Patsy Cline - Back In Baby's Arms Lyrics

I'm back in baby's arms
How I missed those lovin' arms
I'm back where I belong
Back in baby's arms

Don't know why we quarreled
We never did before
Since we found out how it hurt
I bet we never quarrel anymore

[Repeat Chorus]

Thought I didn't need his love
'Til he took it away
Now I'm back where I belong
And in my baby's arms I'm gonna stay

[Repeat Chorus]

Back in baby's arms...

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Patsy Cline Back In Baby's Arms Comments
  1. Jerry Brownell

    Of the 93 songs that Patsy recorded in her 7 years only 8 of them made the Country Music Charts in her life time. A Poor Man's Roses #14 in 1957/ Walking After Midnight #2 in 1957/ I Fall To Pieces #1 in 1961/ Crazy #2 in 1961/ She's Got You #1 in 1962/ When I Get Through With You #10 in 1962/ So Wrong #14 in 1962 and Leavin' On Your Mind #8 in 1963. Her only posthumously charted hits were Faded Love and Sweet Dreams both in 1963.

  2. Ong?

    Meat Man

  3. toni kroos

    In Planes, Trains & Automobiles, the film seemed to sound like a song performed by Emylou Harris. Like much more in her performance. Sorry for my eng, blame google translator

  4. Frank Gallagher

    Everyone's here from the commercial and I feel like the old man that's here from planes trains and automobiles lmaooo

  5. Paulo Cartledge

    I was blessed to have had grandparents who listened to Patsy.

  6. LJRay

    Those aren't pillows!

  7. Cherry 626

    She was beautiful. I woke up to this song stuck in my head this morning 💕💕

  8. The brain Guy

    Basset hounds

  9. Jacqueline Hubbard

    2020 and she is still the very BEST!!!!!!

  10. brian fozzard

    Just wanting to hear great music brought me here..

  11. N Brissett

    This sound like a 1960s diner song

  12. Nerdygirl

    A bunch of Basset Hounds and a Chinese guy with long Orange hair on a beach in a Facebook commercial brought me here.

  13. Pat Guidolin

    Her voice attracted me from the commercial,I'm 75 and never liked country and didn't pay much attention to country music. patsy Cline sounded so good on back in my baby's arms. I'm convinced she has such a smooth and beautiful relaxing sound I'm sorry I did not appreciate how great She was.I list her as the most smooth and beautiful voices in popular music Ron G

  14. Nate Funk

    I Just Had to Look This Music Up..
    Very Catchy Song

  15. WB Bils

    To read these comments you would think that song has the power of a deluxe vibrator for all the women just hearing it for the first time.

  16. Johana Schwartz

    A basset hound brought me here and Patsy brought me back to better times.

  17. Michelle Seal

    Love some pasty cline

  18. James Kenny

    not here from a commercial. here from NATURAL BORN KILLERS

  19. four seasons

    I wish I could listen to this without crying. Three months ago I would've shown this to my grandpa to see if he'd heard it before and to reminisce on old times. Someday I'll be back in his arms! RIP grandpa 😇😇

  20. Gideon Madu

    Facebook brought me here

  21. Linda and Brian Kruse

    I know I like the commercial too

  22. James Wilgus

    I'm here due to watching Ken Burns excellent documentary about Country Music. Patsy Cline was so bloody great, and she left us way too early!

  23. Brandon Smith

    Reminds me of my grandmother as I’m sure it does for your moms and grandmas. Thankfully I still have mine and we still can jam to patsys hits. Patsy is definitely my guilty pleasure 😂😂😂😂😂 been listening since I’ve been a kid not going to stop now.

    four seasons

    Aww that is so sweet! 👦💞👵

  24. Aidan Dunn

    I'd kill to go back then

  25. S Sutton

    Yoga with Adriene sent me here ;0

  26. Betty Burnett

    commercial - heard on commercial

  27. Thomas Zhang

    i wish this was in baby driver

  28. bodensick

    One of the greatest voices in the history of music.

  29. MrDg02904

    I would imagine the majority of people checking this song out lately is due to the TV commercial. You have to admit, Once hearing the melody you know it's an oldie but goodie ! Obviously you have to do a little research on it.

  30. Scott Wiley

    Irritating commercial brought me here

  31. Super Butthole Gamer

    I came here from Justin Hergenrother

    Justin Hergy

    Andpoop Wizturd i am justin hergenrother

  32. kozieFN

    A basset hound meetup commercial for Facebook brought me to this.

  33. ThatRandomGuy 900

    fun fact: you're here from the basset hound commercial

  34. IMPLEX

    Fuck Facebook

  35. Hunk 367

    Her voice is like a singing angel🤗😍

  36. Tina Wiltshire

    I love patsie Cline

  37. Mary Maryy

    Who saw a commercial and came loocking for the song.


    pancake god

    Haha lol i did

  38. Jeff Liss

    Patsy Cline is the queen of country music. Check out her other songs, too.

  39. Atomic dreamz

    I’m from Bioshock y’all AND the basset hound ad when I saw the ad I was like BIOSHOCK!

  40. Naneaux PeeBrane

    *Mickey and Mallory smile

  41. Sam Heacox

    who thinks about planes trains and Automobile

  42. Ben Smith

    Love her work and sad due to plane crash OMG

  43. TheIceman567

    Del, why did you kiss my ear? Why are you holding my hand?

  44. Og Og

    Mick & Mal ❤️

  45. Yugen Utopia

    Plane Trains and Automobiles

  46. Jennifer Greenup

    I love this song!

  47. Liam Foley

    Don't know about you guys and your commercial ... I'm here because of Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

  48. Mary R Guy

    Listening late November 2019!

  49. AsteroidSpy4270

    Bioshock infinite brought me here

  50. sean oconnor

    simply the country voice and songs ever.thanks patsy

  51. James Turner

    I hope patsy hear listening November 2019

  52. Kiara Fitchett


  53. marta nika

    love her voice all her songs are well done

  54. Nathalie Nash

    Trains planes and automobiles what a classic

  55. Thomas Zhang

    This should have been in Baby Driver

  56. Teresa Dalton

    Awesome voice! The best I have ever heard!


    Pasty Cline and Keith Whitley, the only 2 in the class

  58. valerie henry

    I come here every now and then ever since watching The Coal Miners Daughter. My favorite movie!

  59. teldar2009

    Love Patsy Cline!

  60. Rebb61

    I'm here because of the commercial. My mother used to love Patsy Cline. she's one of the greats

  61. Austin Statin

    Damn wish I was around for this music and time period 🇺🇸

  62. Austin Statin

    Puppy commercial

  63. Michael Tyler

    The first country singer with soul. And I also came here because of the commercial. Wanted to hear the whole song

  64. Christy Maria

    I came From That FACEBOOK AD ...

  65. Lura Bleiberg

    patsy's my cousin and I've never heard this song until the basset hound commercial. funny.

  66. londonlovesbeautyx

    God took her so soon. Didn’t even make it to 40. Patsy is a legend

  67. Michael Donnan

    Natural born killers brought me here

  68. 4thcoming

    Commercial 😀😀😀

  69. I-Love-Everything79

    I'm here because I love Patsy Cline's music

  70. EDortGamer

    Damn you Facebook this song was stuck in my head.

  71. U.S.A.


  72. Bil Sloup

    Bassett Hound commercial.....

  73. Beth Grem

    Yep, the commercial.

  74. Newton Muldoon

    The Beagle TV ad. "Back in baby's arms" sung by Pastsy Cline is bringing young people who never heard her music a new revival

  75. K. Johnathan Davis

    Aww, the Basset Hounds are so cute!

  76. Phreekful

    Here not because of basset hounds, but because of Planes Trains and Automobiles.

  77. Linda Easley

    I'm here because Patsy Cline was my mom's favorite female country singer .
    I remember hearing this on the family record player as a kid in the 1960s

  78. tim evans

    Pasty Cline was great and did better tunes, but there' s something about this one that gets me to singing. And lest we forget, Trains, Planes, and Automobiles. Pretty funny scene.

  79. Betty Racine

    I love Patsy's voice, I have seen the commercial.

  80. Shayla Owens

    Bassett hounds commercial got me here -- lovin' it

  81. Trend101Warrior

    This was made in 1969, it sounds too much like the late 1950s lol

    Paul August

    Patsy recorded this song in Sept of 1962, that's probably why you think it sounds more like the late 50s.

    Linda Easley

    She died in a plane crash in 1963 so no recordings were made by Patsy Cline post that year

    David Moran

    huh?? seriously, get your facts straight

  82. 666MarcoM

    Shit, man. I'm a natural born killer.

  83. Richy Hackett

    Was natural born killers that brought me here

  84. Peter Francis

    The commercial gains from this song, but the song's publishing company gets a base hit every time that advertisement shows on TV! And base hits add up to home runs! I'm sure I could live nicely on just the royalties from the commercial! It was recorded by one of the greatest country artists of all time!

  85. Northeast Birds & More

    No studio tricks needed to make this womans voice sound amazing...

  86. David Haman

    One of the Greatest

  87. KingsFan2017


  88. Bailey Stephens

    I LOOOOOVVVVEEE this song so much!!!!

  89. mrvegas61

    Pasty Cline brought me here. She's the greatest.

    Leslie Mccann

    Pasty Cline! My ex called her Pasty too!!

  90. Leslie Mccann

    My ex used to call her PASTY Cline.

  91. Fuck Off

    Love and miss ya, Patsy.

  92. Nunya Bees

    I'm here because I wanted to listen to Patsy Cline. ❤

  93. Eddie Parker

    Eddie Parker this was one of my very favorite songs of her she had very special sweet voice she had so many hits gone much to soon her music will live on brovo for her 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍🌹😍❤️💐🇺🇸💕

  94. Charles White

    Me. Love, love, love it.

  95. C. Ændino

    i´m here because of Natural Born Killers, no fucking idea what commercial you talking about..

  96. Ryan Groves

    Love this song it’s so nice!

  97. Billy Smith

    PBS show on country music made me play this song

    James Belkin

    Was that on about a month ago? If so, I watched it too.


    Whose here because they watched John Candy in Planes Trains and Automobiles LOL

  99. J C

    Love her voice

  100. Kaetzel Farms

    This song is getting more attention because of a few commercials then it did in 1963 when it came out, I bet if you asked most people wouldn’t even know who patsy cline was before these commercials


    Maybe you puppies.