Parton, Dolly - What A Friend We Have In Jesus Lyrics

What a friend we have in Jesus all our sins and grieves to bear
And what a privilege to carry everything to God in prayer

Can we find a friend so faithful who will all our burden share
We should never be discouraged take it to the Lord in prayer

What a friend we have in Jesus...
What a friend we have in Jesus

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Parton, Dolly What A Friend We Have In Jesus Comments

    Thanks Dolly. God bless you

  2. thumbi augustine

    Love it

  3. afure emmanuel

    Thank you Dolly. You sing to my heart horny

  4. Kevin Healey

    A major reason for her succes is that she loves anyone and everyone.

  5. Randall Maxwell

    Greetings Dolly, you are more wonderful than ever when you
    sing the old Gospel songs. Like an angel!! I pray you may somehow see this post
    and feel lead by God to come to our Hope Retreat Recovery Ranch nestled in your
    beautiful mountains of East Tennessee and do a benefit concert to help us raise
    funds for our Christ centered resident recovery program in September as we are
    doing a Grand Opening & Revival and Feast with Jesus. I am certain you will
    be thrilled to feel the Spirit of God! I met you years ago at Tree Publishing
    with Buddy and my Mom Darlene Rainey who was Tree’s CPA. At least email me at [email protected] I am Dr. Randall

  6. robin key

    Jesus he will be friend too

  7. ohitsu stu

    One of her greatest hits

  8. Pastor Osborne

    Such a rare gift Dolly Parton - anointed to lift Jesus higher!

  9. Richard Glazebrook

    Beautiful love it 2019💜🧡💛💚❤💙

  10. mustard seed

    She isn't singing, her lip reading different
    Or it's just me


    I love this rendition. It reaches to me

  12. Wayne A White

    You don't have to be a christian or religious to appreciate a sweet melodious voice voicing her opinion in praise. I am not religious but I could sit and listen to Dolly Parton sing and speak of her faith any day of the week

    Voiet Donaldson

    Love song

  13. Charles Okikechi

    Father the friendship will last forever in Jesus name Amen.

  14. Sam Jim

    Awesome song

  15. Lyle Drysdale

    I love the version of this Gospel favorite, BUT I do not believe the video matches
    up with the song, which is a shame.,

  16. Amaka Alabi

    luvly luvly

  17. Anne-Marie Backman

    Amen! 🙏

  18. LoneWolf Patriot

    Miss Dolly is truly a beautiful gift from God. She has touched millions through her music and kindness. May God in heaven continue to bless Dolly Parton.
    Love this song

  19. bill ferland

    listen to these words carefully...amen

  20. 1BlueStarRising

    So lovely a singer she is ! Very powerful !

  21. zephaniah bett

    Nice song love it..

  22. TIM ABI

    The fact is the video was not real they just put out hidden sound ..and moved her body as if she was speaking the words .can't you see those who are giving comments .of course her voice and message is nice
    observe carefully
    and get back with reply..

    Wendy Gibson

    TIM TIM why is this not synced?

  23. DH Dowi

    She's not singing thissong here!
    Wotshe carrying on about??

  24. Melchii Melch

    i love dolly p songs from my childhood till date.God Bless you more sweet Mama longlife

  25. Rio Burn

    This song originaly comes from the tone of the Indonesian national anthem, entitled "Ibu Pertiwi". You plow it.

    ray suarez

    Actually, it's the other way around. Do some research before you make claims like that

  26. DJA Brand

    Beautiful. Like only you can do it

  27. Mary Macdonald

    well that was a fucked up video,, we all know she was' not     singing there live


    +Mary Macdonald Classy.

    Mr Spocko

    +Mary Macdonald cursing on a song about our savior you should be ashamed

    Mary Macdonald

    i'm sorry

  28. Israel Demetrios

    What a beautiful song!!!

  29. Andrew Puntney

    This is a beautiful, reassuring, peaceful song.....but in my humble opinion, NO ONE can present it like Ms. Dolly.........just Love her....

  30. viper-ecf

    I love how she is so successful but still sings songs about God and what she believes 


    viper-ecf amen

    Chuck Miller

    viper-ecf we should never forget our roots .

    Christopher Meissner

    Samsies. :)

  31. Shpend Shyti

    One of the most beautiful songs by one of the most beautiful voices, gift of God.
    God Bless Dolly Parton!

    Ed Camp

    Thank u friend! When dolly sings the world they hear Dolly with her beautiful singing about Gods love

    Shpend Shyti

    Amen! God Bless You!

    The Italiano 21

    Shpend Shyti Dolly Parton is amazing,
    and so are the Statler Brothers

  32. Ko de bruin

    Blijft mooi

  33. leony silva

     Quão, bondoso amigo é Cristo!
     Carregou co’a nossa dor,
     E nos manda que levemos
     Os cuidados ao Senhor.
     Falta ao coração dorido
     Gozo, paz, consolação?
     Isso é porque não levamos
     Tudo a Deus em oração.
     Tu estás fraco e carregado
     De cuidados e temor?
     A Jesus, refúgio eterno,
     Vai com fé teu mal expor!
     Teus amigos te desprezam?
     Conta-Lhe isso em oração,
     E com Seu amor tão terno,
     Paz terás no coração.
     Cristo é verdadeiro amigo,
     Disto provas nos mostrou,
     Quando pra levar consigo
     O culpado encarnou.
     Derramou Seu sangue puro
     Nossa mancha pra lavar;
     Gozo em vida e no futuro
     NEI’ podemos alcançar.

    leony silva

    Here in Brazil

  34. Dozer2

    LOL, What a friend we have in Jesus, and a extreme violent game advertised at the start, it could,nt be more wrong, who come up with this advertising rubbish.

  35. Dozer2

    Where was this recorded, can you buy it??

  36. ashmoe317

    People just dont sing from their heart and soul these days like they Used To

  37. Bea Verhage

    she sings another song!!!

  38. Ginger Alexander

    We will pray for you. Our GOD is an AWESOME GOD!

  39. Mandy He

    I don't know what to say. This song had saved me from killing myself. Jesus is THE REAL FRIEND to me. The Lord is faithful.

  40. Larry Hart

    i love this old song!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. altanoa

    Music does not match with her mouth???? recorded I guess????

  42. Remigio peña

    Jesus,se hacía rodear por un grupo cercano de gente a quienes decía de alguna forma,"yo vengo a curar enfermos y no sanos", y se metía en cuevas de ladrones y prostitutas,como lo haría la cruz roja en un campo de guerra.

  43. jerlan23

    One of the most beautiful gospel songs, sung by one of the greatest songbirds of all time.

  44. sclizeth05

    If you educate yourself on the bible, you would understand why bad things happen. Don't shoot god down. There is a plan...

  45. mark mccurry

    screw you and your god!

  46. Jai Jones

    For it is Jesus who can rebuke bind and cast all that is evil of this world into hell for all eternity come Jesus come remove the terrors from before thy faithful servants in Jesus name and by the promise of the power of the blood of Jesus our Lord Righteousness amen

  47. Christopher Heath

    Dolly is an excellent example of Christian living in action, and anyone who thinks differently is plain bad minded. Her work is an inspiration to all...

  48. Robert Leonard

    To mismestera, you're a real BAD example for being so judgemental!

  49. MrRon148

    Well done Dolly. Jesus should be friend of all if we give him a chance. Jesus (GOD) is everything in our lives.

  50. Lisa67

    How can you help the poor if you are poor yourself? Just give it all away and be poor along with them. How does that help? Oh wait, don't tell me. The gov't. can take that money and do better with it than someone can through their own charitable contributions, right? (And no, a rich man can't buy his way into Heaven, hence the "camel and needle" verse. But a poor man doesn't get there simply because he's poor, either.) I'm done. Internet arguing is for kids. I have stuff to do.

  51. Lisa67

    Jesus does not teach us to live in poverty. Reread the new testament.

  52. Kelly

    she worked to get where she is at today!! when she was growing up she was poor..but she worked to make something of herself, Dolly is famous but she share's Jesus with the world and that's also in the Bible..God made her..and yes she has money but what matter's is how she use's it and she helps people and that's all God care's about..

  53. Kelly

    it doesn't matter about the money..please i don't need no atheist tellin me about the Bible or Jesus..proverbs 30:8-9 say's give me niether POVERTY nor riches but it also say's Luke 6:30 also say's to give what you have to others money and long as she helps other's with her money it's fine..and she does she has two charities and she donates her concert money to the needy so please don't open your mouth unless you know what your really talking about..she isn't a hypocrite..

  54. Kelly

    How is she a hypocrite?? I ain't gonna agree with you cause she isn't...she became and singer and now is singing the gospel...I will be praying for you my friend!! Jesus loves you!! :)

  55. Triumphcarnut

    Some of you need to go and read before you comment. Jesus doesnt say that we have to give all our money away. He told one man Nicodemus because of his pride to take all that he had and give it to the poor. because it is easier for a camel to pass through the needle gate (a tiny gate into the city of Jerusalem) than for a rich man to enter heaven. Jesus didnt say it was impossible for a rich man to enter heaven! He did tell us not to judge one another so perhaps we should all leave Dolly to sing

  56. lezgeaux

    Thank u dolly... Growing up in a small south Mississippi farm, you were always an icon to our whole family. A true southern legend.. And i Will forever love you and your work

  57. Marie Sadler

    @atheistdawn So why is an atheist trolling religious music videos? Just so you can leave hateful comments?

  58. Nancy Tracy


  59. Nancy Tracy

    The above was meant to be addressed to mikemikester1

  60. Nancy Tracy

    @atheistdawn How can you say that she does not follow Jesus? You know nothing about her personal life! She was raised in a very religious family and her favorite songs to sing are gospel. She doesn't judge others. How can you judge her? This is Matthew 9:21 21 "She said to herself, “If I only touch his cloak, I will be healed.” How are you relating this passage to Ms Parton? Do dome research about her life and music! She is an angel on earth! Beautiful inside and outside!

  61. stickyicky30

    Amazing Voice>
    What ever happened to sweet songs like this one?

  62. nicemmali

    Oh to be perfect folks! - what's it like knowing it all and knowing the inside of peoples' hearts?

  63. mikemikester1

    @atheistdawn I don't need to read any passage! Not everything in the bible is to be taken or interpreted literally.Like I said, WHO CARES, she gives tons away, she is a very charitable and giving person, in her music, in her career, in her charitable giving and on and on.She has worked hard for everything she has and everywhere she has gone in her life and career.Great for her! She is the bomb! Can you say that you have accomplished anything close to her in your life? NO End of topic!

  64. mikemikester1

    @atheistdawn I don't need to read any passage! Not everything in the bible is to be taken or interpreted literally.Like I said, WHO CARES, she gives tons away, she is a very charitable and giving person, in her music, in her career, in her charitable giving and on and on.She has worked hard for everything she has and everywhere she has gone in her life and career.Great for her! She is the bomb! Can you say that you have accomplished anything close to her in your life? NO End of topic!

  65. mikemikester1

    @atheistdawn Yes, you are saying something! Hello? You wrote it here! If you knew anything about Dolly she says she is "spiritual" not necesarily religous, either way, where does it say in any religous teachings that she should give ALL her money away? She gives tons of it away, more than most, and really, WHO CARES? Or are you also saying she has no right to sing a song that mentions jesus as she is a wealthy woman? The strange things people have in their minds of how people should live!

  66. mikemikester1

    @atheistdawnSo your saying that she has no right to wealth or property after 55 years of hard work in the business?Give me and her a break already!Google her and see the list of charitable things she does and has accomplished in her life!It even lists PHILANTHROPIST in her list of occupations..."Occupations Singer-songwriter, record producer, actress, author, philanthropist, musician, businesswoman"How many famous people can have that said about them?Your religous mind is a strange place indeed!

  67. Yogananda JASAWANT-GHIRAOU


  68. burkaaninjsh

    @atheistdawn same thoughts here. Though her gospels are sincere you can catch some things that are pretty slippery. Recently I listened to her song The Sacrifice (with a line "I was gonna be rich no matter what it costs...") and then her Christmas message (watch?v=irOsOSO5UBE) which was in real Christian spirit. I'm like - WHAT?

  69. Fareena love

    love this song

  70. 333gatekeeper

    not her...shame on poster

  71. Tom Eliuz

    I love this song, it reminds me the love of Christ!!!1

  72. IantheWoodcraftsman

    It's a shame that this is NOT the video of her singing this hymn. . . It sounds like the rendition from the Heartsongs CD.

  73. Stella M.

    Oh qué amigo nos es Cristo!
    El llevó nuestro dolor
    y nos manda que llevemos
    todo a Dios en oración...

  74. Jia Lin

    Thank you!!!!