Patsy Cline - You Took Him Off My Hands Lyrics

You took him off my hands
When you stepped in
You changed everything
We're not even friends.

Don't leave the job half done
Leave nothing behind
You took him off my hands
Now please take him off my mind.

Please take his photograph
Engraved on my heart, so blue
And take all his memories
He now belongs to you.

Don't leave the job half done
Leave nothing behind
You took him off my hands
Now, please take him off my mind.

Please take his photograph
Engraved on my heart, so blue
And take all his memories
He now belongs to you.

Don't leave the job half done
Leave nothing behind
You took him off my hands
Now. please take him off my mind.

You took him off my hands
Now, please take him off my mind...

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Patsy Cline You Took Him Off My Hands Comments
  1. Roxane Mathis

    This is not a well known of Patsy's, but maybe one of her best.

  2. Jacqueline Hubbard

    I was fortunate enough to see her live, she was on crutches from auto accident just before the plane crash, cried all that day. Love her forever

  3. Jennifer Caldwell

    It kind of makes me sad that most kids today have no idea that it is possible to sound like this with no auto tune. Miss Patsy was as close to perfect as any one could ever get! I'm glad that my daughter and her boyfriend love this classic stuff, so my grandson gets exposed to it too.

  4. Claire Jedry

    I dumped em! Just saying. I am Free. 🌷🕊💜😎🕆

  5. Imogene Chavez

    Queen of Country. Loved by everyone.

  6. Melissa De Jesus Fa de Megan Hilty e Abby número 1

    I love you Patsy Cline
    My prefer singer she and Loretta Lynn

  7. Josue2018

    her talent transcended music genres. Everyone loved her: country, pop and R&B lovers, even new generations born way after she passed.

  8. 1wannabee1

    There's just something about the voice of Patsy Cline that.... makes you keep coming back for more (even if it hurts)

  9. ranhar1

    No harm in Patsy Cline singing a song you wrote. What a magnificent voice - and a great set of studio musicians and singers as well!

  10. Catherine Rodgers

    Real talk

  11. Linda Lowe

    This was before technology that lets anyone sing decent. What a voice!! RIP Patsy!!

  12. Patsy Johnson

    What’s a great singers

  13. David Carlock

    Wouldn't you love to see a producer splice this recording into that of Ray Price? What a duet - even better than Patsy's duet with Jim Reeves!

  14. Valleyguy


  15. Valleyguy

    Organic emotion, or absolutely brilliant stylistics, whichever is the case, the result is amazing and pure Patsy. She's the best.

  16. Richard Sampson

    It's 5:34 in the morning....I've been listening to Patsy all night....can't get enough....I turned 76 last month, 6 decades of listening.


    I must really love her. I listen to her songs over, and over, and over, and....

    Steve Boysen

    @Valleyguy Same here. I get it.

  17. observer of madness

    Nobody can do it like Patsy. Growing up I never liked country music, mainly because it all sounded so sad. I wanted rock and roll. As I've gotten older, I see the simple dignity in her music, and the classy way she could pull it off. What a voice, gone way too soon.

  18. Jamie Case

    The real QUEEN of  country.

  19. Cindy C

    Another favorite song from my all time favorite singer....such feeling in this song...breaks my heart....

  20. Wayne A White

    The Cline knocking another one out of the ballpark.... singing the way it ought to be done

  21. Ruthann Collebert

    The best singer ever

  22. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    The greatest singers of all time and a great American,R.I.P.

  23. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    Thank you for your voice and your are the greatest singer of all time R.I.P.

  24. Alice Johnston Johnston

    Love this song,brilliant!

  25. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    One can sing the way Patsy Cline singers the song.R.I.P.

  26. Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    Patsy Cline is more than a country singer,Patsy had a voice that once never forget.The Greatest.R.I.P.

  27. John Jones

    the best timeless

  28. Alice Johnston Johnston

    Love all Patsy Cline"s songs!

  29. Detelinka68

    Love it, thanks for sharing! :)

  30. alex arolas garcia

    Esta bonita canción la canto PATSY CLINE en el año 1963

  31. Zola Crippes

    he sings like her own heart has been broken a few times herself.

  32. the big cat

    I am speechless

  33. Thomas Holland

    Simply Brilliant, What more can I say ?

    Jennette Andreotti

    Thomas Holland '

  34. Thomas Holland

    A Brilliant tear jerker from patsy cline. LOVE this song. Patsy had the voice of an angle that can never be matched.

    Meade Vlog channel

    angels are male, though.

    Jennette Andreotti

    Males are a pain in the ass, nothing more, nothing less. Patsy is an angel.

    Meade Vlog channel

    talking about what the Bible says. That being said, your computer was invented by a male so you could rant about them all day long, lol.

  35. ZumbaCowgirl

    This song was co-written by my dad, Wynn Stewart.

    Ken Dacey

    The GREAT! Wynn Stewart.

    Gerard Larkin Haverstock

    ZumbaCowgirl Thank you.

    Salma Fonte

    ZumbaCowgirl wow how lucky you are 😘😘😘😘😘 I love the song thnx

    Neita James

    I love it she had such a unique voice even now if I see a patsy Cline CD or collection I buy it ur dad was good writer she sung this song well. You should be proud hear her sing his song

  36. Shane Wright

    This was the second to last song she ever recorded.

  37. Lawrence Devereaux

    No one is like the CLINE !!!!! Sing Diva Sing!!!!!

  38. Don Hawkins

    this is a good one..the last two notes & phrasing are brilliant.

  39. Don Hawkins

    Ray Price also had a fine version of this!

    Emperor Karl

    I agree. Ray Patsy and Jim Reeves also Faron Young have the best voices in country from the 50s & 60s

  40. JUREKXXI02

    What a voice and feeling.Goddess

    Jennette Andreotti

    this is my favorite song of patsys. I love all her records but this one really does it for me. jennette

  41. dan cordosi

    Patsy will always be a favorite of mine, she sang with so much feeling. she had the voice of an angel.

  42. Cherilyn H

    This sounds a lot like Poor Man's Roses, even the same key.

    Jennette Andreotti

    this is my favorite patsy song. she isn't just a country singer.although she is the best. nobody can beat her at ballads. I like to see her gowns, not the cowgirl outfits. she's so much better than to be portrayed as a hick seldom does anyone sing her songs and that's because they cant and will only make a fool of themselves. nobody can sing like patsy and nobody ever will.

    Meade Vlog channel

    Patsy said she was "proud to be a hick from the sticks". Those cowgirl outfits were hand sewn by her own mother. She is definitely a Country singer.

    Jennette Andreotti

    Cherilyn H nj

  43. Sandra Poore

    Never be another one like her!!An Angel with unsurpassed talent! Thank you!!

  44. ang walsh

    At a recent auction, my husband aquired a rather large framed photo of her!
    It was her music my gramma would play while we cooked when I was growing up...
    so she now hangs in my kitchen, and continues to play in the background, as I cook for my family and customers. Thnx to gramma for the memories that linger today, and thnx to Patsy for the music that formed my life. I am passing your greatness onto my next generation... nephews that range from 5 to 16 yrs old.

  45. Grażyna Sałaj

    si jeune, tant d'extraordinaires chansons, une voix si sensuelle! Patsy, c'est ma grande decouverte!

  46. TheOriginalMrMoose

    My heart still aches over knowing I'll never get to see her perform live because she died too young. I am glad for the songs she left behind, but imagine how many we never got to hear for she didn't live long enough to sing them. Final thought, just think, weeks before her death, we got: Sweet Dreams, Faded Love, and a few others - just, but, barely did she get those songs in before her demise. How fortunate are we that she got to do those last songs. R.I.P., Patsy, You're forever loved!

  47. skipper7715

    Thank you for this fantastic song...........never heard it before............but I know I will play if often.

  48. Georgina Christodoulou

    Thankyou for posting this gem. There can never be another Patsy Cline.
    What lovely, sad lyrics to this song.
    Thankyou so much for sharing ♥

  49. 1writeranne

    This song is new to me, too; I thought I'd heard all her recordings. Thanks for posting this!

  50. georgejonesfan93

    @JUDA59ful I have a whole bunch of her songs, I'll be posting more soon :)


    I never heard this song before. Beautiful as there was nobody like Patsy. Anymore oldies by her? Thankyou very much. JUDA59ful

  52. Don Hawkins


  53. Wooz1ful

    Marion Worth did a great version of this song also.

  54. georgejonesfan93

    @dbpw34 I had been wanting to put this one up for a while hahaha and yes, very great, she's one of the greatest :)