Patsy Cline - Life's Railway To Heaven Lyrics

Life is like a mountain railroad
With an engineer that's brave
We must make the run successful
From the cradle to the grave

Watch the curves, the fills, and tunnels
Never falter, never fail
Keep your hand upon the throttle
And your eyes upon the rail

Blessed savior, thou will guide us
Till we reach that blissful shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In that great forevermore

Blessed savior, thou will guide us
Till we reach that blissful shore
Where the angels wait to join us
In that great forevermore

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Patsy Cline Life's Railway To Heaven Comments
  1. Bernard Jerome

    brings good memories of friends passed

  2. Gloria Rider

    *" Thank you SO much- for posting this!!- Never heard this BEAUTIFUL religious song that "Patsy Cline" sang & I'm SO touched by this- I'm crying tears of joy!! GOD BLESS!!

  3. Peter Grantham

    I love this

  4. Llyod Smith

    Remember my mom RIP

  5. Allan Southern


  6. Tracy Stewart

    A favorite of my grandpa’s ❤️

  7. Gordon Strope

    Forever country, forever patsy cline. In loving memory of Virginia Patterson Hensley :)

  8. Daniel Burns

    this song only went to #98 on the country charts in 1978!!!

  9. Allan Southern

    another great song from Patsy

  10. Manuel Bolt

    I get chills every time I hear her voice....

  11. Brittany Norton

    I love to hear this song sung by Her,,,, I was introduced to this version at Dollywood on their train.....

  12. BJ Chester

    R.I.P. Mom Ellen Chester 1949-2019

  13. Marie

    Magnificent singer. You heard every word she sung. Indeed! RIP Patsy Cline you were one of a kind!

  14. A. Thomas Finney II

    "The Notorious Bettie Page" brought me here!

  15. pat mosten

    What a voice!. This is country music. Full of emotion. Proudly done.

  16. glennys Tt

    When I was child loved her singing and still do. Thank you for sharing this song of hers. Appreciate

  17. Kenny Smith

    Patsy set the bar high.

  18. Shirley Stewart

    Today I listen to Patsy Cline music in remberance of her...... March 5, 1963.......Music lovers everywhere lost the VVOICE

  19. J Weaver

    Great song, My sister and I sang this song in church when we were about 12 or so.

  20. Erik Peterson

    This song fills me up with good memories Grandma sang this to us.

  21. Brandi Naugle Music

    Please check out my cover of the song.. I’m no patsy but I feel she wants me to take this song and continue it.
    every time I sing it I feel her there


    No access

  22. Viviana Hetnandez

    My husbands favorite​ .. He use to love this songs.. They have meaning in our lifts .

  23. Kevin Kendall

    A Nashville music critic once said"my friends,this is when giants walked the earth"

  24. Frank Vaccaro

    The purest voice ever.

  25. Sylvia Jeneanne GrandmaSings  This little Lady can sing some Patsy Cline songs... Check her out.

  26. Georgie Bailey

    I can still hear my Mom singing this when I was small.  It was one of her Dad's favorites.  He was gone before I was born.  Mom had such a beautiful voice.

  27. Ramsey propteries


  28. Peter Brewster

    Everyone who ever heard you sing loved you Patsy.
    What a great person & singer you were. Thanks

  29. Melodias Y Recuerdos

    Haunting and beautiful version. "REAL" Country And Western Music the way it was PROUDLY done in the 1950's to the early 1970's. The so called Country(TRASH) Music being PUSHED today can't be compared to the treasures of yesteryear like this song.

    Kevin Kendall

    Melodias Y Recuerdos Pushed is the perfect word

  30. whitey g

    Going to stop by Patsy's grave this summer and play this song for her.

  31. Tommie T

    Best I can remember, the lady at the FBO in Dyersburg tried to get her to wait on takeoff.

  32. Patsy Marie

    Reading a biography on Patsy that I have previously read, in this book it says Patsy's Father's favorite song to sing, (he had an amazing voice, all the Hensley's did), was this song. I find it cute how Patsy did this song just knowing it was her dad's fav song, even though her father was a dead beat and she disliked him.

  33. へー

    listen, and listen. anytime you want.

  34. Gloria Day

    Follow your dreams, keep real & be guided by God's laws.

  35. Keith Dennis

    Nobody sings this song better !!!!!!!! Great version !!!!!!

  36. Rita Fellin


  37. desirae hinkle

    it's ok with me mf

  38. desirae hinkle

    Love Her Singing

    John Harris

    +desirae hinkle
    I would like to use this song in a short film I am making. Can anyone please tell me who owns the rights?

    Harrison Stuart

    +John Harris I would probably say Decca, if they even are still around.

  39. Peggy Smits

    patsy cline beautiful voice played this number on the cremation of my dad

  40. Norman Martin


  41. ladykws

    RIP, Patsy.

  42. Melodias Y Recuerdos


  43. Lisa French

    très trés belle chanson, j 'adoreeeeeeeeeeeeeee, thanks PATSY. <3 <3 <3

  44. Richard Powell

    Wow So soulful and true

  45. Shirley Evans

    The best of the best, song and singer.  Such a great gospel song and to have Patsy singing it just adds to the inspiration.

  46. Aaronn Electronic GmbH

    Traumhafte Stimme und eine tolle Frau,die leider viel zu früh sterben mußte.

  47. Harold Mundstock

    You're right - Willy- many country artists used the rocking and cadence of riding the rails to write songs as they traveled from place to place either as legal passengers or as jumpers it made it simple to set up background music! for recording!

  48. Kalamity Fame

    Truly lovely.

  49. dennis pendergast

    With the angels backing her. Spine tingling.

  50. willy hansen

    The way she sustains some notes reminds me the plangent sound of wheels running on the rails.

  51. George May

    The Jordanaires are such a great compliment to this song .

  52. Warren Denholm

    so good .
    nothing comes close.

  53. Tim Williams

    My very first memory, I must have been 3-4years old, was of my Mother rocking me to sleep, singing this song. Great song to start a life off with, over 40 years ago. Thanks Mom!

    Don Hawkins

    Mom would sing us to sleep whie singing this song~so peaceful !

  54. Helen Defilippo

    So beautiful!!

  55. Jennyfer Nascóir de Shaol

    Life is like a mountain railroad
    With an engineer that's brave
    We must make the run successful
    From the cradle to the grave

    Watch the curves, the fills, and tunnels
    Never falter, never fail
    Keep your hand upon the throttle
    And your eyes upon the rail

    Blessed savior, thou will guide us
    Till we reach that blissful shore
    Where the angels wait to join us
    In that great forevermore

    Blessed savior, thou will guide us
    Till we reach that blissful shore
    Where the angels wait to join us
    In that great forevermore

  56. WoodyLamb

    Patsy Cline is timeless.

  57. Pete Martin

    I'm going to take a guess and say that the eight people who disliked this song are either deaf or simply don't know good music when they hear it. Their loss.

    Joe Cheif

    Pete Martin or hit it by accident !

    Michael Cobb

    Make that 51, Pete. Merry Christmas to them anyway. And to you, sir.

  58. Gary VanDecar

    Recorded July 3 1959

  59. Stacey Pleasants

    One of my favourite songs ever

  60. James Loring

    Wow.. just heard this for the first time. What great lyrics!
    Life is like a mountain railway,
    With an engineer that’s brave;
    We must make the run successful,
    From the cradle to the grave;
    Watch the curves, the fills, the tunnels;
    Never falter, never fail;
    Keep your hands upon the throttle,
    And your eyes upon the rail.
    Blessed Savior, Thou wilt guide us,
    Till we reach that blissful shore,
    Where the angels wait to join us
    In Thy praise forevermore.

  61. Gary VanDecar

    Love this song, How prophetic it would be for Patsy.

  62. Amanda Potter

    This is a beautiful song. Hard to image music then was nothing but their true real voice not diditally enhanced or anything. This is talent.

  63. Roberta Nichols

    She best singer

  64. Jbales61

    One of the the best renditions of this song. I have listened to it for 35 plus years!!! Thanks for posting.

  65. Ray Russell

    What a great loss we all suffered by her early passing. Beautiful lady with the voice of an angel I hope she is singing for GOD now.

  66. Mario Bonifacio

    Thank you Patsy, for all the beautiful music you gave. May you rest in peace.

  67. Labeeb Tahir

    She had a beautiful soul, You can surely tell that.
    Beautiful pix, amazing video and outta this world song...

  68. Richard Liu

    She had an amazing & unique good voice.

  69. gwen larrick

    I just had this song by Patsy played at my mother`s funeral 2 weeks ago, i know mother would of been pleased with this choice, as she loved her music...We are from winchester,va...where Patsy grew up and we grew up on her music...RIP mom xo

  70. Kihyun Kim Mike

    Stories lie but songs never lie.

  71. Bill Baumgardner Sr.

    She is the GREATEST!!! :)

  72. Don Hawkins

    ..So True.!

  73. Margie Ann OConnor

    Very beautiful song Greatest Female Artist what great voice

  74. Cory Z

    What a lady...what a voice...

  75. mbmortz

    I had not heard this song.. Thanks.. words dont really describe the beauty.. ;-)

  76. kenny bandit

    i was going to mums funreal 250 miles to go on motorbike being defiant and this song was stuck in my head, I had to make the run and with the help of patsy clines song I made it , thanks patsy cline

  77. George Sutton

    Her music never gets outdated. Beautiful song, brilliant singer.

  78. Marlon Solomon

    try i will follow chris tomlin

  79. Steven Norman

    I want this played at my memorial service..absolutely one of the most beautiful gospel songs ever recorded..made even more phenomenal by the beautiful and incredible Patsy Cline..

  80. edward duncan

    She really was a beautiful singer, you can understand why she is adored by so many

  81. johnnyfarout

    10 stars on life's hiGHway to am JESUS

  82. CopperEye108

    *~Beautiful song, Beautiful voice, Beautiful lady~ *

  83. Dr. Evil

    Few American singers will be remembered forever for their original and talented voice. Billy Holiday, Judy Garland, And of course Miss Patsy Cline.

  84. Cal Talbot

    There will never ever be a voice like that again in history. She's absolutely HAUNTING. I just love her to death. Well, parden the pun.

  85. HalfFastChevy

    The most perfect voice God ever created...she could do no wrong when it came to singing. I will love you forever Patsy...RIP.

  86. Corrina Delongchamp

    Just heard this song today in an email sent to me. Amazing!!! I love it. :D Patsy Cline's voice is just stunning. :)

  87. abledesk

    Patsy Cline sings to your soul !!

  88. jjkoekemoer

    Beautifull tune, thank's for sharing.

  89. Andy Price

    I like the intro on this. The Jordaniares cha choom cha choom bum bum cha choom bum bum

  90. PatsyClineFan1

    This is such a great song.
    Great video.
    R.I.P. Patsy.

  91. Louisemusiclover

    May Patsy Cline RIP and may she always be rememered.. love this song thankyou Wally for posting
    God Bless

  92. Marie Maribo

    Thanks for posting this one.
    Patsy´s dead was really a loss...

  93. makeup_ry_design

    I originally wanted to hear thiss ong becuase it would start at points during "The Notorious Bettie Page", i can not get enough.

  94. Marcos Farrell

    Tanks man, great sound!!!
    Patsy Cline is sensational