???


    Looks like Chris Hemsworth to me

  79. Carol OBrocki

    Sean Penn!!!!!!!! Love him!

  80. Alexai Medina

    Johny depp - Paul
    Jeremy Irons - George
    Sean Penn - Jonh
    Tom ford - Ringo

    Oh well Im just let my imagination flow, even aunt mimi reading a book and Linda with her coat and hat appears, jeje nevermind fantastic song !!!! It is a must listen every day!

  81. Вячеслав Пономарев

    не в лом прийти к Маку))))) просто в гости))))

  82. Joana Karoline Barros Valentim.


  83. Nicolae Iosipenco

    se remarca lipsa lui George in armonia melodiei

  84. Avril Gambazzi

    Happy birthday Paul!!. Argentina loves you🎉🎁♥️♥️

  85. jarrett finney

    I just heard this for the first time at his show the other night and I thought it was incredible. Fabulous song

  86. Don Foley

    Went to see Paul McCartney live yesterday. Before the concert: I thought the Beatles were overrated
    After the concert: I wouldn't say that I'm a Beatlemania guy, but long story short, I gave them credit that was long overdue, put "Love Me Do" on my summer playlist and am wearing Lennonesque glasses.

  87. Nx Doyle

    Paul's the only person I can think of who can cram a music video with some of the world's most famous people, and still be the most famous person in the video.

  88. Zach Smith

    This is a solid album

  89. Marty Mcfly

    John Lennon is the best

  90. Marty Mcfly


  91. lurch321

    Directed by Paul's son-in-law (Mary's husband).

  92. JeremyB

    Best Paul McCartney inpersonator ever hey hey for Billy Sheppard

  93. Nikos K.

    2:29 who's that guy?? I'm sure I know him

  94. Andy Kachalin

    He is looks like Angela Merkel.

  95. Glen Munro

    I was the person that rang you back in 82 and told you to keep going paul .

    i got your secretary lol

    good shot keep going mate.

  96. Jovina Baruch

    Other than Paul.. My Johnny, Sean Penn & Tom Ford, literally the coolest set of dudes.
    Wish I was cool enough to hit up this party.


    If there is Kate Moss, you need to bring your own cocaine,otherwise she ll have it all

  97. Sven Hellinckx

    The same studio Where perfect by Ed Sheeran was recorded in

    Hazim Harola

    Wait really?