Paul McCartney - Early Days Lyrics

They can't take it from me, if they tried
I lived through those early days
So many times I had to change the pain to laughter
Just to keep from getting crazed

Dressed in black from head to toe
Two guitars across our backs
We would walk the city roads
Seeking someone who would listen to the music
That we were writing down at home.

But they can't take it from me, if they tried
I lived through does early days
So many times I had to change the pain to laughter
Just to keep from getting crazy

Hair slicked back with vaseline
Like the pictures on the wall of the local record shop
Hearing noises we were destined to remember
We will the thrill to never stop

May sweet memories of friends from the past
Always comes to you, when you look for them
And your inspiration long may it last
May it come to you time and time again

Now everybody seems to have their own opinion
Of Who did this and who did that
But as for me I don't see how they can remember
When they weren't where it was at

They can't take it from me, if they tried
I lived through those early days
So many times I had to change the pain to laughter
Just to keep from getting crazy

I lived through those early days
I lived through those early days

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Paul McCartney Early Days Comments
  1. Phonics40

    Such a beautiful fantastic song. Love it.

  2. steve k

    Only a Beatle could have written such a beautiful memory in song.

  3. ablecanister

    He still uses his Zenith 17 guitar. I see he had it sanded and the Hofner unit removed. Still, a very old guitar.

  4. Dr. Willy Van

    They can’t take it away from You Paul and Because you cared to share , now they can’t ever take it away from us. If I ever lose my mind and hear your music it will be a gift, because It would be like the first time.If the words , who wrote that love me do song come out of my mouth, don’t be sad that I lost my mind , be happy for me because it’s a new discovery all over again I get to go back and start from the beginning A through Z McCartney Lennon Harrison Starr forever

  5. lamorza78


  6. zametrius Johnson

    Ik one of the kids that plays in this song look him up Malik peters teenage actor

  7. Rosalba Garcia

    This song makes you cry, it is very nostalgic for fans who know its history. What an emotion for Paul who remembers many more intimate things than we know as his talks with his friends and beautiful memories of his crazy youth. I also had a time when I thought that I dedicated a line to John Lennon where he said they were going through the streets and transforming the sad into moments of laughter ... Time will never come back and remember is to miss and live again. I am lying mucus.

  8. Culprit LA

    the amount of vitriol, casual dismissal, snickering, name-calling McCartney endured since the Beatles break-up was/is intense. To be absolutely honest, Paul didn't always help his case, but it was and is pretty unfair. I love that he just kept doing what he loves to do - write music and perform. It's heartening to see the public opinion turn around a bit and Paul receiving the veneration as a solo artists that he deserves.

  9. steve k

    Beautiful beautiful beautiful. Simply a truly great song. If you should ever venture this way Paul, and whimsically glance at a few of these comments...please accept my heartfelt thanks for this gift.


    them come...even when I don't choose...they come, more and more now. I LOVE YOU DADDY, AND MOMA TOOOOOOOO.......BUT now I LOVE YOU, Good Lordy, HELLLPmee.......oh, my love.


    I see Love......I feel warmth.....I touch lite.... You touch my heart...You see my pain....You set me Free, in my mind...You are in my dreams...You know the come me..

  12. Julian Gómez Da Luz

    Actors:So I'm appearing at a rock and roll video clip , how much are you gonna pay me?
    Director:Paul McCartney is on it
    Actors:How much do I have to pay?

  13. Julian Gómez Da Luz

    "Just another silly love song"John Lennon

  14. Morgan D

    Your such an inspiration to me Paul and I hope someday I can be as happy and proud as you ❤️.

  15. Alessandra conceição

    Qualidade maravilhosa...... obrigado

  16. Gaspard Lecoq

    I was seventeen when i heard Paul McCartney's music for the first time . go on Paul !

  17. Wat

    good song but please remake the video

  18. Hubert Lettenbauer

    John and Paul with "two guitars across their backs" ... "seeking someone who would listen to the music" that they were writing down at home: how magnificent is it that even 60 years later there are millions who would do anything to listen to them? What a beautiful video, what a wonderful song about friendship, music, emotions, life, this is why I love Paul! :)

  19. Virginia Abreu de Paula

    It is very beautiful except when we see them shooting. I didn't understand why to include that. Paul is against guns, he even marched against it recently.

  20. timishere1925

    This is William Campbell. Paul is dead.

  21. John R. Gardy

    Beautiful Song... :)

  22. OldSchoolVibes 1978

    Great song Billy! Still the best impersonator around

  23. kev897

    Paul John George and Ringo Were one of a kind, If the beatles were to emerge today they would not have made it due to this cowell driven entity that controls things today. The world owes the beatles a massive amount

  24. Matthew Braunlin

    A LOT of music critics bash this song. Which is just why I stay away from them these days. Only someone who thinks they have a VERY important taste in music could have anything against this song. It is beautiful beyond words.

  25. Darious Marshall

    🔥Thanks God🙏🏾

  26. hej la4

    Beatles references throughout... 1:05 Paul being introduced to John at the Woolton Garden Fete 1:24 John was impressed because Paul knew some chords he didn't 2:03 the two would play at John's mother's house who encouraged them 2:54 possibly a reference to Paul's fight with Stuart Sutcliffe although the actor playing John is fighting here 2:51 possible reference to Stuart Sutcliffe's technical ability as an artist 3:00 Cynthia Lennon 3:11 Death of John's mother 4:01 acknowledgement of George's contribution to the group 4:24 Hamburg 4:55 leaving the Star Club and old friends behind to catch the fame train. 5:06 tribute to Astrid Kerchherr 1960 fairground photo of the Beatles with Sutcliffe on the right, Paul holding his upside down guitar the same way and Pete Best holding his drumsticks in a similar way.
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  27. Marc Towers


  28. brywool

    I remember first hearing this. I TOTALLY choked up. It bothers me to hear Paul's voice in such rough shape... but man, in this song, it hits home.

  29. claudio grilo

    Wonderful video...

    claudio grilo

    @hej la4 Great!!!

  30. Morena ojeda

    Jhon y paul

  31. Phil Chadwick

    Beautiful song

  32. uri y

    Пой Пол !!!

  33. nicole elizabeth

    best rockstar who ever lived.... love this song so much!

  34. Albert Braam


  35. gypsy43

    Faul was better than Paul...

  36. The Vick

    Channeling Neil Young.....

  37. Mario Cavagnaro

    #PaulMcCartney #Feliz2019

  38. Gina Mori

    Now that's a song!

  39. amy ness

    Well put! Amy hurt no one.....and all of u? No right. Those good times and good times to come in a well of learning.

  40. Esther Dam Hansen

    Aaand im crying 😭❤️

  41. TuPanaViajero

    Re descubriendo esta hermosa canción en el 2018 like si tu tambien

  42. ritkafaraway !

    50% of tears i've cried - because of The Beatles

  43. Pjha 882

    2018 still <3

  44. TheJukeboxhero15



    Amazing song

  46. Tony Laughlin

    great song Paul!! thanks for all the great music through the years. Can't wait to hear Egypt Station....

  47. Giorno'sMusic


  48. Ann kristin Powell

    Happy Birthday to Ringo,live long and older lose.

  49. Ann kristin Powell

    Yes fine musik,i hope of all in my heart,real,you dont ,be afraid.Off couse, all people can feel on that.But,eveything will be O.K.When i am so beg i to God and Jesus,some have all mact.They must love you deeply,.you is one of the biggest name in the word ,you is famous and have so many people in your hand.The word love yoy.You can/have be to anger fore me sometime,s,just some i write to you know,maybe.But,anyway can,t i undestand whye we should hold on with the stile.

  50. amanda martinez


  51. Tere Glez

    De donde encuentra las palabras precisas para estas lindas canciones este gran hombre.lo amo

  52. Lecture Bonsoir

    Johnny Cash ? Ah, nah, Pauly McCash (love both)

  53. Michael Lennon

    Paul woulda loved it.

  54. Stephen Barrie

    faul, nothing like the real true Paul McCartney, it's gone to far this cover up, Will Campbell shears be a man, Tell the world who you truely are,

  55. David Bacon

    "That's hot!"

  56. Dan Guereque

    Great Song !

  57. nolike boy

    Not relevant got George and Ringo

  58. Alberto Ádrio Carvalho Campos

    Uma das mais lindas musicas de Paul McCartney ... maravilhosa!

  59. Jon Mendez

    So Beautiful!

  60. Norm Hart

    One of his best. Really touches me.

  61. Devin Michael Roberts

    Dude is lucky if he can sell 50'000 records in the US. Isn't that crazy how you can go from the biggest of all time to that. The passage of time can be so cruel to a musician, a visual artist is much more stable but musicians and actors come and go no matter how powerful or large they are.

  62. Sebas Ureña


  63. Christian Nilsen

    This has let me in tears

  64. Marissa X.X


  65. JD_ Nation1963


  66. John Vincent

    My musical Heart Soul & Liveblood the blues XD

  67. sara weiß

    ivan vaughan

  68. Lisa Lentile

    love this

  69. Lisa Lentile

    this song brings tears to my eyes

  70. shay11893

    Filmed in my hometown 💙


    shay11893 whats your home town ?

  71. Gary Porter

    Ach...who are we going to find to replace him...

  72. Lola

    I never knew I could create a pool with my tears

  73. Paul Mitchell

    Studebaker Sutcliffe

  74. Jude A

    I can't listen to this song without crying

  75. Ellie


  76. Gilly GALA

    beautiful song but totally inappropriate video.

  77. Gabriel Ferretjans

    Nunca voy a dejar de escuchar esta canción!!! Viva Paul, viva Lennon, viva THE BEATLES ♥

  78. Andrew Paul

    Seeking someone who would listen to music
    That we were writting back at home
    =20 beats which is one less than the 7 7 7 he was following

    Is this artistic or flawd?
    If "seeking someone who would listen to the music" is 12 beats shouldnt the next couplet in the stanza be 9 to keep with the 7 7 7 motif of the first 3 bars?

    Am I missing something? Backround high school 2ed level music graduate lol

    So many times I had to change the pain to laughter (13)
    Just to keep from going crazy (8)

    See? 21 total beats in that couplet. So whay different about the pre chorus?

    "We were thrilled to never stop"
    So each measure is 41 which is one beat short of 6 sets of 7, right? Whys he off tempo

    The "time and time again bar" is straight 10 10 10 10 which still doesn't quite fit his 7 from early is he trying to draw attention to this verse?

  79. Prof2You Smithe

    Every time I hear this, I cannot help to think about Paul and John meeting and the struggles they faced. They persevered and as a result, we were all blessed by their music, then and now! This is just a glimpse as I believe Sir Paul's best days are yet to come!


    "And your inspiration , long may it last...may it come to you time and time again..."

    What a blessing.

  81. JulianLennon1

    Extraordinary video. 5 Stars.

  82. L Smith

    Two guitars one for Billy and one for Paul

  83. bigstar66

    how I feel as a sixth year college senior

  84. Harry Casper

    Extremely degrading video. No need whatsoever for those poor boys to be topless. So much for equality. This is the sort of humiliation that makes pornography therapy.

  85. Giorgio c

    beautiful song form a very good album. This video is nice but doesnt stick with the song.. they could have done more "Maccahistoric"... anyway I dont care. this album is very good and full of different stuff. BUY.dont donwnload! you will find a lot more in an original album...lyrics... the artist's world is in it... his pictures..his graphic... all the people who worked in it mentioned etc...
    Another wonderful recent McCartney's is "Chaos e Creation in the backyard"...a must-have.. maybve one of his best albums of the best three for sure. "Flaming Pie" from the 90s is another beauty..last one with Linda still alive. Ringo featured on drums and vocals along with Jeff Lynne, Steve Miller and others... a lovely "home made" album.... BUY BUY AND BUY these albums... they also cheap now (Flaming and Chaos for sure are on deal in record shops.. as they are old now .. but still not CLASSICS like the Beatles you can find them for 4-5 € as well.. even less). LEt me know if you like the albums thenn.... long live rocknroll! :-)

  86. Gamemaster 365 6

    Long Live Legend McCartney

  87. likespurple

    This song brought tears to my eyes. Beautiful in words and music. Long may you continue to create, Paul.

  88. Alex

    What an amazing video. Sir Paul is so incredible, and his passion for people is what shines through his music.

  89. 1Tapin 4Scarabs

    This man makes men weep, for all the right reasons ! Such good lyrics bringing us pastward (my word for looking backwards into our past).

  90. Marryn Blackwell

    One of the best songs ever! Such a beautiful song about the friendship and love between Paul and John. Paul has written a genius tribute to his lost friend.

  91. チキチキバンバン


  92. Megan Casey

    I love this song SO much, and I love Paul McCartney...
    But seriously get off the cross. Nothing wrong with being a white English guy, but don't try to be some kind of imperial savior with the weird racial dynamics here.
    The video is certainly problematic.

    Megan Casey

    I would have much preferred a more relevant video exploring the complicated relationship betwixt John and Paul, especially those "early days."
    Isn't that obviously what the song was about?
    Certainly not co-opting the African-American struggle for civil rights.

  93. Major Mazzaroth

    Paul one in a Trillion.

  94. Vivero Bosque de Alimentos

    microsoft? wft? evil...

  95. unwanted .'

    WOW i didnt knew he was black

  96. Barry Flowers

    I think that's the best Paul McCartney song for at least 30 years. In fact it's at least in my top 20 Macca songs of all time since his early days in The Beatles. It's another absolute effing masterpiece.

  97. master ofmass

    It's amazing how white folks are full of guilt for being white ...the song is about John and Paul in the beginning of the Beatles. why aret here black people in this video ? give us a break with your politically correct cultural suicide