Patsy Cline - When You Need A Laugh Lyrics

You can't imagine how it hurts me
To have you treat me like you do
Knowing that my love is just a joke to you
But I'll take it just to see you
And laugh as teardrops fall
So when you need a laugh, give me a call

Everybody says I'm crazy
To let you treat me this way
But I can't explain, so, what else can I say
At least I'm on your mind when you're laughin'
Somehow that breaks the fall
So when you need a laugh, give me a call

I'd gladly trade the laugh you get
For making fun of me
To be around the one I love and need so desperately
So even if the laugh's on me
I don't mind at all
So when you need a laugh, give me a call
So when you need a laugh, give me a call

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Patsy Cline When You Need A Laugh Comments
  1. Richard Gorrell

    I don't think there is a Patsy Cline song, I don't like. I miss her, so much. God Bless the Children in Heaven with Patsy Cline, singing to them all. I'm sure she is singing into the Heavens.

  2. Richard Gorrell

    When you need a laugh, give me a call.

  3. Grace is Amazing!

    Patsy was-and still is-the Queen of Country Music!💖🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

  4. Gloria Rider

    *"NEVER heard this song before!!- Thank you so much!!-- Just as BEAUTIFUL as all of the other *"Patsy's"* songs!!!

  5. Al Saadeh

    Patsy, so Lovely you are

  6. Serge Dompierre

    Sad, she was gone too young .

  7. Shannon Burns

    Prayers for Shannon Burns. She is in the hospital, and prognosis is not good. God bless her beautiful mind and soul. I love her beyond words😭 may God Bless you all and never have to suffer like she is doing. Dennis. My heartbeat, the love of my life passed on. I miss my heartbeat, the very breath I take. She was never more than a arm's length for 23 years. Now she was called to be one of God's angels. I miss my heartbeat😭. Your Denny.

  8. Daniel Burns

    this song only went to #47 on the country charts in 1964!!!

  9. Patsy Johnson

    Patsy Cline was 1 of the best

  10. Yvonne Mchugh

    Patsy cline is fantastic singer it's so sad she is not here anymore god bless x

  11. Shannon Burns

    No adjectives can truely describe how utterly perfect this song, this lady who sung it truely are. Isn't it amazing, and nearly six decades later we are still in awe of her.

  12. Frank Burton

    Beautiful song,from a beautiful singer. Written by The Great Hank Cochran,the king of the hurtin songs. RIP two beautiful souls

  13. Rodger Benson

    You can read about Patsy Cline on her song Crazy and the plane crash and tree of life that is proof Jesus is real.

  14. Andrew Hayes

    Beautiful 💚 🇮🇪

  15. MrHillbilly5.7

    What a voice and what a singer...

  16. Leni Calimag

    A beautiful voice, and a heart breaking response to a love ...thanks for the song it makes me stronger never

  17. Andrew j wheeler jr

    lovely beautiful baby country girl angel sweetness and grace and mercy and heartwarming goodness love you so much precious stay golden goddess of wisdom and guidance and wonder😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

  18. Cecilia Webbe

    Great song and what a great singer patsy was 😢😢

  19. Barbara Paulson

    So Beautiful !!!!

  20. Elizabeth Kyser

    Patsy Cline was a great country singer. Too bad she died way too young and way too soon.😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  21. kimmy loves vintage

    I love patsy cline soooooooooo much!

  22. william ermert

    So true ! every body used me

  23. JUREKXXI02

    nothing to add,Goddess

  24. Jim Danger

    Fantastic song, written by one of the finest storytellers in songwriting - Hank Cochran. Amazing performance.

  25. Meade Music

    This song made me a Patsy Cline fan.

    Rex TexasAggie

    Yep, me too!

  26. William Krejca

    I thought I heard/had every song that Patsy ever recorded, but this is new to me. She sounds like perhaps she hadn't quite matured/ evolved her voice into the sound of her later(?), more familiar to me songs.

    Meade Music

    +William Krejca No, actually this song is one of the last she recorded. It was released in 1963 just shortly after her death.

    shadow run

    yes def new to me. a couple of yrs ago. and 3 cigarettes..or was it 2? great song.

  27. patti disch

    she almost sounds like lynn anderson singing too much of you....LOVE IT!!!

  28. Mikael Biilmann

    "What else, can I say...?" So true" A voice of the best!

  29. Nicola Graham

    I have'nt heard this in so many years, you forget how much Patsy did in her short life, a true legend

  30. Lorraine uk

    takes me back to when my mum and dad sang patsy at the weekends and there is nothing better love it.. simple nothing better xx

  31. Jim Neilson

    wow One I Don't Remember Thank you

  32. William Asaba

    I thank you very much for this. It is typical of Cline's sweet and wonderful voice. It will ever be hard to fill her shoes.

    Shannon Burns

    William Asaba , no one will ever do that. She was one of God’s angels like my Shannon Marie Burns was. She has gone to be with Patsy and the legends. God Bless her and all of you who loved her responses. She left a hole where my heart used to be. Dennis Gritton.

  33. JUREKXXI02

    If You think so then ... I think so too.

  34. Bad Hombre

    She is definitely up there with Billie Holiday and Peggy Lee.

    colin sludds

    😂 😂 She was on another planet compared to them names all through they was great.. My opinion of course but many would agree I would rank Patsy has one of the greatest voices in the history of music Male or Female.

    Christopher Moloney

    Patsy was the and still is the pinnacle of country music

    Shannon Burns

    Bad Hombre, they could not ascend to the plateau Patsy was at. The Acme of spoken female voice!

  35. Sandra Poore

    The most beautiful voice in history!!Thank you for the wonderful memories of this timeless Angel !!1

  36. Meade Music

    I usually dont care for female vocalists, but patsy is definitely tops , IMO.

  37. Mary A. England

    How special to re-discover the most authentic Female Vocalist of, well perhaps all genres.

  38. gooangel2

    Unlike those who people say are the "greatest female vocalists" now, Patsy Cline has the distinction of NEVER having had to be dubbed! What you hear is really how she sounded. Nobody does that anymore because of pitch correction technology.

  39. William Pitman

    Without Doubt the greatest Female singing voice in the History of Country Music. So sadly missed.

  40. Kurt Jarvis

    An American Treasure. Patsy.. i would hug you.. I will soon.. in the other life.

    Don Hawkins

    I believe so...Patsy Cline was spiritual & met Jesus ...she is in heaven...

  41. 12whatitdolu

    I dedicate this song to my one and only love Clifford Dale.Hope youre still laughing.Your in ALL my dreams.Valentines 2012.

  42. MissEllie

    Lovely song, sang from the heart.

  43. dana wood

    one of my favorites!!

  44. Scarlett4Zanzibar

    Patsy ... beautiful woman, probably one of THE greatest voices, EVER. Thank you for posting this. ;)

  45. Louisemusiclover

    Thankyou Walley for this beautiful video of the greatest female singer of all time !
    All The Stars Will Always Be Hers...
    God Bless

  46. Peachy6455

    just heard this for the first time today and had to find it on here. So glad I found it