Paul Carrack - Love Will Keep Us Alive Lyrics

I was standing all alone against the world outside
You were searching for a place to hide
Lost and lonely now you've given me the will to survive

When we're hungry love will keep us alive

Don't you worry, sometimes you've just got to let it ride
The world is changing right before your eyes
Now I've found you there's no more emptiness inside

When we're hungry love will keep us alive

I would die for you, climb the highest mountain
Baby there's nothing I wouldn't do, for you

Now I've found you there's no more emptiness inside
When we're hungry love will keep us alive

I would die for you [etc.]

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Paul Carrack Love Will Keep Us Alive Comments
  1. morag mckay

    Just heard him do an awesome rendition of this on BBC Radio 2 Jan2020. How has this song passed me by until now, as a fan of both the Eagles, for whom he wrote it, and him?


    The same reason I came here


    You can still listen to that version on BBC sound for a little longer. Michael Ball show. 54mins in

  2. Wolf_At_The_Door

    I LOVE the Eagles but Paul Carrack, being one of the song writers, can do this song the best, in my opinion.

  3. Lisa Cunningham

    This is better than the Eagles' original, IMHO. Not often that a cover surpasses the original. But Paul nails it!

    Erwin Reinders

    The Eagles did the cover. Paul wrote this one with Pete and Jim

  4. DiAnna Malone

    Richard Murchy Jr. - Topic
    Published on Jun 20, 2018

  5. DiAnna Malone

    Were Ever we Go There is wind in our Backs! Working track from a new album in the works

  6. dazreject

    That intro, Sly Family stone, everyday people.

  7. ronn kerber

    Carrack's original version is a White Soul version, while Timothy's version is just White. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

    Sir Kayda

    Nah, it's not race related in the slightest. Just a swingy version and a slower straight version.

  8. nyrichiek

    Before the Eagles got back together in 1994 There was a group that was beggining to form where this song was borne out of. That band never got to record or play publically together. That band was Paul Carrack Jim Capaldi Don Felder Timothy B Schmit and Joe Walsh. Irving Azoff called and that was the end of it. Wish it could have happened.

    Lisa Cunningham

    That would've been fantastic. Too bad it didn't happen! I bet they could've made great hits.

  9. michelle gallacher

    This was my husband and mines wedding song, love it!

  10. Lawrie Farrell

    Paul has an almost indecent amount of talent. Can do almost any song in any style and do it brilliantly. A superb artist.

  11. Keith Birch

    Th best version I have heard of this song, and the best way t play it..


    Try the version where he duets with Timothy B Schmitt. On YouTube (picture of little boy)

  12. Blog Vermelho

    Paul had hits with 3 bands, a solo hit and wrote hits for others! Fueda Paul Fueda!!

    Dean Osterman

    Also played keyboard with (Nick Lowe and his cowboy hats)

  13. jan281969

    Great Voice Great Song----GREAT!!!

  14. David McLoughlin

    Great Lyrics. Music takes me somewhere else...I'm looking for a word...hauntingly Beautiful...oops, that,s a phrase.

  15. Yvonne Stoppels


  16. otjang p

    Awsome...Thanks Paul...this version is so soulful and groovy..cheers

  17. Fran Calo

    I absolutely love this much feel....but that's the man... )

  18. Pete Makkay


  19. Steve Stunning

    Awesome Paul, a much better version than Timothy B. Schmidt.

    Keith Birch

    Steve Stunning , I am in total agreement. paul sings it. 5imothy sCmitt just huma the melody.

  20. smudge ray

    best feel on this song ever

  21. Al Huggins

    Captured!!!! it's something if we are lucky we will find that love that not only find it but also keeps us alive.

    laurel june

    i like!!

    Jan Hughes

    Love love love this. ....

  22. Nick Wells

    Great version, however, no one can sing this song better than Timothy B. Schmit, in my opinion.

    Fran Calo

    +Nick Wells even the guy that wrote it ?

    Nick Wells

    +Fran Calo Well, the Eagles version with Schmit doing lead vocals from the Hell freezes over album is the version that I'm familiar with, that's all.

    Apache King

    No one can sing very few songs better than Timothy B. Schmit. What a voice!

  23. Shawn McDougal

    What album did this version on??


    Blue Views (released in '96)...

  24. Ingrid Stylestar

    He said he would..but he didnt....:(

  25. Mariana Beno

    The best version!!!

  26. Teresa Grimley

    Thank you to my Paul for sharing this with me xxXxx

  27. otjang p

    Absolutely my FAVORITE singer..he is a real SOUL MAN...

    Dean Osterman

  28. Maria Jesus Alvarez


  29. Spirit Knights Paranormal Investigators

    Looking forward to seeing Paul in 2013 at Norwich

  30. Paul Lawson

    He is a true vocal genius;He sings from his soul not many people can connect to this special place .I know he was born to sing because he was Born with to sing .A truly GREAT! Entertaner

  31. bpoolbry

    Love it , this guy is fantastic , im out buying his albums tomoz

  32. sherry howard

    love his voice. u got it.

  33. Fruitbat

    Grew up listening to mike and the mechanics. when i was around 5-6 (1997) all i remember of music is listening to the album beggar on a beach of gold, day in and day out, & R.E.M my mother loved them aha

    Anyways.. i've always been a mike and the mechanics fan but I'm so glad that i decided to search for the mike and the mechanics vocalist that stood out, SO glad i found that paul carrack did solo stuff. Hooked ever since.

    Looking forward to seeing Paul again live sometime!

  34. MezMezMez1

    Yes, Paul Carrack wrote Over My Shoulder with Mike Rutherford.
    Love will Keep Us Alive - you have to hear Paul sing it live - it's amazing :)

  35. Barry Trump

    This is the original. Written by Paul and Jim Capaldi

  36. Barry Trump

    Lyrics by the wonderful Jim Capaldi (RIP). Please check out his other stuff on Youtube especially Some Come Running

  37. MsPickylady

    this is just amazing and absolutely beautiful, particularly the lyrics!

  38. 1960Ayrshire

    Lovely, lovely, lovely ........ easy on the ears. Saw him live at Robin2 2 weeks ago and he still sounds the same x

  39. Karlstendahlberg

    I like this Version besides the origin

  40. WestDmas

    @lifevorce He aslow wrote and sang the lead on "Tempted" by the Squeeze. Amazing artist who has influenced many others (i.e Steely Dan)

  41. christine ruscoe

    Luv it so meaningful ! love is a powerful thing :-)

  42. Christine Black

    @Farinadog13 and the Eagles version is one of my very very favorites...mind you i like this one too :)

  43. lifevorce

    @lifevorce But, l-o-o-o-o-v-e is best!

  44. Farinadog13

    @lifevorce He was the lead for the 70's band "Ace" and recorded the hit "How Long" and then later was with 'Mike and the Mechanics" and recorded the wonderful song "In the Living years" and "All I Need is a Mracle" He co-wrote tbis song with Timothy b. Schmii and Don Felder of the Eagles for thier reunion Album "Hell Freezes over"

  45. lifevorce

    Kind people along the way will help, too--

  46. MezMezMez1

    @lifevorce Hi there, Paul Carrack is from Sheffield. He is amazing live!

  47. lifevorce

    @snowdogs10 Thank you, too

  48. lifevorce

    @silvanski Thank you

  49. Silvain D

    Former of British band Squeeze

  50. lifevorce

    I never heard much about him--where's he from?


    lifevorce Sheffield, good old Yorkshire.

  51. sandinmyface

    eagles version much better imo

  52. haybee12

    saw the eagles last year at M E N arena, they gave paul much respect for his songs

  53. Eddie Saripo

    I am a massive Paul Carrack Fan and for the record Paul co wrote this song for the eagles and he wrote I dont want want to hear any more for the Eden album. Listen to each and make youre mind up.

  54. Thehulksterbeast

    good song but still prefer the eagles version

  55. Mary Ryan

    Just woke us to this song on the radio. What simple words that wrap around you.

  56. drsmith33

    Ace, Squeeze, Mike and the Mechanics......

  57. MrJoseppie123

    Yea, that,s right a most underated singer & a great live performer

  58. George Pryde

    This mans fantastic