Patsy Cline - Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) Lyrics

I know that someday, you'll want me, to want you
When I'm in love with somebody new
You expect me to be true, and keep on loving you
Tho' I am feeling blue, you think I can't forget you

Until someday you'll want me, to want you
When I am strong for somebody else
And although you don't want me now,
I'll get along somehow
And then, I won't want you

I know that someday, you're gonna want me, to want you
When I am strong for somebody else
And although you don't want me now,
I'm gonna get along, somehow
And then, I won't want you
I won't want you
And then, I won't want you...

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Patsy Cline Someday (You'll Want Me To Want You) Comments
  1. opex1000

    Good song when all seems hopeless..

  2. Taunya Chilli

    Heard all kinds of singers do this song.. but she does it tbe doubt..

  3. michael vanhorn

    of all the female singers .. none can match that voice !!

  4. norman fossli

    A voice from heaven, there will never be another Patsy Cline.So Blessed.

  5. Lester Benner

    Amazing jazzy style, soulful. She is forever singing for the angels.

  6. aisling 85

    This is soo true!! Well for me anyway 11years and still having crap. This is soo true 😉🤗♥️ then u won't want you.

  7. MrRockon2525

    As with all truly great singers, Patsy's voice gave her listeners the emotions in her lyrics and presentation that she was actually feeling.

  8. Martin

    when i am bleu...always patsy is waiting in my dreams

  9. chris mason

    that`s what made her the best..

  10. MaisonlaMoo


  11. RoyAllen Hunt

    Been listening to this lady since I was 10 or 11 yrs old. I'm 68 now and she still gets me with that voice!

    John Lamb

    me too still do I'm 72

  12. William L Robinson

    Thanks Patsy for this great tune!!! Makes me really feel good while I am listening.

  13. Bruce Farris

    Amazing artist--could sing the ingredients on a cereal box and make people fall in love !

  14. Roxane Mathis

    Oh, and by the way, she sang several of Hanks!!!! One great admiring the other!

  15. Roxane Mathis

    The female version of Hank one cane EVER replace either!!!!

  16. Serge Dompierre

    In my mind she's immortal, her voice was wonderful.

  17. Mark Ray

    Once in a generation voice.

  18. 1wannabee1

    Patsy's timing, her emphasis on her tone? it truly is a very rare quality that, very few others had, Be,a,utiful.

  19. Efream Ghebrezghabiher

    Pussy. MMirrore.1947

  20. - Benja

    Dahm bro this old music got me hurting😪

  21. Randal Roach

    I wish I could just borrow a plane , fly up to heaven, and persuade God to let me bring her back.

  22. Valleyguy

    Cuts through you like a knife.

  23. mothy's fridge

    Can't stop loving her.

  24. Brian Harris

    This is what you call Music, she had the most beautiful voice no artist has ever come near, she was taken from us far too soon.

  25. Barbara Jackson

    Lovely memories of my mum and dad x

  26. Carolyn Twomey

    I had a "happy" accident and found this song. What a song and what a delivery. That my friend is singing.

  27. Brookie HashTag

    An idol as I grew...yet now it means so much more. Do I deserve you for a song to be strong to!

  28. Jerry Pullen

    Gosh she is great makes every
    Song sound great

  29. Bill Henry

    There is and always will be a voice like patsy Cline backed by the jordainares.

  30. Tree Fiddy Bandit

    God do I love her voice and style

  31. William schlenger

    Always loved Patsy Cline.💕

  32. observer of madness

    I'm not even a country music fan, but, boy what a voice. I've never heard a singer with such voice control, and such skill with inflections. Nobody, living or dead can match her.


    That's exactly what Loretta said "Patsy can't be beat!"

  33. Sonny Dave

    Very nice! Beautiful. Another great version in the "pop" field was by Vaughn Monroe.

  34. Ericka Ruiz

    Her voice is out of this world!!! Did you know she is bi- racial very sad she had to hide it in her time!!! That's why her voice is strong and powerful!!! And she was thick!!! A Beautiful half black woman!!! That ever sang country music!!! 😘😘😘😘

  35. Wayne A White

    A song being sung the way singing ought to be done

  36. Donald Carr

    Ricky Nelson also did a good job with this song.

  37. Tempey cooper

    the queen of them all <3 my mother listened to her all the time. rip Ma, I love you and miss you every day of my life <3

  38. Sarah Bowers

    Reminds me of my beautiful nanny ❤️❤️❤️

  39. John Benn

    WOW WOW WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From a mad keen 74yo Aussie fan.

  40. Roy Peer

  41. bruce werner

    There's some who have it---some who don't. But when Patsy sang a song, it was hers after that, she owned it. This song has likely ripped out a few hurting hearts. Gorgeous lady.

  42. Connie Higgins

    I love it too, thank you so much for sharing this. It's the first I've heard it from Patsy. My heart aches.

  43. Joan Jones

    The Voice! Voice of an angel! Every inflection is perfection! every pause perfect! Mega Talent. Great loss.

  44. Zola Crippes

    my favorite

  45. Nita Shipley

    No, you won't love me; yes, you want me to go on loving you from age to age as long as you love me!! I love that part of this song soo much & I wish it will take me back in those times when I was young at heart again... <3

  46. Donna Marie Pszoniak

    My song Blue as I am glass of 🍷 and Pasty 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  47. Eugene Horner

    Sometimes it is better too forget.

  48. Boxcar Bubba

    I love this song . Patsy Cline was Special .

  49. Themilitant Housewife

    An Angel.x

  50. ncavlleguy

    Patsy is the queen of country

  51. Ada Jones Fan

    Very bad. Aileen Stanley was 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000millions times better and the same was Ada Jones. Patsy Cline gives me very very bad feelings. She makesme depressed I NEVER HEAR HER AGAIN. I will hear music from singers who makes me really happy as Aileen Stanley,Ada Jones,Vaughn De Leath,Marion Hartis etc. Cline NOT MAKES ME HAPPY. SHE IS HORRIBLE AND MAKES ME DEPRESSED

  52. Lisa Hermanator

    Patsy Cline, the greatest singer of all time IMO!! Thanks for posting!! This song has always hit home with me. :)

  53. Julie K

    Dang, she makes the hurt almost feel good? Amazing voice .

  54. Kelle Nicole Smith

    So lovely

  55. Orvin Castanares

    Queen of country music! A goddess of country soul! And legend of popular music! Iconic patsy!

  56. Patrick Ing

    Nobody in country music could sing like Patsy Cline!!!

  57. Jeff Walls

    Have you heard the version by Della Reese it is amazing as this one. I love them both great song., by 2 wonderful singers.

  58. Patrick Ing

    What a voice!!!!!

  59. debra bolton

    A wonderfully talented woman who was taken much too soon. I love this particular song, singing it around the house.

  60. Dixie Bombardiere

    A beautiful song ,sad but pretty.Love to hear her sing she was a great singer really good.RIP Patsy.👍😘

  61. Andre G

    I first heard this by cassette before the internet and played it over and over. Thanks to technology she will be played forever.


    precious voice and músic the british girl

  63. Amanda Hyde

    Love sucks

  64. Siegbert Landgraf

    just simply the Greatest Female Country Singer of All Time ! (no Ifs, Buts or Maybe's) !Pure vocal Genius at its' very Best !  RIP to the Great Patsy Cline (1932-1963) xxx

  65. Rogelio Maza

    I always sing along with this song.

  66. Rogelio Maza


  67. Don Hawkins

    Frankie Laine had the big pop hit w/ this back in the fifties...

  68. Bob Polaneczky

    hank Williams for men-Patsy for women as far as sad songs

  69. Kimberly Boatman

    Yes she does some or all of them has made me cry

  70. AwesomeAlex! Adam

    Thank You cristalrosey
    I LOVE this song too
    Brenda Lees cover is Supurb

  71. Zola Crippes

    i couldnt have said it any better than homer wood.

  72. Zola Crippes

    this is also one of my favorites.

  73. Lorraine Scheri

    Beautiful!! Can't believe I never heard this before today. Love it!!

  74. spanish eyes

    the definition of the best singer.....2 words.......PASTY CLINE.....your gone from all of our sights...but not from our hearts.....your music will go on forever,thank you so much for this song......what a gem....bless.

  75. Jeff Lipinski

    Patsy was sensational

    Her songs..her arrangements..her voice
    Everytime I hear her sing
    Tears in my eyes because of what happened to her.

    Life is so very unfair.
    Unfair for everyone at times.



    She breaks my heart. What a singer ! No one sings from their heart and soul anymore.... now these so called "artists" "sing" more like whine like an entitled 13 year old brat whose priorities are unearned fame and fortune while behaving and looking like a brain damaged whore. If that's not proof of cultural collapse then I don't know what is ..

  77. PaulFirst LastFirst

    I miss Patsy so much but I must realize that she's now in heaven singing with the ANGELS !!

  78. Russell Haakenson

    Patsy still has no equal!

  79. Vault-Born

    "enter your text here"

  80. Maggie Tölke

    I go beyond every time I listen to this quality of music....real voice! no techno sound!

  81. Mark Thomas


  82. russell mcmillian

    I tried to play it and it hurt's

  83. William Moore

    Momma sang this me when I was a baby, I would cry at the end,every time.

  84. Susan Fowler

    While I love her music, I happen to prefer Della Reese's version of this particular song. It was the first thing she performed on the Ed Sullivan Show. everyone have a good day.

  85. Angel

    I know that someday, you'll want me, to want you
    When I'm in love with somebody new
    You expect me to be true, and keep on loving you
    Tho' I am feeling blue, you think I can't forget you

    Until someday you'll want me, to want you
    When I am strong for somebody else
    And although you don't want me now,
    I'll get along somehow
    And then, I won't want you

    I know that someday, you're gonna want me, to want you
    When I am strong for somebody else
    And although you don't want me now,
    I'm gonna get along, somehow
    And then, I won't want you
    I won't want you
    And then, I won't want you

    Sherry Fialkoff

    Angel l

  86. Margot Blanchette

    not a strong fan of C/W. But! Patsy Cline is the Best, and particularly in todays standards.
    more importantly one never fails to recognize her voice
    definitely best C/W
    female singer

    Ed Miller

    Margot Blanchette: I don't ever think of her as C/W, though of course that's what she was. She was probably the *first* crossover Country star, and she was distinctly MOR, in contrast to the standard twangy hillbillies of her era. She was one-of-a-kind, and a *genuine* legend. ❤


    @Ed Miller she was,just about to,branch,out into Broadway material before her premature passing. She was cross over material.

  87. Homer Wood

    Others do a great job, no one can equal Patsy.

  88. Keremidtchieff Jordan

    LATE...but with a blues in soul.......I'm so glad to listen to Patsy again and again!

  89. Roger Robert

    very good singner

  90. Luis Eduardo Salazar


  91. MrOshutup

    I love her and it hurts that she is gone....I really love her

    ree ree


    Patsy Marie

    ree ree ... What? it's been 54 years since Patsy's passing..

  92. MrOshutup

    I wish she was here....

  93. Mortimer Post

    Late at night, with blues in my heart and a drink in my hand, who can I turn to? What do you know--it's Patsy again!

    Ren El

    Mortimer Post <- soul twin.


    It's always patsy.

  94. Glen McGregor

    A voice for the ages.  They don't make 'em any better. She could sell a song like no other.  Thanks for keeping her with us through her music. We will miss her always.

    Lynsi K

    agreed my grams patsy is my amy winehouse. both voice for the gods. both tragic young deaths

    Ed Miller

    Glen McGregor: And they call Whitney *The Voice.* Sure, the girl could sing, until she destroyed her voice smoking crack. Amongst the great, there's no one who is *THE GREATEST,* including Ms. Houston. I can think of dozens of female vocalists who are the equals of Whitney, including *Patsy Cline.*

  95. carmen blanco

    Beautiful voice and beautiful a lady. One of a kind; I can listen to her songs all day long. Rest in Peace Patsy!