Park, Kyle - Fit For The King Lyrics

She said go on
Beyond the blue neon
Cause I'm as gone as a girl can get

Out of the blue clear sky
She'd gotten good at goodbye
What'd you say to that?

Well if I know me
I'll end up drinkin' champagne
With fort worth never crossin' my mind
When I reach marina del rey
This cowboy's ridin' away
And I'll just take it one night at a time

What's goin' on in your world?
Cause my world has slipped away
I just can't go on
Dyin' like this
It will always never be the same

When did you stop lovin' me?
I didn't come to expect that from you
But I cross my hear that I'll love you forever
Are the famous last words of a fool

Well it was easy come easy go
I should've blamed it on mexico
I'm feeling pretty down and out
But I've got this 80 proof bottle of tear stopper
To make me feel a little unwound

Right or wrong
You look so good in love
And darlin' you know it's true
You're somethin' special to me
I've got this fool-hearted memory
And I'll always be the man in love with you

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Park, Kyle Fit For The King Comments
  1. Ryan Buikema

    No one is a good as Strait. Great job with the lyrics with titles!

  2. country boy

    And Aaron tippin

  3. country boy

    I prefer george Jones, Randy travis, johnny Horton, and johnny cash

  4. goat 68

    this song is greatttt!! superb writing!!

  5. Hunter Covington

    Man, this ol boy is such an inspiration... And his works make me feel better when I'm down... I'm livin' this song right now... But... Even still, I love her... She's still in my life, still a friend... But I'll always love her.. Fuck what anyone else says, that's how love works... Morgan, in case you read this, please come to your senses and come back... I ain't the cowboy that wants to ride away no more, I'm the one who wants to settle down and be happy again with you...

    Alan Burns

    She ever come back?

  6. Adam J

    I truly enjoy their music and overall sound, such talent and that's helped me to continue getting known with my country originals, here in Australia as it occupies a lot of practice, time & energy to to get supporters and regular listeners to your original music.

  7. Nayla Martinez Jaselle Castilloa

    Love it ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. Austin Walkup

    A real country singer him, Aaron Watson, and Cody Johnson are the best!

    Lauren E

    Austin Walkup what about Chris Stapleton

    Gamer Bear

    Aaron Watson is not country no more now

    Harley Crumley

    George Strait is top

    Gary Queen

    don't forget Cody Jinks!

    Fearless Warrior

    Austin Walkup dont forget the Man he's singin about God bless George Strait

  9. jb19704500

    Awesome Song

  10. Marcy Smith-Varty

    Lovr it!