Panes, Roo - Paperweights Lyrics

I'll show you I'm not made of stone,
How could I breeze when there's this flow below.
I'm afraid to flood until you tell me you can swim.
But these words will not wait under paperweights anymore,
You say I paint the truth, so watch these colours run.
They'll lead you back to where it begun.
You tell me you can take it all,
And none of my warnings make you feel less small.
Oh you tell me it is time to let the letters fly the page.
So these words will not wait under paperweights anymore,
You say I paint the truth, so watch these colours run,
They'll lead you back to where it begun.
Well can you hear it coming?
The thunder of a being?
The tales of a lifetime?
The weight of mountains climbed?
Are you not afraid of what it all may look like on the other side of truth?
No longer bullet proof?

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Panes, Roo Paperweights Comments
  1. Music for the heart

    You are happy in everything that composes .. wonderful!

  2. Aidan Saunders

    Saw roo panes in South Australia, all I remember is during this song I could hear genuine orchestras in the background even though it was just him with a guitar. Magical.

  3. Leonnie Paranda

    A friend of mine shared your music with me and there has been no turning back for me since. Love your music. Sending love from the southern hemisphere in the pacific! One love, man 🙏

  4. Rosangela Recla

    E quando eu estiver em seus braços novamente direi o quanto chorei.❤

  5. T D

    My letters will find the page
    Thank you C.M. AKA🐎
    You made me so strong
    N u keep getting together w Kendra L.S.
    I hope u two r very happy
    Because I’m going to find someone who wants s exclusive relationship
    Have fun w her husband
    Just like u text Ailsa from private
    I saw it all n I’m glad I know b4 I committed to anything to do w you

  6. T D

    This is my song

  7. roopanes

    Check out my latest video for 'My Sweet Refuge' here:

  8. Halimenur Güneş

    You're amazing😍

  9. Gottfried Lenz

    I think that it is good listening to this song after all your hurts. Like a little bit a light of a hope.

  10. Giovanna Rodrigues

    A friend just found this album and showed me. I can't be more glad. These are amazing songs, perfect for a rainy day like today here. You guys are amazing! Keep on this beautiful work! Today my ears and heart are yours! 💜💕

  11. lucijetta

    Accidentally came across this and boy am I happy I did. It's been a while since I've liked someone so much so I really have to thank you for the beautiful sounds :)

  12. Nechir Mohammed

    there always be haters no matter what! Why dislikes?!

  13. Jalke Visser

    Ooh I really love Roo Panes his music is more than only a melodie!! It is like wind that whispers in your ear that you should to go lead a life!

  14. alemaffo

    Definitely going to buy the new album.

  15. Timothée PERRERO

    Just when i thought "sing for the wind" was your masterpiece, and you come up with "paperweights".
    I don't know if i can say it's even better, but you definitely blew my mind and soul again!
    Just me shivers every time i listen.
    You are pure talent, keep on treating us with it, many thx.

  16. Cameron Tyson

    This song is exactly the breath of fresh air that I've been needing for a long time. I feel like I can begin again now. Thank you.

  17. MlleKeren

    all of his songs are masterpieces 💕

  18. Charles Gambet

    Beautiful !

  19. DottieLane

    This album is going to be the best birthday present ever for me.

  20. _renji

    This song gave me feelings I never knew a man could feel.


    Beautiful lyrics and sound!

  22. Marta Korol

    all his music it`s like walking in the woods... I love it!

  23. mahagony

    Your music is incredible. I've been listening to your songs on autoplay for days. Unfortunately I don't live in the UK, but I hope someday I'll have the chance to listen to this live as well.

  24. Lise

    Your voice has such a soothing effect on my mind.
    Thank you, Andrew.

  25. Darude Dogstorm


  26. Perla La.

    I'm so in love with your music Roo. You will always be my favorite singer.

  27. James G

    Beautiful piece of music.

  28. Jordan Newsom

    Very nice! Beautiful instrumentals as usual!

  29. Greta Lisa Schirmann

    Oh, this is so nice to listen to


    Absolutely loving this, looking forward to the album!

  31. Marina Clara

    You're amazing

  32. Yvonne Schredl

    the perfect song to forget about the world and just enjoy the music.

  33. jaalba

    Wow, you're brilliant dude. Really. Listening to your music now for one year and a half and just want to say thank you. You're by far my favourite folk singer. Listening to your music feels like sitting on a high rock, enjoying the landscape and feeling the fresh wind around your head. Keep doing your great work!

    Fransiska N

    Nice visualization you got there :)

    Perla La.

    That's exactly how I feel everytime I listen to his music.

    Spencer Allen

    Well said, that's the same feeling I get:)