Paul Brandt - That's What I Love About Jesus Lyrics

I’ve had people say
That I’m a self made man
I’d like to set the record straight
Because I never could have planned
The way my life has gone
And the blessings I’ve received
It had nothing to do with me
I love to sing and play
And travel with these songs
But I’ve got to give the praise
Back to where it all belongs
Before I was even born
He knew what my job would be
He made me who I am for all the world to see

That’s what I love about Him
That’s why I talk about Him
And friend I’d be lost with out Him
He makes this world make sense to me
He let his life end
Just so he could be my friend
That’s what I love about Jesus

Now it doesn’t make me perfect
Or any better than you
And yes He is a crutch
And He’s my wheelchair too
Cause I can’t do it on my own
He gives me all my strength
His power helps me make it through each day
So if you hear this song
You’ve got to make a choice
To just keep rolling along
Or listen to His voice
Since I gave my heart to Him
I have been set free
And He’s made all the difference to me

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