Pain Of Salvation - On A Tuesday Lyrics

I was born in this building
It was the first Tuesday
I had ever seen
And if I live to see tomorrow
It will be my Tuesday number

How life has its way
Of turning your best suit
The wrong way
As if to smile and say
"I feast on irony, my friend.
I'm come-what-may
And it might just be, my friend
That this is your unlucky day
Will you change? What would you give to stay?"

Will I change?
I honestly can't say
I have no promises to trade
For the Lord of come-what-may
To provide me with another day
Every promise that I make
Is a promise I might break

The things we humans say to survive
The promises we make
The lies we tell
Vows we take
The battles we all win to survive
Prices we will pay
Though we all know
We will lose one day

Life is a ride, they say
But there are tickets I will never pay
I'm afraid there'll be no vow today
For any God of come-what-may

You let me live
You let me die
For what I am right here and now
For nothing more than all I am today
I close my eyes...
I do not pray

Promises—they tempt me too
Will I change?
I won't be that fool
Maybe for a day, a week
Maybe two
I'm a dreamer physicist
A man-child escapist
The face of death won't make me an evangelist
I close my hands
But not in prayer
Not in prayer
Into fists

I lost the will

The things we humans say to survive
The promises we make
The lies we tell
The vows we take
The battles we all win to survive
The prices we will pay
Though we will lose either way

I lost the will
I lost the way
I haven't lost the faith
It's just lost in me

I lost the will...

The things
That we must say
To pretend
This passing light of day
Is not the end
Is not the end

The things
That we all say
To be saved
The things that we will trade
Just give away
For one more day
We'll smile and tell
Sweet lies
To chase away
The shadows that play
Cast by the passing light of day

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Pain Of Salvation On A Tuesday Comments
  1. Pyramid Head

    1:51 didn't know Corey Taylor is on back-up vocals :D

  2. 1000 TeVe - Games e Vlogs

    on guitars...

    Hallgren >>>> Ragnar

  3. Oğulcan Yolcu

    I'm happy to see Johan back but Ragnar's voice was unmatchable. His voice was so clear, and I'm kinda sad because Daniel became a lazyass after Ragnar joining the band. Ragnar was singing most of the times. Beyond the Pale, Undertow, Ashes.. Ragnar never missed a note. And today Daniel can't even sing Iter Impius. What happened to this poetic monster? I miss the old days so much. I don't think that the illness affected too much.

    Betin Meistika

    I think the illness took his voice a bit. Remember he was staying in hospital almost half a year. And the recovery after the incident was took more time. And of course aging, you can't beat it.
    About why Ragnar singing so many parts, i think Daniel was just taking advantages. Having a lead singer like Ragnar in the band means he could back him up night by night. Also i think it was very nice of him by taking a step back so the new guy could have a spotlight and feel at home.
    Now i'm hoping the same space for Johan since he's also a great singer ❤

  4. Salman Walead

    I don't see ragnar, I weep ...

  5. Covesthur

    Amazing, a song that grows for each time you hear it. And such personal lyrics.

  6. TOUCH

    One of the best show at HELLFEST 2017 !!!!

  7. Omair Sheikh

    Daniel was waiting to get buffed before inviting Johan back into the band

  8. Omair Sheikh

    Johan that has to be the most hideous hairstyle I've ever seen

  9. Isabela Nunes

    Johan humilha ragnar =D
    bjs do br

  10. 0rfe

    Johan is the essence of the POS! And when i mean POS, which has been rocking my world for 18 years! After a little break, here comes something sounds POS o/ Johan write us old POS style blue guitar solos and Daniel, sing on my heart always.. we are getting old some kind together!


    At least i wrote my comment on Tuesday haha (gmt +3 my time and it's almost 1am haha)

  11. Steven Flores

    Ugh, I just want them to do a U.S tour again

  12. Sheldon Cooper81

    Saw them on Friday August 31. ONE of the Best concerts of my Life. Set List was amazing i just wish it had something from Entropia & Remedy Lane. My 2 Favorite Pain of Salvation Albums

    Sheldon Cooper81

    Oh Yeah its very Rare for them to Play that Song. They played Pilgrim in Berlin. I would love it if they played Winning a War of Entropia

  13. bukek siansu

    The one and only...DG

  14. Liszt figuera

    the backing vocals are ruining the song

  15. Cats, Coffee & Guitars

    When Ragnar replaced Johan everyone was crying because they missed Johan, now it's the other way around...
    Make up your minds people :D
    Pain of Salvation is Daniel.

    Robert Herrick

    The people who missed Halgren and the people who miss Zolberg are not always the same people.


    Not this album, half the good songs including this one are basically ragnar’s


    I wish they had both and Daniel do bass and vocals 🤯😊

    Robert Herrick

    @rage Source?


    @Robert Herrick ,rockers don't bathe is the whole of meaningless
    Also, listen to celestia cause it's a masterpiece...

  16. Thom Dittm

    A big "Welcome back" to Johan! :)

  17. Kai Löffler

    Needs more Ragnar

  18. A Cosmic Castaway

    I'm here once again.
    Maybe I've lost the way.
    But not the will. And not in prayer.
    Into fists.

  19. Janneke Smids

    I need more!! :P

  20. Andy Breivik

    I'm so glad for this album. They were sort of losing me with Road Salt, but I put this album up there with BE.

  21. Midnight Quake

    I was there and this was legit the best gig I've seen in my entire life. I'm really sad I can't make it to any show of their upcoming tour..

  22. Alex Balanov

    I'm sorry, but this really lacks Ragnar :(



  23. Charles North

    Great song and a great live performance.


    this live performance just blew my head right off !

  24. Stefania Pompei


  25. Karin Sulmann

    Great music, but Ragnar should be there !

  26. Gabriel Diéguez

    Later on the tour Leo started singing the part starting at 4:20, saw them in Santiago, Chile. A much better fit for that part IMO!


    I checked it out and it's true ^_^

    Robert Herrick

    @Brombit Wow Gabriel was right! 8:01 right here:

    Taylor Webber

    Yup, i saw them like 3 weeks later and they had already made this change. Met Leo after the show and he shrugged it off like it was nothing.

  27. keet2xx8

    this is beyond greatness.... what a band!

  28. PES Roger Vs Márcio 15:30 ao vivo

    cadê os BR marcando presença?

    A Cosmic Castaway

    Roger ARTS 🙄 presente.

    Rafael Cota

    Toda hora!

  29. mayhem


  30. Thiago Paiva

    Blu-ray? Any possibility of having a Pain of Salvation blu-ray?

  31. Hugo Leonardo


  32. jc matias

    i miss ragnar...

    Betin Meistika

    I don't :-P
    Love Johan Hallgren! <3


    Pain of Salvation is one the leading bands in the progressive genre in the past 20 years. Why Daniel, the mastermind behind such project, should envy him? It's not like anybody knew Ragnar before he joined PoS...


    I really wonder how long Ragnar's fans have been listening to the band. I mean, he definitely brought some cool musical moments. But he always had this weird attitude that felt off... or at least not very "PoS-esque". And the whole drama around his departure pretty much validated this feeling in the end. If anything, he's far more likely to be the jealous one imo.
    Johan is super charismatic and chill, a longtime fan favorite. He shouldn't have left.

    Jonas Hoffmann

    So true.. Great musician and I appreciate his contribution to the music, but he just din't fit.. He seemed like an angsty emo-kid.. Johan on the other hand.. Well what can I say... I always had a huge mancrush on him :)

    jc matias

    well i follow the band for about 10y,, more or less (and i know they have twice the time on the road, but hey, i'm a young adult :P)
    I just said i miss Ragnar because I really liked him on PoS and I would love to see more contributions, since I loved ITPLOD. I also think his desmissal from the band was a lil fucked up... And just as someone above said he have a "mancrush" on johan, I love Ragnar's "teen angst-emo-drag-kid" style, yes kind have a "crush", and there's nothing wrong with that, right? :)
    Anyways... I got nothing against johan and I'm still following the band.

  33. Enrico Chiodino

    hell yesss \m/ see you guys soon in London!

  34. Matthew Paluch


  35. Stan-W D

    Good Job, POS!

  36. Enkalex

    Released on a thursday, what a disapointment...

  37. Gauvain Gaggini

    Too much darkness here ^^

    A Cosmic Castaway

    Gauvain Gaggini Embrace it.

    Gauvain Gaggini

    Yeah of course !

  38. Luiz Oliveira

    Is that a New dvd? Must buy.

  39. gaspode8

    Killer performance!



  40. Celso Rossatto

    Thank you for sending me!
    The like 75 is mine!

  41. Raymaster7482

    sorry but the singing is just subpar... I've seen PoS a couple of times live and they were much better then


    I actually found this pretty good. If they are better usually, it must be truly awesome


    I still think he sounds great, but he is aging and has recently suffered a terrible affliction that might've affected his voice. Personally, I think he's as great as ever.


    Dondoran yes, those months in the hospital didn't help his voice but it's getting better. In this video the harmonies are the weakest part - at least for me

    Pedro Augusto Ferraz de Melo Vieira

    @kalkwise the concert I've attended this year was pretty much awesome


    I watched a video of this concert a long time ago. It was not their best performance, to be honest. I read later on the heat was sofocating on the stage. This is night already, but they started when sun was already out and it seems they got drained pretty fast. Still, they delivered a good enough show, as you can see.

  42. Jakub Vaňous

    It sucks without Ragnar ! ☹️

    A Cosmic Castaway

    José Manzano Totally understandable. Songs Ragnar is involved won't have any improvements.


    it just kinda feels a little shitty. It's clear that he had a significant impact on this latest album, and while I've loved Daniel and PoS for a long time, this record made me feel like i did when I first discovered the band. I can't complain about Hallgren cause it's good to see him back, but it feels like Ragnar was done dirty.

    Betin Meistika

    It doesn't. Ragnar's significant contributions are only on ITPLOD and Falling Home (the song). Lets not forget, Hallgren was with PoS creating masterpiece(s) like TPE, RL, and BE. So Hallgren definitely more than a member, he's a part of PoS family. Besides, Hallgren is fun, friendly, and humble person. How can we resist that kind of guy? :-)

    A Cosmic Castaway

    Betin Meistika I love him. Hallgren is a nice humble guy indeed. Did some random art of him last week.


    Can't be serious.

  43. Dávid Simon

    3:12 strange

    Gauvain Gaggini

    Dávid Simon yep

    Pedro Augusto Ferraz de Melo Vieira

    definitely live haha

  44. ClitoriuX

    Oh yeah...