Paul Brandt - Now Lyrics

I used to try to hold the future in my hands
Tried to make tomorrow turn out like I planned
And there’s no use in thinkin’ about yesterday
I can’t go back there anyway

It’s a ‘What have you done for me lately?’ world
We only have today
Then it spins and turns And forever isn’t waiting
and time keeps counting down To Now

Gonna make a move like it’s my last stand
Draw my line deep in the sand
Gonna take my time, give my life to love
You can keep the fame and money cause there’s never enough

In this ‘What have you done for me lately?’ world
We only have today
Then it spins and turns And all that’s gonna matter
when it comes back around is To Now

Oh, how we spend our moments is how we spend our lives
It’s a ‘What have you done for me lately?’ world
We only have today
Then it spins and turns
And all that’s gonna matter when it comes back around To Now

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Paul Brandt Now Comments
  1. dan

    Sounds Amazing!!!☺🖒

  2. Crosso

    Best proposal dream I have is for my boyfriend to propose to me at one of Paul’s shows. Can’t wait to move to Canada all the way from Australia to be with my Canadian man. I love you Linds so much xoxox

  3. Maresa Maresa

    Ilove ur voice very nice paul brandt...😍😘😉

  4. Cynthia Virove

    WOW,incredible video Paul loved the performance ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Trish McQuaid

    Great song about reality! The Now is all we have.

  6. Gabby Mengel

    I was playing GTA 5 last year listing to convoy and I was on the bus and I got his name in my head I think god lead me to him for a reason don't now yet but I will forger out

  7. Pashuk Gjergji

    i love you you rock you inspire everyone 


    i know you happy about fans u know i wane make u proud with this album coming


    hope tommorow is forever ,no use to thinking about yesterday your there to counting dawn im here if you need people to watch over anything you need wish that you can count on me ,i can sale some shirts send me a a big order i can sale them make them love your music everyday makes me proud

  10. Daddy's Little Princess 666


  11. Denise H

    I love this guy! I hope he comes out with more music:)


    the voice is deep and rich ,paul brandt has agreat voice with a great loving heart to go with it ,his amazing work for God and needy people in HAITi just his BUILD IT FORWARD will be going with a JUST AS I IM TOUR TO HAITI Paul brandt has been taking his family time to give to other families

  13. jhimzmer cipz

    love your voice...

  14. NoShow15

    Actually I'm fairly certain that it is filmed at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, NB. I could be wrong, but it looks damn near identical to it.

  15. brad holstiene

    seen him in estevan sask on the now tour been listening to hime for a long time now and i hope he keeps up with it because he is one of the best canadain country music singer song writers. When it comes to his music you can sing with him and understand everything he says in it

  16. Daniel Berreth

    One of the greatest Canadian song writers/artists out their!!!! Seen him live in Calgary on the NOW tour. Front row seats!!!!

  17. ferlyne marie almendral

    nice song awesome singer Paul Brandt,the most beautiful live song i've ever heard from him since i meant to do that.....

  18. Abesss

    thats in the jubilee in calgary i just realized

  19. Terry Dee

    I am a Rock n Roll girl, but I love this song, Paul Brandt is hot!

  20. Elisabeth Caldwell

    I've listened to this guy my whole life, He's one of my biggest inspirations, and his music is fantastic. :)

  21. brad holstiene

    Seen him in estevan hes one of my favorite singers

  22. Dan Bohach

    awesome! I subscribed to you :P

  23. Terry Dee

    yes I am;)

  24. Dan Bohach

    are you from saskatchewan? lol

  25. Terry Moser

    That's funny:)

  26. Dan Bohach

    its always windy in Saskatchewan because Alberta sucks and Manitoba blows

  27. Terry Moser

    Proud to be your neighbor to the East, although we probably hate each other, do Sask people like Alberta people? I don't know!
    Paul Brandt is awesome!

  28. Terry Dee

    nice song!

  29. Meg Rempel

    This song reminds of me my life is a bit tuff but I love this song :-)


    im sure there is a distance there is something that u would not think about small people like me hope you come back to manitoba and then i may be able to kam to your concert

  31. Abesss

    proud to be Albertan

  32. Marlene L

    there is not enough views for this song!

  33. TaylorS OnAir

    love him!! he is the only canadian country music artist that i HAVE to see!!!
    he's my favourite, for sure :))

    love his music!!!!

  34. Amanda Kleis

    What can I say... except that Paul makes me proud to be an Albertan! Great song from such a genuine individual.

  35. Jana Snowdon

    LOVE this song!!!!!! Had the extreme pleasure and honour of seeing Paul in Concert twice and meeting him twice!!! He IS the most down to earth artist EVER!!!!!!!!! Thank you Paul for your music!!!!!!!

  36. Fraser

    I liked this video before it started

  37. somegalfromcan

    Paul Brandt is, perhaps, the most under-rated Canadian musician ever.

  38. AmethystAngeleyes

    The best male music artist E V E R!!!!