Paul Brandt - Virtual Life Lyrics

I'm bored
I need a new topic
search the world for another subject
and by the time I find it I've forgotten where I was
iPod and a plasma TV
on the latest reality series
surf the web and I M a bit
while I'm on my cell-phone

I'm high def
and I'm proud of it
and tivo doesn't skip a bit
if I fall asleep I know that I won't ever miss a thing
rewind, record and slow mo
satellite and digital cable
wi-fi, I'm high speed
got a Brooks & Dunn Ringtone

But you can't upload love
And you can't download time
You can't google all life's answers
But everything is gonna be alright
Cause I love you honey
and what we've got's the genuine
real deal
This ain't no
Virtual Life

I need a break
from technology
I think I owe you an apology
I've analyzed our data to quantize the way I feel
been thinking maybe I should
hold you now that would feel real good
a real female instead of e-mail sounds alright to me

Old school
Yeah, a little old fashioned
still don't know how it happened
but now we got 3 kids, a car, and a mortgage of our own
I think I finally got the lowdown
Sometimes we just need to slowdown
take time to smell the roses, pet a dog
and be in love

Ain't nothin like the real thing

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