Parton, Dolly - Bluer Pastures Lyrics

I was lookin' for greener pastures
When I left my old Kentucky home
I was chasin' after dreams I thought I'd master
So I left the one that loved me all along
Thinkin' only of myself and doin' better
Didn't care about the grief I left behind
Didn't even make a card or write a letter
So sure I'd be successful in no time
Now I'm heading for bluer pastures
And back to the one who's heart I broke
To the bluegrass state of Kentucky
Where he waits with open for me I hope

Ain't it funny how you are when you're younger?
How what you have is never good enough
How the years will find you searchin' through your plunder
Lookin' for the treasures you gave up
Well the seasons came, they went
The dreams all shattered
While the grass just stayed a lonely shade of brown
Then I realized I'd lost all that had mattered
So with foolish pride aside, I'm homeward bound

Now I'm heading for bluer pastures
And back to the one who's heart I broke
To the bluegrass state of ole Kentucky
Where he waits with open for me I hope
Now I'm heading for bluer pastures
Where the bluegrass waves sweetly in the wind
Where the bluegrass music's always playin'
To the haunting sound of Monroe's mandolin
I'm heading for bluer pastures

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Parton, Dolly Bluer Pastures Comments
  1. Ivan Kruljac

    I've had to think up a way to survive
    Since you said it's over
    Told me good-bye
    I just can't make it one day without you
    Unless I pretend that the opposite's true
    Rivers flow backwards
    Valleys are high
    Mountains are level
    Truth is a lie
    I'm perfectly fine
    And I don't miss you
    The sky is green
    And the grass is blue
    How much can a heart and a troubled mind take
    Where is that fine line before it all breaks
    Can one end their sorrow

    Just cross over it
    And into that realm of insanitive bliss
    There's snow in the tropics
    There's ice on the sun
    It's hot in the Arctic
    And crying is fun
    And I'm happy now
    And I'm glad we're through
    And the sky is green
    And the grass is blue
    And the rivers flow backwards
    And my tears are dry
    Swans hate the water
    And eagles can't fly
    But I'm alright now
    Now that I'm over you
    And the sky is green
    And the grass is blue
    And I don't love you
    And the grass is blue

  2. danny E

    Wow...great song...

  3. Fuzzy 123


  4. jef lynn


  5. gustavo adolfo torchia galante

    La neo. 1 la más grande de la historia junto a Patsy Cline y Whitney Houston...

  6. Diane Doyle

    Just beautiful xxx

  7. Marco Jeanrenaud

    Music from heaven. Amazing....

  8. Goabaone Seiphepi

    Dolly Parton is am amazing singer and songwriter

  9. Opal Wagoner


  10. pvthitch

    Warning. This song will destroy you.

  11. Eddie P

    There are 19 very thick people out there .. how can anyone dislike the talent Dolly has .. the greatest song writer /poet of the last century and this up there with Dylan for me

  12. Rose Petal

    Dolly is true blue....grass ;D

  13. Luke Dabford

    How can people dislike this masterpiece? This is just brilliant!

  14. Lite_ning Strikes

    ...insanity’s bliss~~

  15. Nando Seiscuerdas

    There are tons of beautyful music in the world, but this mixture of meaningful lyrics, feelful voice and awesome instrumentation... makes me thinking that this is one of the most beautyful songs that i've ever hear.

  16. Saysanne *

    Never heard this song till this minute......its very pretty...

  17. Samuel Story

    If only this song could be true

  18. Tango Bango

    This wonderful song proves that Dolly is one of the best song writers on earth. Simply LUV it!

  19. Robert Pimenta

    La reine incontestée de la musique country et l'auteur, entre bien d'autres de 'I Will Always Love You' chanté plus tard par Whitney Houston. Une carrière exemplaire et des récompenses méritées... Bref! une grande Dame...

  20. Katie Griffiths

    I love this song 😌

  21. Jessie Gray

    No one can ever duplicate Dolly Parton. Her voice is so unique.

  22. dlc1119

    This song has amazed me since it first came out. A perfect country waltz, done with bluegrass instrumentation, and a double-entendre title. Genius!

  23. Mike MacDavy

    There is only one Dolly. :)

  24. Christina Kovach


  25. Nathan Rodriguez

    Love this song <3. :-)

  26. Dai Lewis

    Great song and who better to sing it.

    Huseyin Deniz

    nobody !

    Antoine Lee

    Definitely not Nora Jones!

  27. Pam Mclaughlin

    Very pretty song. First time i heard this.

  28. Fox Socks

    beauty !