Paul Brandt - The Little Space Between Lyrics

It's now or never
Don't hesitate
It ain't true that good things come
to those who wait

Before forever
Takes all our time
We just spend moments
Till we spend our lives

Get 'er done
Get to it
Cause there's only one time through it
There's only one thing we're all heading for
It goes 1972 dash then
You leave your legacy
In that little space between

Have you forgiven
Did you forget
Is it worth keeping
All those regrets
And is there someone
Who gave it all for you
Don't that make you
Want to give it your all to?

You spend your money
You take each breath
You steal some kisses
You give and get
and then it goes

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Paul Brandt The Little Space Between Comments

    so amazing

  2. Kris

    ¸i gues fans love paul so much
    i love you 2 ur amazing

  3. Kris

    just doono who writes this staff

  4. Stephen Crosby

    i love this track..takes me back in time....his best track, i think...

  5. fallguy392

    Great stuff! Paul Brandt is one of the most under-rated country singers! Love his stuff!

  6. Christopher Anthony

    i love this song too