Palmer, Keke - Home For The Holidays Lyrics

Its here the time of year we get to celebrate
All together once again and it doesn’t matter
How far wherever we are we always find a way
To all the family and the friends

I’m gonna be home for the holidays
To the place I know its my heart and soul
I’m coming home and I cant wait
Yeah I’m gonna be home for the holidays

Yeah my hometown my friends around its what I really missed
Yeah and all the good times that we shared
And even though I know I’ve been gone for way too long
Coming back is the best ummm
I’m getting close I’m almost there

I’m gonna be home for the holidays
To the place I know its my heart and soul
I’m coming home and I cant wait
Yeah I’m gonna be home for the holidays

To the place that I remember
Always and forever in my heart
We can celebrate
From November to December
Yes I’m gonna be home
I’m gonna be
Yea I’m gonna be home for the year
Yea I’m gonna be home
I’m gonna be there soon as

I’m gonna be home for the holidays
To the place I know its my heart and soul
I’m coming home and I cant wait
Yeah I’m gonna be home for the holidays
I’m gonna be home for the holidays
Just where I belong and I’ve been gone to long
I’m coming home and I cant wait
Yeah I’m gonna be home for the holidays
Yea I’m gonna be I’m gonna be
Yea im gonna be home for the holidays

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Palmer, Keke Home For The Holidays Comments
  1. Jason Tachin

    RW:YES I FINALLY FOUND IT YES!😁 😆 i heard this song from a commercial from Jesse McCartney I finally found the Full version thankyou and Merry Early Christmas heonrad .😁

  2. Jessica Bendele

    I miss this song so much, it used to be my Christmas jam :)

  3. Siduation

    Yoooo I had this song all this time and idk this was keke. I feel sorry 😭😭😭this girl can saanng

  4. Andrew Gileo

    Currently hearing this song 4 times a day working at Macy's!

    Ian Drenes

    And again in November while working at Bloomingdales haha

    Tejuan Hopkins

    I work in Wal-Mart n I heard it twice lol that's why I'm here

  5. cool unicorn

    Am going to be doing this for my holiday show

  6. Kate Wilkinson

    This song is one of those ones that I sort of skipped when I was younger but now that I’m an adult it is my jam every year when it gets close to going home for Christmas.

  7. Brenda Bryant

    2018 anyone

  8. Douglas; Bem-vindo ao Show

    I❤️ Christmas song.

  9. Mechia Williams

    very good I love it

  10. It'sRachael Boiii!!!


    Miguel Angel Gil

    It'sRachael Boiii!!! Ggnvjbhgfvbh bvtvfvfeeexd

  11. J. Johnson

    I love this song awesome me too ❤

  12. Juliana Omokheyeke

    I herd this at Disney world today and had to search it up !

  13. Queen Nae

    We love videos☺️<3

  14. Allison

    Why am i listening to this

  15. Francesca Roberge

    This is one of my choir songs and I cant wait its tomorrow LOL

  16. Tricia Dizon

    I heard this in school today. Already playing some Christmas music :)

  17. demilavatofan88

    love this song dancing to this song for my afterschool christmas show

  18. Keke Daily

    @sethseth1999 She kind of was. She had filmed a pilot from them. And her music videos were show on Disney Channel for a bit. Then True Jackson came out and she went with Nickelodeon.

  19. thatonekid

    @iluvkekepalmer she still wasent on disney

  20. Mykey Hilliard

    @sethseth1999 This was recorded before True Jackson came out.

  21. asiapat21

    I always loved this song

  22. thatonekid

    i like the song but have u noticed that she isent from disney channel? shes from nick

  23. EseFranvids

    Keke Palmer has a really good voice!!! i love it!!!

  24. FlawlessSelMarie

    This is one of my favorite Christmas songs!! I love this CD!!

  25. Melissa Jellie

    @ilovejustinbieber116 Well, you can see the commercial if you search 'Home For The Holidays Jesse.' I was going to send you the link, but it wouldn't let me.

  26. YouJustDoYou14

    @xJacquelynn He never recorded the whole song.

  27. Melissa Jellie

    No...I don't. I really wish I did!

  28. xJacquelynn

    Yess! Do you have the version from Jesse? I can't find it anywhere but the few seconds in the Walmart Commercial!

  29. Melissa Jellie

    Jesse McCartney does it the best. =)

  30. daddyzlilgrl12322

    @davyjones510 if you sound out lol. instead of L-O-L..
    its LAWL

  31. Caitlyn S

    Love this song! It's way too catchy though! :D

  32. lastmanstanding91

    this is like a gansta verison of this song

  33. Mic-mic Juane

    omg! Christmas is so soon! I can't wait!!!!!

  34. dd670

    heyy umm wanna videotape you guys dancing this? i just need some ideas pls. i need this for my JROTC class. i wont steal i promise.

  35. dd670

    like a real dance? if it is wanna videotape yourself? i need help with christmas choreography this song is awesome.

  36. This3lla

    cool song

  37. Yo Mama

    cant wait for feeling ever!

  38. love888881 / diangelo woods account # 1.

    o.m.g dis is my 2 favorite song off of the album and my first favorite song off of dis album issong by me and my little sister idols the cheetah girls aka tcg have yourself a merry little christmas and ke ke palmer is 1 of my idols as well

  39. destined94

    this song is AWESOME!!!!!!! keke's an AMAZING singer!!!!!!!!!! she should be morre famous!!!!!!!!

  40. bug102693

    my dance class is dancing to this song too :)

  41. LaNaria Elizabeth

    this would have been a great song on the "I'll be home for Christmas" soundtrack...
    Johnathan Taylor Thomas version!!!

  42. Melissa A

    This is my favorite christmas song from this cd. This song rocks.

  43. Jennie Lamere

    Im doing a dance to this song x3

  44. Amélie

    Keke is one of my favorite singer!!

  45. catgirl01

    wow, she's a pretty good singer. i never noticed because i always watched the music videos and they suck

  46. Michelle C

    luv this song!

  47. Hannah Williams

    are you seriously comparing keke palmer to jesse mccarteny ?? ur a dumbass !!!

  48. xNaruto

    good song and if the agas family can read this its me mark

  49. Chels Lena

    what is???

  50. Chels Lena

    wow thats really cool!!! bet u get LOTS of presents. lol. TOOTLES!!! -~-~ Chels!!!

  51. xxilynjxx

    i also LOVE Christmas and i have this cd its awesome!~ every song!<3

  52. Iceis Spices

    She's very talented! Her and Corbin would make an bangin duet!

  53. Valerie581

    WoW! She sings this VERY WELL! OMG! I love this song, I was trying to find the one where Jesse McCartney sings this but I couldn't find it. I love it!

  54. Heartbreaking Bravery

    MEEE TOOO!!! Who would'nt? (who dos'nt?! grumpy old people who don't like kids! nah jk lol

  55. Katie Heffner

    omg! i LOVE this song! it's awesome!

  56. Heartbreaking Bravery

    I saw her in Gurnee Illinois with the Jonas Brothers!!!!

    Go Keke!!!


  57. Molly Rose Rutman

    Awesome song. Love it