Parton, Dolly - Shine Lyrics

Gimme a word, gimme a sign
Show me where to look
And tell me what will I find
What will I find
Lay me on the ground
Fly me in the sky
Show me where to look
And tell me what will I find
What will I find

Yeah, oh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine

Love is in the water
Love is in the air
Show me where to go
And tell me will love be there
Will love be there
Teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
And tell me will love be there
Will love be there

Yeah, oh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine

Gimme a word, gimme a sign
Show me where to look
And tell me what will I find
What will I find
Lord, teach me how to speak
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
And tell me will love be there
Will love be there

Yeah, oh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine down, ohh
Heaven let your light shine

Oh, heaven let your light shine down
Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine
Heaven let your light shine down
Let it shine
Heaven let your light shine down
Shine, heaven let your light shine down
Heaven let your light shine down

Shine, shine
Just gimme a word
Gimme a sign, shine
Let it shine, let it shine
Teach me how to share
Teach me where to go
Tell me will love be there, shine

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Parton, Dolly Shine Comments
  1. SnowWhiteBigfoot

    Here's a link to Shine performed by Collective Soul...and front man Ed Roland who wrote this song. There is no better version:

  2. Green Man

    When you have nickel creek and Jerry Douglas in the band it’s going to be good. Nice one Dolly.

  3. Kyndal Weatherspoon

    I just love this version. Almost better than collective soul

  4. Packer79

    Because of this version, it's going to be sung in every church ever.

  5. Dee Gunn

    I love both versions..
    Great Job Dolly!

  6. sikantis61

    Absolutely beautiful song from a beautiful human.

  7. Kairu Hakubi

    Nice cover, despite cutting the riffs in half
    but the music video director should be fired. No wonder it doesn't have the usual music video credits, in favor of that title slate

  8. James Phillips

    I honestly think Dolly could sing the names out of a phone book and make it a hit! She's THAT good!

  9. Billy Ed Satiristry

    That was just plain FINE. What a gem.

  10. Amen Ram

    One of my all time favorite remakes what's up nickel Creek!!! Hola

  11. James Chappy

    collective Soul asked her to record it.....thankyou


    Here's what Ed Roland says about it:

  12. James Chappy

    she wrote the song....dolly is a beautiful song writer

    Captain Heh

    She did NOT write this. Ed Roland from Collective Soul wrote it.

  13. Megadeaf75

    This is probably as close to metal as these guys have ever been well except the mandolin player. The girl on the fiddle was slayin that solo part.

  14. Erik Durnall

    Jerry Douglas on Dobro, Chris Theile on Mandolin, and Sara Watkins on Fiddle, maybe Earl Scruggs Jr. on Banjo... not sure who is playing guitar...

    Payton Wright

    Erik Durnall Jim Mills is on banjo

  15. Ramen The Red Panda

    Is that Jerry Douglas on the slide guitar

  16. Mr. Phi Music

    Love Dolly Parton and this cover. Please check out my Grade 4/5 students covering Shine, loosely inspired by this cover : Apologies for the poor audio quality/balance.

  17. Brandon McMahan

    I think it’s so awesome how she worked in that little snippet of the old children’s spiritual, “This Little Light of Mine,” by singing “Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine” to that melody, tying in something very old and familiar to herself, into someone else’s song.

  18. Sandro Brincher

    I don't like country music at all [although this is more on the bluegrass side], but this is amazing! Such a nice rendition of a marvelous song.

  19. A Jay KUSTOMER

    I do not believe there is an end mark to your talent, Dolly. Gifted beyond measure kinda says it just fine. Love you.

  20. Mark Quinney

    I Love It

  21. Scott Burleson

    1 of the best remakes ever, she is the bomb!

  22. DixieBoy380

    I like Dolly's voice with this but the background music really isn't for me.

  23. rexbitten

    ......and Nickel Creek!!

  24. Yola Chan

    This is one one of my favorite covers of all time. This is Cash level good. Dolly you're a true legend.

  25. Michael Johnston

    Totally shocked and amazed..... Not a country or bluegrass fan but this is awesome..... I thought when I saw it I would hate it... But it is actually DAMN good....

  26. Housewife Revolution

    There is another really good version of this that I heard on the radio , but I never heard the name of the band because it was time to get out of the car. I REALLY love both C.S's and Dolly's versions even though they are very different .

  27. Voice of REASON

    Damn, she sure can do some covers. Just realized she did this and Stairway, wtf. NAILED THEM. Her voice is made for harmonies! I will say this song does sound much better when heavier though :D

  28. Vortex777

    Dolly added this song to the Fandom’s Ruined FOREVER list.

  29. Carmen Gilliard

    Great message and great performance of one of the greatest country music artists. If I only had the answers of these questions...

  30. Good Comment Man

    Dolly can get a song across like nobody else.

  31. NerfedNuke

    Was not expecting this from someone like Dolly. Yeah? Yeah..!

  32. Chris Bennett

    Love all that picking

  33. Jonte Aycox

    She is truly a inspiration 💙😇💙🙏👏

  34. RedRusty66

    I adore the original AND this one just as much.....Dolly is universal, as is our music.

  35. Trixie Triceratops

    Dolly won the 2001 Grammy for Best Female Country Vocal for this song... Ed Roland was "incredibly flattered" by her cover, and said the original was basically a demo to get a record deal. Amazing. Both versions are superb.

  36. The Diving Comedy

    OMG a Collective Soul cover. Good job Dolly!

  37. Mayank Yadav

    Evergreen song 👌👌👌

  38. Leigh White

    sing it Dolly love you and Collective Soul

  39. Joe Largo

    This song- the way Dolly sings- makes me cry.

  40. Permanent Tourist

    Wow, this is a GREAT cover!

  41. Mike Walker

    Thank You Dolly you are one awesome performer

  42. Mike Walker

    sweet sound love my country music :-)

  43. kingsley Moeng

    This song earn Dolly Parton Grammy Award

  44. Jeff Daniels

    Awesome version! Is that Nickel Creek backing her up?

  45. Lg mayes

    Dolly can make anything shine..

  46. Adrienne

    Excellent version of this song! Dolly & my mom are the only people who when I hear them sing, I cry.

  47. Lg mayes

    Dolly: your grass is it

  48. Chairjockey Charlee

    Outstanding, Dolly!!!!!

  49. Daniel Pv

    Great voice,great musicans

  50. Lg mayes

    Love Dolly...knows all about Shine...great album..dedicated to her daddy...

  51. cromerbeach

    I love this version

  52. Eddie McMurray


  53. Daniel Pv

    The best bluegrass that i've heard How i love dolly parton,songs,Here in Spain they don't know that kind of music,That's way I don't feel Spanish

  54. Otto By Ograffey

    That was amazing!💘

  55. Daniel Pv

    I love that song, i love dolly

  56. Matthew McRae

    and heavy in it's own right

  57. Bill Randolph

    The harmonies present in this tune are Heaven! Read somewhere where a couple of past band members from'Collective Soul' said they liked Dolly's version of this wonderful tune more than the one they'd cut! Now that's a major complement.

  58. Onnie Duvall

    One of the things I loved about this video was that it included Nickel Creek. Unfortunately I cannot recall who the other instrumentalists were.

  59. Rebecca Jewell

    Happy Blessed Birthday Dolly. My favorite beautiful song Dolly .

  60. Rusty James

    I wish they had given credit in the video to the other musicians: Jerry Douglas-Dobro, Olivia Smiley-fiddle, Barry Bales-bass, Chris Thile-mandolin and Jim Mills-banjo

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  62. kitano0


  63. Rita Holden


  64. Suezie Que Piche

    Amen Young Lady. Please lead Miley in the right direction, She can learn So Soooo much from you.

  65. Kerrie Sciberras

    A great cover, thank you for posting this, sending love from Western Australia

  66. James McDowell

    Dolly is so amazing. This is my favorite Dolly song. Her sweet vocals and N.C. killin it on the pickin create a Blue Grass Masterpiece.

    _thee sarg_

    James McDowell it’s a Collective Soul song...

  67. Earl Chafins

    I just realized. That is the group Nickle Creek behind. Awesome job

  68. Russ K

    Is that Jerry Douglas on the dobro? Maybe even the rest of Allison Krauss and Union Station in the video?

    Malinda Mooradian

    Russ K 2 members of Nickel Creek. Sara Watkins on fiddle and Chris Thile on mandolin.

  69. nixie NICLA

    One of the best voices ever.

    nixie NICLA

    and the musical accompaniment here is impeccable. so good.

  70. Keith Klassen

    I *love* this cover, but I'm looking for a recording that doesn't have the bass all blown out like this; anyone know what's up with that?

    Keith Klassen

    O shit. Nevermind, my earbuds just blew out; probably couldn't handle Dolly's mojo.

  71. Bill Randolph

    the best pickers, players, with the best singer= an incredible song and video

  72. Johnny Threefour

    Big tits!

  73. zach grace

    I dont listen to dolly but that was a good version, it fits.

  74. Andrew Tolmasoff

    Damn her voice is great for this song.

  75. Th3Gam3925

    Dolly Parton is the original GILF.

  76. Technology!

    Is that Sara Watkins on fiddle?


    wait! and Dan Taminski (sp?) and Chris Thile? WHo are all these instrumentalists?


    No, not Dan Tyminski. It is, however, the other two-fifths of AKUS: Jerry Douglas on the Dobro, and Barry Bales on the Bass. So between them and the other two (plus acoustic guitar player I don't recognize), Ms. Parton clearly has enough clout to poach just about anybody she wants from pretty much any band in the Western Hemisphere.

    taytertot jenkins

    The acoustic guitarist is Sean Watkins. He, Chris Thile, and Sarah Watkins are the bluegrass/fusion trio Nickel Creek

  77. manuel torres

    So nice song! Congratulations!

  78. alan smlth

    WOW! This blew me away! What an awesome GOSPEL song she turned this into! ANOINTED! PRAISE KING JESUS!

  79. Chad Michael

    as I sit in my cabin in the foothills of tennessee, heaven is shining down. love you dolly.

  80. Rodney Adkins

    happy birthday

  81. Ben Ehlers

    Love Collective Soul... but Dolly Parton's got to be about 80 year's old and she looks awesome. The guys in Collective Soul are my age and they look like they're 80...

    Laras Key

    Ben E ..not bad for 70's zone yes

    Rebecca Jewell

    Ben E 72 today Dolly My favorite singer and Ann

    Nathaniel Riley

    Well I mean, her body may be that old but all the chemicals in her face that are holding it together are much younger.

    Dead Shot

    Oh my God you idiot she's 73

  82. Marsha Kirchmeier

    Original done by Collective Soul in 1993 .. but I do love our gal, Dolly doing this version!!


    I'm partial to Dolly Parton's version of this song too.

  83. AL Reeder

    Love her so much<3

  84. King

    I remember hearing this back in 2001 on 95.1 the Fox in Montgomery AL they had live callers call in to say what they thought.

    First caller said " THAT FUCKING SUCKED" click.

    I was thinking to myself... Well said sir


    The only good thing about Dolly is her gigantic tits.
    Take those away and she'd be working as a Waffle House waitress now

    Richard Andrew

    BuRgLaR187 and still a doosh bag.

    David McCarroll

    For someone that you think sucks, she is worth over half a billion dollars made from music and she does more for her community where she grew up in a year than you could ever possibly do in your entire life. Plus it is all a matter of opinion and perspective. If al you have is negative things to say, keep your opinion to yourself.

    David Fowler

    Wow......the best thing that could happen to you is cancer. Rot.

    David McCarroll

    You are a sad individual. Pathetic

  85. One Temple Down

    beautiful version... shes so cute

  86. JGP river

    i remember collective soul early,  then remember leaving SCC, stoping by the old house, driving to merle fest 2001-2002? and seeing Nickle creek coming out on the cabin stage, now this...instant classic

  87. Klaus Angle-Sengenberger

    OMG how could I miss this pearl .

    Jack Moores

    It is quite obvious brother like myself we did not miss it because we are here. Namaste peace within your SOUL. (((( <3 )))) (75) Jesus said, "Many are standing at the door, but it is the solitary who will enter the bridal chamber."

  88. Chris Sorensen

    It's like a train wreck. You can't not watch it.

  89. Bryan Orso

    I just love me some Dolly...What a great job on this song.


    Bryan Orso You do know it's a cover right?

  90. imari2305

    I love both Collective Soul and Dolly's version of such a beautiful and lyrically powerful song.

    Tips From Lori

    Ed Roland said in an interview that Dolly's version is his favorite.

  91. TheArchangel911

    I was a high schooler listening to Collective Soul, This blew me away when I heard it first.


    same here

  92. nbttl 1

    Shocked ... pretty good. Great song she made it work.

    Marian Jean

    Of course, Dolly makes any song work.

  93. Lillian Miceli


  94. C.I. Corp

    I remember being like 3 or 4 and listening to this song, singing "hevva lesha liesha demma" 😝 instead of "heaven let your light shine down" 🙂

    Friendly Neighborhood Jesus Freak

    I always thought it was "have to let your light shine down" xD

  95. Cassandra Cooper

    Love seeing the members of Nickel Creek

    Scott E

    Me too! Forgot they were apart of this.

  96. Judith Lustig


  97. Hectoes Music

    Am feel as though I am the only one who absolutely hates everything about her

    Phoebe Paul

    You are.

    Kyle DeLeon

    Hectoes Music anyone who hates Dolly Parton doesn't know a thing about her legacy as a human.

    Richard Andrew

    Hectoes Music your a doosh

    Parasite Princess

    Like, can I ask why? What the hell did she ever do to you?

  98. Rod Brown

    Sharing info. We all benefit,give and take. Thanks.