Paul Brandt - Country Girl Lyrics

She's been in 4-H since she was nine years old
She wears overalls and has a heart of gold
She likes ATV'S and trucks, and fishin holes
But she's got a tender side

She don't let nobody tell her what to do
She thinks Jimmy Thompson's smile is kinda cute
She loves her mom and dad and she love's Jesus too
Well some things you just can't hide

She's a wild rose
Pretty as a picture and
hard to hold
off to chase the chickens
She’s a little tom-boy
but ain't she beautiful
Look out world She
Ain't afraid
running round barefoot
hair up in braids
but man does she look good
A little tom-boy
but ain't she beautiful
She's a Country Girl

Her mom and them just shake their heads when she runs by
she can't help but turn the head of every guy
If daddy even thinks about that day he cries
but whatcha gonna do?

Then the day her daddy dreaded finally came
the church, the gown, that boy, the rings. the weddin cake
She might be all grown up, but nothin's really changed

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