Paper Kites, The - How Long Lyrics

How long does it take
For a taker not to take
Any more than what he needs to make it work
How long will it be
Till those seeing eyes will see
Just enough to try and be a little more

And how long were wishing
That the talkers would just listen
You can hear a further distance in the quiet

And how long did the sky
Make the dreamers wonder why
Only birds had wings to fly away

How long will you sleep
While the sweepers sweep the street
And you've never placed your feet anywhere
How long till that sound
Rings in one too many towns
And you throw your canons down on the ground

And how long we've been wishing
For the things that we're still missing
But you still can learn a lesson if you try

It's been not so long since
I took a plane across that sky

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