Parton, Dolly - Seven Bridges Road Lyrics

There are stars in the southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight and moss in the trees
Down the seven bridges road
I have loved you like a baby
Like some lonesome child
I have loved you in a tame way
And I have loved you wild
Sometimes there is a part of me
Has to turn from here and go
Runnin' like a child from these warm stars
Down the seven bridges road

There are stars in the southern sky
And if ever you decide you should go
There is a taste of time sweet as honey
Down the seven bridges road
There are stars in the southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight and moss in the trees
Down the seven bridges road
Down the seven bridges road

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Parton, Dolly Seven Bridges Road Comments
  1. Mark Roleff

    I'm a retired Army vet and Dolly always lifts me up. I struggle daily with being alive. God Bless Dolly Parton.

  2. Seeking A Great Perhaps

    Yeah I basically think this smokes The Eagles version. And I basically don't care who that offends.

  3. Blueberry Jaja

    I do miss home

  4. channel one

    Little sparrow is my favourite Dolly album.


    Yes...but where can we find it?

  5. digi bau

    Miss Parton, you are one of a kind. I’m shaking my head because I just can’t t believe that a human being can possibly posses a voice like that. Ear candy. Greetings from 🇩🇰

  6. Daniel Seib

    The last couple seconds of this are cut off. =[

  7. Sage Sheahan

    I dont usually listen to country. But when I do, ITS GREAT. 😊 This version isnt bad at all.

  8. Jerry Salmon

    Holy shit! Lol that was way better than I thought it was gonna be!

  9. C Hayes

    This is great, thanks for posting! Sad that I didn't know about this version for so long. Also, I like to think Dolly is my "guardian movie star" (Designing Women reference)

  10. Bodhi sattva

    Dolly is just so cool..nobody like her...homefree does a great version too

  11. Ray Walton

    gonna get blown up for this, but...yuck.

    Rebecca Baird

    Ray Walton then don't watch it. Simple.

    hterth rtwerth

    Lol seriously why even comment? You're retarded for not liking it but now you're double retarded for acting like anyone cares.

  12. Serzh Qesteri

    Simply the greatest of all female country singers! God bless her!

  13. Camilla Franklin

    Steve Young wrote this song.

  14. Patricia Niedrich

    Great version of this song, done pure hillbilly style. (as my Aunt from Arkansas would say.)

  15. Wis Con

    My love for Dolly knows no bounds. #shero

    Frogger 251

    My love for dolly goes only so far.

  16. RS Thomas

    One of the greatest songs ever written, performed by one of the greatest singers ... how can you miss ??!!!

  17. Deni D. Moore

    Dolly does this song well.

  18. Craig Brown

    Dolly again I just love anything you sing.
    Thankyou Dolly.

  19. Small Slardibartfast

    How could anyone dislike dolly :(

    Sage Sheahan

    Small Slardibartfast I am not a die hard fan. But nah, I havent heard a single thing by her that sucked. He is amazing. Period.

  20. billybareblu

    Great version of this classic and a great period for Dolly. I really love The Grass is Blue and Little Sparrow albums.

  21. CW Barnett

    The purest voice in country music. Ya gotta love Dolly!

  22. Knoxville TN

    Very nice version. Pure. What an angel Dolly is.

  23. Providence Rowe

    My friend told me he once went to a club show of hers only a few years ago and she sang "Me & Bobby McGee" and he told me she TORE IT UP.

  24. Patrick McCormick

    Sweet version..... was that Tony Rice on Guitar???

  25. 2253glen

    I remember as a kid watching Johnny Carson and Dolly was on. I was a rock and roller, still am, and did not like country, do now. I thought all the singers were hicks. Then I saw the boobs and had to reevaluate. THEN, she told Johnny about losing her virginity to her cousin in a barn and I knew I found a soulmate! Great song.

  26. Gord Cumming

    Beautiful and funky and swinging version. Wow, Steve Young and Dolly should do an album!

  27. quesocasey

    My favorite female singer performing one of my favorite songs. This is amazing!

  28. SwarthySkinnedOne

    This is a bad-to-the-bone song that this Doll brings out the best of.

  29. flyingcougar

    @ConditionOfAnonymity Originally recorded & sung by Steve Young, this was also covered by The Eagles.

  30. Shelby Oliver

    That is Dolly at 2:54 this is when she was in the movie Unlikely Angel i love her hair there.

  31. Gerald Franklin

    Is This Emmy rossum singing with Dolly on This

  32. Emily Newman

    That's Dolly and Roddy McDowell, at the set of Unlikely Angel, in which dolly played Ruby Diamond, apparently during the filming of one of the first "heaven" scenes in the movie...

  33. MarilynRouth

    that pic of her at 2:54 doesnt even look like dolly! she looks sooo different!x