Parton, Dolly - Here I Am Lyrics

Here I am, oh here I am, here I am
If you need a love that's true
Need someone to stand by you
Here I am, oh here I am, here I am
If you need a helping hand, need someone to understand
Here I am, oh here I am, here I am

Here I am, I'm reaching out to give you love that you're without
I can help you find what you've been looking for
Here I am, come to me, take my hand 'cause I believe
I can give you all the love you need and more
Oh here I am, oh here I am, here I am

My world is such an empty place
I need someone to fill the space
And here I am, oh here I am, here I am
'Cause I've got so much love to give
I need someone to share it with
And here I am, oh here I am, here I am

Here I am, I'm reaching out to give you love that you're without
I can help you find what you've been searching for
Here I am, come to me, take my hand 'cause I believe
I can give you all the love you need and more
Oh here I am, oh here I am, here I am

Oh here I am, oh here I am, here I am
Here I am, oh here I am, here I am

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Parton, Dolly Here I Am Comments
  1. H Rose

    Woweee! I like that you can here Sia’s words so clearly! The song has a beautiful resonance to it.❤️

  2. Eva Vega


  3. Tesha McKnight

    who is watching in 2020??.🤗

  4. muerta g

    Oh my god. I love them both. Amazing colab..

  5. Sphesihle Lucas

    2020 here I am.

  6. Melanie Marshall

    Please don't just walk past a homeless person and his companion.. or her's.. they matter.. Thank you Xo

  7. Jess Marie

    Why am I just hearing this now ......

  8. Tia Baxter

    This was recommended to me why

  9. Jennychalale

    Why am i seeing this just now?? 🤔🤔

  10. Samson Gilbert Nota

    SIa and Dolly on one track - WOW

  11. Alexandria Drouin

    Here I am here I am here I am here I am here I am here I am here I ammmmmm here I am here I am .. HOT GARBAGE.

  12. jim Moore

    Dolly Parton and Sia AKA tits and legs

  13. Adele Dazeem

    Is this an advert

  14. Mary Lou

    Any word with Jesus. Everything about Him. <3

  15. Mary Lou

    Homeless in clean clothes.... yes.

  16. Nguri 13

    2020 recommendation?
    F**k you youtube

    You should have recommended it to me the day it was uploaded.

  17. jörgen. johansson

    very good music.👨‍🌾

  18. Expedita Maria


  19. Love Me

    Here I am❤🕯👣📯

  20. April Fletcher

    She done so amazing

  21. Karam Mh

    Dolly&sia great 😍😍

  22. Richard Radley

    For my Bro we both lost our mum in the past few years. Love bro (Devin) no homo bro

  23. Natalia

    This song is so incredibly beautiful but the music video is like a hallmark movie vomited all over an after school special and it's fucking AWFUL.

  24. Terry's Girl

    Tears and more tears 😭😭 this just filled my heart with so much love 💕💕😍

  25. Kara Dodson

    So sweet

  26. koy shiteru

    Eu estou aqui!

  27. MsWillowbayOrelse

    You wouldn't think Sia when thinking of Dolly or visa versa but I am loving this!!

  28. Krzysztof Szymaniak


  29. lady afrodita

    Best i love you songs Dolly❤

  30. to too

    If everyone everywhere every time turned along close to human and said: "here i am", so our life would be like in Eden

  31. Tatum Alcorn

    This song was beautiful.

  32. Nurul Loves Sia

    *Sia* Angel

  33. christina adams

    I love dolly

  34. VDS Artz_Studio

    tipi prea tare, aste te strica.

  35. International Immigrant

    I dont know If am to be upset am just hearing this or just be beyond glad and proud my Angels decide to sing one together

  36. Ana Michel

    She is so cute

  37. Yes Man

    nice song...terrible voices 🤢🤮

  38. T Brown

    Beautiful song

  39. Belinda Hill

    What a beautiful song xx

  40. Nana Oboh

    Why the fuck am I now seeing this now.......

  41. Easy Baked Kike

    I never thought I would see the day where these two down to earth, wonderful angels would collab

    International Immigrant

    We just did, we luckily just did.

  42. Adrian Rimann

    735 people don't like this song. What's wrong with them??

  43. xotuesday

    #Dicamitutto Sia & Dolly?! I listened out of curiosity at first. Ended up clinging to my pillow with a handful of kleenex. I don't think I should be allowed on Youtube after midnight. (heavy sigh)

  44. Jonathan Livingston

    it's very emotional.

  45. Hope Kponi

    Why the hell am i crying

  46. KaputzenFreak

    2:14 Gefährlich

  47. Kim Namit

    Id like to see them together on stage ❤

  48. Tereza Wardak

    Wow so emotional, it made me cry. Very beautiful song 🤗

  49. Caroline Thibault

    Je vise découvrir!
    C'est une magnifique surprise ce duo, pour moi. J'adore!

  50. Heartbroken Loveless

    I love this song if only someone really cares enough to help

  51. Faith Cheruto

    Here I am since the year started...I thank God for everything...Merry Xmass fellow Country men and women..Happy New year in advance...🏕🏞🌕

  52. An Karo

    I'm strong independent woman. I'm not gonna cry over Dolly's song... Yes, I am! Luv it!

  53. patricia chipahura

    I love dis song🙏

  54. HLH 4ever

    Why am I seing this only now? God Bless Ladies! So precious 💕

  55. Daniel Angulo

    HERE I AM. THANK YOU. ✌💖💞💯

  56. Daniel leblanc

    Awesome Video Her I am

  57. Euuw Okayyayay

    The blonde girl that was getting bullied is literally the most beautiful girl I’ve seen 😍

    Lillian Moore

    Euuw Okayyayay Thank you


    @Lillian Moore fake account lmfao

  58. Mikey ray white

    I honer you Dolly

  59. Sean Gilbert

    This hit home for me. Lyrically it hit cus I feel so alone sometimes. With it being the holiday season my anxiety and depression gets ten times worse. So for a song like this, it helps me know that I may not be as alone as I thought I was. On to the cinematography of the video. I was the kid in the abusive household. I grew up with a single mother and my younger brother. It was hard. God it was hard. I was physically,mentally,verbally,and emotionally abused. I just wanted to be loved like any normal kid. But growing up gay in North Carolina was the worst thing I could think of. I bounced around from foster families to group homes. I always defended my mom against the men she would date or later ended up marrying. I beat both of her husbands up because they were both abusive to her and myself. I feared what they may or might have done to my younger brother. I came out at 13 as bi and 16 as gay. My relationship with my mom was still rocky but what made it better is what’s pretty messed up. It took me being in the hospital for two weeks fighting for life while wishing for death. At age 19 I was diagnosed with HIV. I wanted nothing more than to die. But during those two weeks, my mom finally came round and finally buried the proverbial hatchet. We’re doing better now. There are days when I feel secluded and alone. But there are also days when I feel like I’m not so alone. If there is anything I can say to whoever is reading this I’d say “your not alone. I’m here if you need a goofball to cheer you up.”

  60. Jarosław Zaniewski

    Cudna piosenka😍

  61. Marvin L. Midkiff

    Dolly has a great voice.

  62. Leonel Javier Zubieta Bermúdez

    Sia ♥

  63. Mandelina87

    This will be my wedding Song next year❤

  64. Jacob Tremblay

    Amazing video and song very inspiring. 💝 #HereIAm

  65. Guiben Estimable

    Sia tu n'imagine pas quand tu chante comment ça me fait plaîsir

  66. Kally B


  67. Dominique D

    Respects Madame Parton, une fort belle chanson et une vidéo qui vous remue les tripes et fait pleurer, désolé je ne pas l'Anglais, un admirateur Français depuis 43 Ans.

  68. patrice alquier

    très belle vidéo merci Dolly une grande dame .

  69. Nancy W.

    I never knew how much Sia and Dolly sounded together!

  70. Abel VH

    Sia cantan tan hermoso la parte de here I am

  71. Janet Kibaara

    This song just gave me goose pimples. wow. 2 Powerful voices. wow!! This just made me miss my parents. May they RIP

  72. Hippopotamus VEVO

    People who disliked this video are going straight to hell. Happy for them.

  73. Wendy Bable

    God bless Dolly Parton.

  74. Ana Pinos

    Dos de mis cantantes favoritaas!

  75. Jaqui

    Por qué apenas estoy escuchando la canción? Si es tremenda joyitaaaaa😍❤️

  76. anonymous

    cryng my eyes out as im listening to this n going through hardship😢

  77. elizabeth William

    Oooh Sia and Dolly u guys are really great lovely awesome God really bless u guys with a sweet voice love from Nigeria

  78. hunter3x1

    how did i not know this existed?

  79. literally nobody

    Just beautiful...

  80. Candy Baker

    Just seeing and hearing this for the first time in November 2019! This should be all over the air waves!
    Love this!

  81. phoenixmoon3

    This is beautiful <3

  82. Paul Caron

    Why do I watch 😥😥😥😥

  83. Beth Ann is a nerd

    This is a amazing song! How come I haven't heard this on the radio yet.

  84. Charles Lasko

    Such a touching video

  85. Betanio Xavier


  86. Brutal Heart

    This song block my computer several times 😐

  87. Viliam Reis

    Why after more than a year is this recommended to me from yt. Doesnt make sense.

    Dolly = Legend
    Sia = Legend

  88. Timmy Kisling

    Love this duet!

  89. Steve Naylor

    Mindblowing dolly

  90. Bernelee Swart

    wow this music video <3

  91. εł¡คหε тคяg¡หσ

    So so pretty🙋😍😇

  92. mamabravo100

    Love this song.....

  93. Just B

    Here I am❣️❣️❣️😘

  94. Kirine

    Root for the underdog!

  95. Zobbie-Zo

    YouTube why did u delay to update me on this song coz am seen it now?

  96. Nicole Schischke

    Is it about God's love as well? Seems so. Lovely song.

  97. Pedro Henrique Vila Nova Figueredo

    Legendary Dolly ❤

  98. werkaZ

    This is so strong - in the sense of influence on emotions - such a great song <3

  99. dale Byrne

    what a beautiful song and video