Parton, Dolly - PMS Blues Lyrics

Eve you wicked woman, you done put your curse on me
Why didn't you just leave that apple hangin' in the tree
You make us hate our husbands, our lovers and our boss
Why I can't even count the good friends I've already lost
Cause of PMS blues, PMS blues
I don't even like myself, but it's something I can't help
I got those God almighty, slap somebody PMS blues
Most times I'm easy going, some say I'm good as gold
But when I'm PMS I tell ya, I turn mean and cold
Those not afflicted with it are affected just the same
You poor old men didn't have to grin and say "I feel your pain"
PMS blues, PMS blues
You know you must forgive us for we care not what we do
I got those can't stop crying, dishes flying PMS blues

But you know we can't help it
We don't even know the cause
But as soon as this part's over, then comes the menopause
Oh, Lord, Oh, Lord
We're going to always be a heap of fun
Like the devil taking over my body, suffering, suffering, suffering
Everybody's suffering, huh?

But a woman had to write this song, a man would be scared to
Lest he be called a chauvenist or just fall victim to
Those PMS blues
You know we'd kill for less than that
PMS blues
You don't want to cross my path
Cause a pitbull ain't no match
For these teeth a clenchin', fluid retention
Head a swellin', can't stop yellin'
Got no patience, I'm so hateful
PMS blues, premenstrual syndrome
Got those moods a swingin', tears a slingin'
Nothin' fits me when it hits me
Rantin', ravin', misbehavin'
PMS blues

It's the only time in my life I ever think about wishing I'd been a man
But you know that only means one thing
If I'd have been a man, I'd be somewhere right this very minute
With some old cranky, naggin', raggin' hateful woman
With those old PMS blues
PMS blues
I don't want to talk about it, we both could do without it
Got those treat your kids bad, don't you talk back
Gone ballistic, unrealistic
Awful lowdown, bitch to be around
PMS blues

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Parton, Dolly PMS Blues Comments
  1. Felicia Pate

    Like the devil takin' over my body!!!!

  2. denise marie

    Dolly is a great songwriter and singer (and comediene)

  3. David Simmons son of God

    can i have my rib back Adam God's son

  4. David Simmons son of God

    i except blame for sin Adam

  5. Jessica Messica

    Lol, me too, Dolly

  6. doreen adu

    yo this song makes me laugh

  7. Laura ღ

    So relatable right now I had to look this up after years since I first I heard it lol

  8. Lisa Williams

    Testify, brothers.

  9. PEPSIbamboo86

    Came here because Alexa said this is her favorite Dolly Parton song

    Laura ღ

    Alexa knows what’s up 😂

  10. April Pinkard

    Yaaas Queen Dolly!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

  11. tossepjong

    I send this to my girlfriend once a month...

  12. Idontknowwhattonamemychannel

    I just looked up pms blues on google because I felt alone and sad and I wanted advice. Then I found this and I feel so much better! Dolly uniting women everywhere ❤️

  13. Ari Pag


  14. Randy Wiesendanger

    when this song came out on her Heart Songs album I decided that I like Dolly Parton again since she went weird and hollywood on on us

  15. Paige Falcon

    Love this song

  16. thelifeofhannah

    This song single-handedly caused me to become a fan of Dolly Parton. I can completely identify with every single one of the lyrics. Man oh man, being a woman fucking sucks sometimes.

  17. Linda Teuling

    It's not nice to sing about me like that! :0 However, it's been almost 20 years since I've had any problem with PMS.

  18. Terry Dunican

    I played this song for my daughter once a month when she was a teenager. I absolutely love this song. Great

    Treamain Jackson

    Terry Dunican

    Treamain Jackson

    Terry Dunican my PMS is killing me

  19. Morgan Warlick

    this is the best song ever!!!!!

  20. Bj Redmond

    I love this song. Been there.any time I am feeling down I like to play this song & I laugh so hard it just lifts up my spirts.

  21. Kendra Nannette J. Jeffery

    I'm so glad I never had PMS. I try to stay happy. I'm not the type to argue or be mean. That's a waste of time. But I sympathize with my sisters. Hormones can be a bitch and nothing fits and everybody can get on your nerves. Oh, and that's not counting the road rage or screaming at the tv when the DVR didn't record your show.

    Kendra Nannette J. Jeffery

    And let's not forget those killer cramps, hellish headaches, and weird food cravings. All of us know this. Anyone else lay in bed, in the fetal position, an ice pack on your head, wondering if Doritos sandwiched between two brownies w a side of fries and a Diet Coke would be sooooo good at that moment???

  22. Spiny Sis

    Amen sister! This can turn an angel to a bitch!!

  23. Nrthrn Dncr

    Thanks for posting this! Wish we could see the performance, especially at the end.Would love to see what she pulled out of the hat to get that reaction from the audience. Thanks, again. <3

  24. Hannah Marie

    Pretty ironic that the ad was for tampax lol

    Janice Crawley


  25. kieran peterson

    calming me already.

  26. Misty Mitchell

    First time i every heard this

  27. Small Slardibartfast

    Lol, this is genius from Dolly!

  28. patti Sisco

    I have this scheduled to play at my funeral as crazy as that sounds. I love it!!!!

  29. Janice Crawley

    Dedicated to myself. .

  30. Michelle Bousaada

    I love you Dolly! Haha, so me right now.

  31. Kendra Stamps-Lynch

    Oh man I have the pms blues :-(

    ailis faleiro

    Same. I'm doing follow up calls for a job and old just makes me feel more discouraged right now.

    ailis faleiro

    Oops. I meant to put PMS instead of old.

    T B

    Me three

  32. Jozelle Reyna

    dishes flyin' lol totally me!

    Rupin Lamistoufle

    Jozelle Reyna I broke two plates today because I’m pmsing badly !! God this song is good

  33. Cristina Golden

    LOVE IT.

  34. Lele Lynas

    I love it because she can poke fun at herself. At least she isn't blaming everyone else for a woman's problem shared by the majority of us females.

  35. Anna-Lena Edshag

    wonderfull and so funny and true

  36. Sam C

    How I love Dolly for this! lol If I could get this on ringback tone, It would so be on right now. lol - Thanks, Dolly! <3 Natalie

    Puppylov206 Wicklpickle

    Get zedge ringtones and download the song

  37. Sheona Forbes

    Love this song!! :P

  38. michiemonchy

    "If I'd have been a man, I'd be somewhere right this very minute
    With some old cranky, naggin', raggin' hateful woman!"
    hahaha made me laugh so hard!! you're awesome Dolly!!!

  39. Rahidah Angin

    I'm having my pms!!!!!

  40. MythOfSiren

    was just bawling my eyes out, not anymore - this must be one of the cures for pms :D

  41. shannon simmons

    i think this is the funest song she wrote lol

    Puppylov206 Wicklpickle

    Check out black draught by her

  42. Pam Heydt

    It's sooo true

  43. JellyAndIceCream25

    please tell me this is a joke... please? :S

  44. vitaminanime

    i'm normally not a big country fan but i must say Dolly has nailed it with this song! it sums up PMS perfectly! this is a great song! just don't tell that to any of my metalhead friends (but then most metalheads are men so they'd never understand anyway)

  45. sudi karatas

    she should have put this song in the musical 9-5

  46. Luisa Reyes

    She's great! She tells it like it is. We've all been there! But none of us have ever said the truth about it like she has. I have to hand it to Dolly, I admire her for this song!

  47. rowdeyredgirl1

    thIs is GREAT!!!! I have never heard it b4 - thx 4 posting it!

  48. halloweenteen

    why dose god hate women because his a guy

    doreen adu

    im a girl and even I know he don't hate us have you read the bible when eve got adom to eat the apple that why

  49. Heather Hurt


  50. MKcousins

    Ha ha ha! So true! This makes me like her even more!

  51. halloweenteen

    i like this song

  52. streisandgarlandlvr

    Hilarious song!! Only Dolly could pull this song off!

    She forgot about the cramps though!! How could you write a song about PMS and leave out cramps!?! lol

  53. Gabriel Moraitakis

    the song is not my style,but she does it perfect,as always,even if it,s not country, and her photos are excellent...!!!

  54. mysterymelody

    hahaha! beyond awesome!

  55. Emily Newman

    Oh how this sums up my life right now. Even teenagers get it. Not fun, I tell you. However Dolly cracks me up. LOL.

  56. Shadoweyes07

    amen,preach how it is girl,lol

  57. artangel1115

    Dolly's fabulous, she and Lorretta Lynn rock

  58. lalealynn

    go girl!!

  59. Rachael Brand

    LOL Dolly's great!