Palmer, Keke - Break Up Season Lyrics

If you want me to go. I will go.
And I’ll give you time to think about
What you just said to me.
If you tell me to leave. I will leave.
And I’ll ride with that right down to misery.
I love you farewell.

My hearts broken in two pieces.
Guess I wasn’t ready for break up season.
He didn’t even have a reason.
He just rather see me leavin.
Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye Goodbye
Farewell Farewell Goodbye
Hello to break up season.
Hello to break up season. Oh.

If I wanted to stay, could I please?
And stand right beside you laughing happily.
Just like we used to be.
If you rather me go, just let me be.
Dont lead me on, you know thats wrong.
And I’ll be at your front door
liftin up the mat lookin for the key.


I saw the signs but I didn’t wanna see the truth.
The clouds moved in and I know it was cause of you.
Eventually everything must come to an end.
I didn’t know that today I’d be your ex-girlfriend.


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Palmer, Keke Break Up Season Comments
  1. Stoned Mermaid

    Still here 2020

  2. Luanne Dice

    Just found this song about to be 2020

  3. Cali


  4. Aliyah Chambers

    Still listening in 2018💥💥

  5. Foreign Princess

    still listening to this in 2017 😍😘

  6. Summer Hayes

    still sing this :)

  7. Lakeithy London

    I love her music she my everything

  8. briannajackson03

    Love this song

  9. BGLuver97

    the clapping at the beginning remind me of "good morning baltimore" from hairspray haha

  10. Maísa Silva

    Muito bom amei a musica amo keke Palmer

  11. TheJhowzinho15

    My favoritee song for keke