Paul Brandt - Scars Are Beautiful Lyrics

I've got this little scar that left it's mark down underneath my chin
from when I fell off of my bike back when I was just a kid
and oh, the pain, and how I cried, and I still remember how it bled
I know I won't forget that time and what my daddy said

Don't cry
It'll get better
In time
You'll soon forget
You'll be fine
right now it hurts some
but the healing hasn't happened yet
The pain
won't always be there
and someday
after the fall
These scrapes and scratches will remind you
of the hurt you left behind and you'll see that
Scars are beautiful

Each scar is living proof, ya they tell the truth 'bout places that you've been
They’re all roadmaps to life's lessons made by sacrifice and sin
And you can let 'em bring you down or you can hold your head up high
Don't let the chance you took to fall keep you from the chance you take to try

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