Palmer, Keke - Hologram Lyrics

You know you can't hold on to a shadow.
After the suns gone down.
And you can't touch what's invisible.
That's what I am to you now.
So tell me how does it feel.
My love for you wasn't just an illusion.
I wish that you could say the same.
You had me filled with so much confusion.
I was afraid to let us fade.
With YOU, but I'm better on my own.

How do I love what isn't there?
What we had slipped into thin air.
MY EYES wish for you to be standing here.
But God knows it's best you disappear.
I can't help but reaching out my hands.
Reaching out for a hologram.
(I'm already gone, I'm already gone)
You're reaching out for a hologram.
(I'm already gone, I'm already gone)

You couldn't love me in 3 dimensions even if you tried.
You should've paid just a little more attention.
You let our love slip out your sight.
In vision YOU and now it's shatteres.
No more time for walking backwards.
It's time to let it be.
I'm gonna keep on moving forward.
I found my way through the maze.
There's someone better out there for me.


Everything looks so much clearer
Once the clouds have gone away
And my loves flowing like a river.
Have they all been washed away?
With you, I was drowning but now I I can breathe again. again.
To you I'm no longer here.
I'm just a hologram.
You can't touch me.
I'm just a hologram.


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Palmer, Keke Hologram Comments
  1. Montina Robins

    My favorite song is Hologram

  2. Montina Robins

    Hey keke palmer THIS MONTINA ROBINS i like and Love all your Music your Music is the Best and i am a Big fan of you


    Honestly didn't know about this singer until Ice Age 4. Yeah.....

  4. Tatiyona Mcneal

    Nice Beat Keke Palmer I can actually see your number one video

  5. Lorrin Davis

    Lawd I'm just hearing this song... I can so feel this song smh... I love him but it's like we're an illusion; perhaps I'm delusional. Where is the time? My heart dies the more I yearn and think about the time passing us by, but deep down I know that maybe this is the way it should be.

  6. Krista Sings!!

    I like keke palmer

  7. vitória Alves

    y love yo 🎶🎶🎶🎶

  8. Taniyah Duncan

    this is the best song by keke p. and i dont know why she doesnt get the support she deserves ... but they always give people that are 1. not talent and what i mean by not talent by 1 they are horrible at singing .... 2 they have to have somebody as their partner just to make them successful when they can say to themselves i can do this all by my self ... i got this
    . i dont need any one help .. like why cant so called great singers be just like MY GIRL Keke Palmer?? like the people im talking about is the people who got the support .. and half of these celebrities that have support dont even have good talent.. but their is 1 person that do have talent 1 person that made it successful on their own without any ones help 1. person that deserves most of the support and 1 person that should really be famous 1 person, 1 girl 1strong girl 1beautiful girl 1 TALENTED girl that ive saw acted on TV and Heard some of her Amazing songs every sense i was a little girl up until now .. 1 girl and 1 girl only that Amazing talented 1 girl is KEKE PALMER.. we should all stand up and give her support .. GOOD support .. trust me yall she deserves it
    . deserves the best....

  9. Aunestly Beautiful


  10. Brianna Brown

    like all of your music 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀

  11. Danica Remy

    she sings so good. love her so much. 

    Taniyah Duncan

    yea she really does

  12. Malesha Grant

    love this song her voice is so amazing

  13. Danica Remy

    Love this song

  14. Anaui X

    she loook like ciara .how her face look

  15. Miracle G

    I give Keke 2 thumbs up because she doin good ass music .

  16. SmileBunBun1134

    Love this song ever since I first time I heard it

  17. capsules4u

    this has brandy human wroyten all over it

  18. Raquel Lopes

    Love this song!!!! :)

  19. Raquel Lopes

    Amazing song! Keke Palmer has a beautiful voice: )

  20. Aumir Greaves

    This the best song ever. Keke takeover plzzz!!!

  21. ashtyn nyx

    Reminds me of brandy

  22. kimmilovesrayray

    Love it 3

  23. Original1990


  24. Fidget Mami

    keke palmer is awsome and i look up to her and want a singing career please help me out and check out my cover type in anonda hellems and im singing just like a star by corinne bailey rae

  25. MarissaOdom

    If she was with Disney, she wouldn't have gotten discovered. Disney is poor and no one watches it except for 10 year olds and lower, just sayin. I'm just a big fan of Nick and I don't know why she stopped acting on Nick. I guess she just wanted to focus on singing.

  26. MrOIOI89

    i love it awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  27. shimriya

    @1990babyface could you please tell me what makes her demonic like what exactly did you see or hear?

  28. kendra cozier

    @1990babyface your ignorance and close minded opinions don't need to be expressed

  29. Killa Allen

    hey keke gurl i just wana say dnt let the haters get to yu i think ur amazin gurl keep doin wat yu do and wen yu see this msg write me back plz have a nice day :)!!!

  30. Killa Allen

    @babyface1990 listen if u dnt like her stop writin on her stuff im sure she see us arguin bout her but im arguin bout her in a good way yu talkin bad about the gurl just leave alone like if u dnt like her oh well other ppl do so on that note im bout to listen to her now bye

  31. Killa Allen

    @1990babyface what yu have against her like she is a real good singe and actress like ur not suppose to b like that

  32. Killa Allen

    yes she does have a beautiful voice i wish i could see her in rl

  33. Cental Harper

    she sounds so much like brandy did when she first debuted in this song

  34. Naae Naae

    Is anyone addicted to this song as much as I am?
    Keke's voice is absolutely magnificent :D

  35. New Educational Books


  36. Diane King

    Keke Palmer is the most amazing person she is so down to earth and gorgeous i wish i was like her up at the top

  37. LexLexy15

    Love it

  38. A. Riley

    Dope .... sounds liek some brandy type-ish ...... loves it

  39. retrina westerfield


  40. NicQ1000

    Amazing. Simply amazing. <3

  41. saramusicentral

    listen to her new song break up season

  42. Keke Daily

    Thanks for 20,000 views.

  43. Mykey Hilliard

    @jazminesanchez1997 Oh wow her music has changed so so much since then. Her voice is stronger and the songs are better.

  44. Deshon Riggins

    @JAsantiago100 you're right i never thought about that

  45. M A S H U P G A W D // Harper

    I LOVE this song. Its like her BEST song!!

  46. Deshon Riggins

    her best song to date

  47. Kayla Mahan

    she is on the right channel cause disney stars seem to go crazy and they really cant sing like at all and the nick stars are blowing them out the water!!! she's dope!!!! and that is all

  48. Gabriella Tee

    i love this song, infact most her songs she's got a really good voice don't know why she's not popular..

  49. Keke Daily

    @sillyboilild She has in the past she wrote Keke's song "The Game Song"

  50. Mykey Hilliard

    @12345656087 I agree with what your saying! But I think Keke will be taken seriously. Compared to her Nickelodeon peers she is the most vocally gifted and has more serious music. Well see. And alot of them aren't taken seriously because there show and music tie in together but Keke's does not.

  51. Sunjas



    nice song

  53. Sharee Williams

    Luv her voice in dis song... Wayyyy ova tha scale.....

  54. Jordan Brown

    @TaYLoRBReaKouT RIGHT. Keekee has WORKED for her suceess
    Hannah Montana just had it because her daddy

  55. ipiesings

    hannah montana doesnt deserve all those thing keke musst have it all cuz she is talented, is my role model and i love her f u c k miley cyrus

  56. Mykey Hilliard

    Amazing song! And these aren't gonna be on her album so its really doesn't matter if they leak or not!

  57. Destiny Foreman

    love it

  58. Guerdy St.Fleur

    Why the hell is all of her songs getting Leaked?..Thats not fair at all

  59. Music Genius

    brandy all the way !

  60. ibrahim9013

    Damn this is a great song, Keke Palmer is GREAT!

  61. jadahbre21

    her voice is amazing n she luks pretty

  62. Valentina Funaro

    She should be much more famous than what she is! She's amazing!!

  63. _.Michal._


  64. hns231

    keke palmers voice is amazing. :)

  65. kekemusic1

    i love it