Park, Kyle - Rio Lyrics

I bought him down in Houston from a cowboy friend of mine
He said he'd named him Rio, got him on the border line
He's bred just like the river, and he runs as free and wild
A good horse don't get no better, he can weather any mile
He said, "Why don't you take him out past the lake and let him run?
And you'll come to know that red turns to gold in a setting sun"

Every valley and mountain, I ride up and down them
I go wherever Rio goes
From the top to the bottom, I don't try to stop him
I just go wherever Rio goes

And when we came up on the river, I could tell the horse had changed
There was somethin' 'bout that water, like it was runnin' through his veins
And ill never understand it, how he knew just what to do
In the shadows of the darkness, hell you couldn't see the moon
And I don't believe that Rio could see each step he'd take
But sure as the rain, he finds his way to the river bank

Every valley and mountain, I ride up and down them
I go wherever Rio goes
From the top to the bottom, I don't try to stop him
I just go wherever Rio goes

Oh he said, "Why don't you take him out past the lake and let him run?
And I came to find my own peace of mind with the risin' sun

And every valley and mountain, I ride up and down them
I go wherever Rio goes
From the top to the bottom, I don't try to stop him
I just go wherever Rio goes

Every trail, every turn, every lesson I learned
I followed his heart and his soul, so I go, I just go
Wherever Rio goes
Wherever Rio goes

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Park, Kyle Rio Comments
  1. Ashton Kelm

    i have 20 horses and 2 dogs one is a bedgle and one horse my whole hand and my arms......

  2. Judy

    THE true country living,beautiful!🐾♥️🐾♥️☘☘

  3. Martin Gonzalez

    Someone in 2020?

  4. Vicky Torres


  5. Amanda Best


  6. Coons n cats

    Bro you give me chills

  7. Taylor Morrigan

    Okay but does anyone else watch this video for Tuf or is it just me ?..

  8. Emily

    Anyone know where this video was shot? It's pretty

    Jordan Forsgren

    I believe in New Mexico

  9. Cricket Wireless

    Very. Besutiful Verynice. iliked

  10. Metal Head

    love this song. grew up on a farm myself. had a horse named snowflake with a snowflake on her forehead. this song all ways bring me to tears.

  11. Izzy McBride

    Hell u couldn't see the moon 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎸🎸🎸

  12. Izzy McBride

    Where ever Rio goes 🎶🎶🎶

  13. Jacob Robertson

    He had to be a good horse

  14. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Super Musik 👍🎵🎼🎶🎸und Tolles Video 👏🏇🐎

    Charlotte Mobley.

    Good Country Music.

  15. Donnie Carrell

    This song explains a good horuse

  16. Sasha Garbert

    This song is true how I got my horse

  17. Meow Kitten

    Growing up on the farm I had 3 horses Duke, shiloh and buck! Buck was my favorite he was a Quarter rodeo horse, Shiloh was a Quarter horse who preferred kids or me and Duke was a stubborn Tennessee walker paint pony lol🐎🐎🐎

  18. John Patterson

    Great song, great voice

  19. Jacob Robertson

    I like all of your songs

  20. The Knipstein band booking 979-525-7736

    I love the song

  21. James Kalata

    I love watching a horse run just cause it can. Watching a colt get used to walking and then immediately run makes me smile.

  22. Tommy Phillips

    Hella of a calf roper! Love to see horses get the recognition they deserve! A good horse is hard to come by.

  23. Austin Spivey

    Where was this filmed

    Sarah Rexford

    New Mexico

  24. moon aesthetic

    Hey Kyle I'm Harley from the meet and greet how's rio

  25. Kassidy Kuehn

    "I follow my heart and his soul"

  26. Kevin Horst

    very nice song

  27. Dean Smith

    The fact this song has 162k views is a travesty. What an awesome song and video.



  29. Jonathan Phillips

    My horse's name is Rio.. awesome song

  30. Nathan Norris

    The 47 that disliked this must be liberal or feminest

  31. Kelsey Greenwood

    I love this song soo much! I reminds me of my horse

  32. timothy coleman

    If you can’t be nine I!!

  33. UtterlyHooves

    I came here because I saw a horse, I stayed for the song.. okay and the horsey.

  34. Logan Wilson

    To the 31 people that disliked this video y’all are idiots I will never understand small minded people this is a great song and video

  35. Kera Dasilva

    rio could only do that if he was alive ... australia lost alot of horses due to heat..kiss my ass ... clean the earth.

  36. Eg Izzy

    Wow amazing song and video❤️

  37. Danny Pacheco

    What they couldn't find someone that could actually ride a horse for this video?! He can probably calf rope, but he can't even ride! What a joke and im lot of ya cant even tell.

    Kyle Park

    Nathan Norris

    I think he can ride pretty Damn good

    Danny Pacheco

    Lots of not very well experienced people seem to think that just because an athlete is prca card holder he/she is as good as it gets. This is a perfect example to the saying that goes like " money talks and shit walks" only people that are true horsemen, or cowboy can pin point the non horsemen. For example professional horseman chris cox makes a good horse and can do anything a prca horse can do, but a prca cowboy and horse cant do what a chris cox horse can do. Its simple though just do a little research 😊✌

  38. Jose Hernandez

    The Best country video, simply there are no words to discribe it, I just love it.

  39. C. W. Johnson Jr

    Now this is Country Music!

    Nicholas Mitzuk

    @countrygirl countrymusiclover false

  40. Grabon79

    хотел бы я на таком прокатиться хоть раз в жизни свой

  41. Grabon79

    вот это по нашему настоящий конь не то что железный мустанг

  42. Grabon79

    люблю ковбойскую стезю

  43. Kyley Rae

    Fun fact: most of this video was filmed on my friends ranch in New Mexico, USA


    Kyley Rae nice! Thought this scenery looked like home.


    Well yeaj, nm is pretty. Just the people suck... and well texas has nothing but fkat land

    John Tonnemacher

    @Thesackett93 move to northern AZ


    @John Tonnemacher man i was pribably drunk when i posted that. But i like where im from in NM. I grew up on the gila

  44. timothy coleman

    Half time rodeo song!! Love it

  45. hcarlile73c1

    30 years ago my husband uses to endurance race horses. we would ride in the Kiamichi mountains of southeast Oklahoma in the day and night, up hills and over rocks and through creeks, when i first heard this song, i cried happy tears, it reminded me of those days. He horse was Gunsmoke he rode him 50 miles in 2 hours and 46 mins and won and the horse was barely winded. This song reminds me of my youth. I still love him, 3 boys and 7 grandbabies later he is still sexy and my one and only soul mate.

  46. Ashley Minks

    My daughter absolutely loves this song we listen every night at bedtime

  47. Yeet Cannon Operators Union

    This song is awesome!

  48. mary7518006

    This deserves a millions likes, I mean it has an amazing singer, a gorgeous chestnut horse, and Tuf Cooper ❤❤❤ what more do we need?

  49. Tanner Hudgins

    Just watch him to day a long with Cody Johnson, Pat green, Dolton domino in Lubbock. They where great 👍. 3/29/19. Like If you went.

  50. Cheyenne Battles

    My horse is named Rio. Wow this is the perfect song. Love it!!!!


    great song, great video

  52. Jess Flowers

    I’m so excited that there’s a video for this song!!! It’s beautiful 😍

  53. Natalie Loves Tatonka

    Reminds me of the relationship I have with my horse. ❤️ Who is also red. Sorrel & white paint gelding.

  54. Joshua Sanchez

    The first bit of the main melody sounds almost like drunk on you.

    Kelly Lacey


  55. Todd Backes

    Great song sing along feel good tune

  56. Jubilentcharlie 7768

    Every song he writes is the best.

  57. Steve WB

    Righteous track🤠

  58. DeerHunterfan TV

    Anyone who thumbs down this song didn't listen to the song and they never had a horse. I could go further on about their problems but it isn't worth it ;)

  59. Mary Druck

    Red does turn into gold.

  60. TheShani4595

    This is the kinda love song country needs.❤

  61. Kaitlin Dressler

    Love it!!

  62. Todd Rheinberger

    Good work on this song👍.

  63. Taylor Kramer

    Best song in the world

  64. Kendall Anthony

    I have been waiting for this video for a long time

  65. franciscosauceda95

    This song is so pure. I love it

  66. Korryn Stamper

    Anybody naming their new horse Rio? I know I am!


    I used to ride a delightfully sassy mare named Rio, but she was named after the Duran Duran song, which incidentally also mentions to the Rio Grande.

    Nathan Norris

    My horse was already named Rio before i ever heard this

    shawn rodenberger

    @Bruce Williams Love

    Cheyenne Montuori

    I already have three horses. The next one I get will be named Rio

  67. Alexis Mackey

    This video deserves a few million views


    I thought the same thing! I was shocked this had so few views. It's a perfect video for a perfect song. My kind of love song!

  68. DOGIWUUF :3

    Love it❤️

  69. 1992 W250

    Good stuff

  70. Esteban Gama

    Goodddd a new song i like this artist saludos from colombia

    Bay's and Buckskins

    @J do you mean Tuf Cooper?

    Felipe R

    Jaja viva colombia parcero

  71. Garrett Scroggs

    Best song on the album!

    Dustin Penick

    Garrett Scroggs I don't know, there's quite a few good songs on there!

    Reaction People

    Garrett Scroggs yes

  72. Bongos and Lemonheads

    Beautiful song, beautiful horse and handsome cowboys 🤠❤

    Bongos and Lemonheads

    I would be lying if I said Yes. 🤠

    Bongos and Lemonheads

    @Brittanystrou He is one handsome cowboy 🤠