Pain Of Salvation - No Way Lyrics

There is no way that you can love her like I do.
Oh no, there is no way - I see through you.
'Cause when I hold her in the night,
All that is wrong will become right.
And I know that she feels it, too,
'Cause no-one loves her like I do.

There is no way that you could know her like I do.
Oh no, there is now way you'll ever do.
She is a flower of the wild,
Oh, and I have seen her from her darkest side.
She is a twisted little ride,
And you will never know her like I do.

But still I'm crying, feels like bleeding from two self-inflicted wounds.
Young and helpless, treading water in a cesspool of maroon.
Feels like dying, feels like dying... But I'll live!
But I'll live!
But I'll live!
But I'll live!

There is now way that you could touch her like I do.
Oh no, she thinks of me when she's with you.
She wants it gently like a child,
But play her right and she goes wild.
But one step wrong and she will hide.
And you will never touch her like I do.

There is now way that you can fuck her like I can.
Oh no, you're simply not that kind of man.
'Cause sometime when she's screaming no,
She really wants for you to go, go, go.
But you can never ask her why,
No, then she will close up and deny.

But still I'm bleeding this old road salt from my self-inflicted eyes.
Slowly scarring and corroding, to thaw this young heart of ice.
And I'm kneeling, yes I'm kneeling... But I'll live!
But I'll live!
But I'll live!
But I'll live!

I can see how you would need her to spice up your grind.
I can see why she moves you - knocks you out of orbit and mind.
And I can see how you need her to save you from yourself.
Unmeshing you from your grid, to dust you off on your shelf.

But I can't see why she needs you.
I can't see that at all.
You'd have something that I don't?
Would that be possible?
Would that be possible?
Would that be possible?
Would that be possible?

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Pain Of Salvation No Way Comments
  1. Julian Hansen

    There is no way that you can "FUCK" her like i can! Song wouldn´t have been the same without :P Great song, from a great constantly evolving band!

  2. El Duderino

    It may sound "funny" but I was shown that album from a fellow student of mine, when my girlfriend broke up with me, to substitute me with another man.
    I heard that album a lot at that time. It spoke out, what I was feeling about her. At least my love for her, she couldn't give away. It belonged to me. Me alone.

    It's been three years since then. She has married that guy in the meantime. And I am still sad and alone. Thinking about how glad I was at that time, although I didn't realize it, then...

    All this experiences of being completely alone, without friends or surviving family for years has shown me one thing: That a man does not need anybody to keep on living. I do not NEED anybody anymore. But there is no day, when I do not think back at these days. About that paradise I had.
    "This old road salt. [...] Slowly scarring and corroding."

    So many bad memories. I truly wish, I would have never met her.

    PS: Thank you Negar, for showing me this gem of album. There will always be a place in my heart for you.

  3. Philip Andrew Da Silva

    This is The Break Up song

  4. Marcos F

    Pri, sos hermosa

  5. XxMr99xX

    4:45 <3

  6. Lorenza Castillo

    GOOOOD !!!!☆☆☆

  7. Carlos Rodriguez

    the picture reminds me a LOT long life rock' roll Rainbow's album....

  8. LukaBrasiFontain

    Anyone know where I can buy this version? I need to pay them for this.


    this is contaned by Limited version of Road Salt One....I don't know whether you can buy or can't, but in Japan, it is sold by amazon


    Thanks. I'll have a look!

  9. Michael Kraemerman

    i love this album

  10. Uani Tillmon

    leaves me breathless, I tell ya!

  11. doggonemess

    Where is the "I freaking love this" button? Like doesn't cut it.

  12. ContessaNera

    Raw, passionate, disrespectful, and both the singing and the music scratch the skin and sink deep.

  13. Adam Hoque

    This song woke me up all right, there is hope for music yet

  14. Letthemusicspeak

    Dude, I love your King Crimson logo. Discipline album rules!

  15. Curiousrocker90

    This song is freaking magic, dude. So awesome

  16. Karina Cruz

    Fucking eargasm

  17. natia natia

    no words!!!!!!

  18. Soci Sms

    I really love Daniel's voice, its just... oh god *eargasm*

  19. AkhHorus

    I´ve may never heard the better song for my feeling that this one .... I mean ... I love it, dont even have words

  20. Dominique Monsalve

    drrsnn temazo

  21. ramaber13

    @EddyCrimson I absolutely love it.

  22. Pablo Vinay

    Wow, so superficial, yet so true and incredible. and it's a fucking great song musically speaking. They made a perfect song here...

  23. sthral

    this is so raw and deep, it give me chills

  24. Peta Louiza

    fucking true.....!



  26. Kostas Kokka

    this song makes me happy! xD

  27. quetimporta

    thanks for posting this dude

  28. Eddy Crimson

    @esaul17 It's from the limited edition of the album! ;)