Pain Of Salvation - Falling Home Lyrics

I am an old bird
Careworn from flying
Caught in the down wind far from home

I used to fly
I was fire
Mine was the sky and the sun
Maybe I'm too far gone and my wings too beaten and torn
(Now I'm lost and I'm tired)
'Cause I spin and I stall
But I hope if I fall
I am falling home

To you

I should be home now
Done with this wild sky
My only hope now is falling home
I'm falling home
I'm falling home
I'm falling home

I used to fly
I was fire
Mine was the sky and the sun
But I'm too far gone and my wings too beaten and torn
(Now I'm lost and I'm tired)
'Cause I spin and I stall
And I hope if I fall
I am falling home
Falling home

To you

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Pain Of Salvation Falling Home Comments
  1. Lydia Radomska

    Beautiful music. Touches soul. Dragonfly

  2. Marcelo Yakko

    sublime , touch my soul...thanks

  3. kairi chan

    I'll be home with you soon

  4. Lydia Radomska


  5. Arlen Resende

    This song leaves me breathless.

  6. Claude P.

    Blonde dude has the most annoying voice. Sounds like some of those emocore bands

  7. Foreign Rock Opera

    Goose-bumps ! Magical song, magical voices..

  8. Ricardo Rodrigues

    This song is completely insane. It is a shame that Ragnar Zolberg is no longer a band member.

  9. Silvia Peez

    Simply beautyful!

  10. Stories

    Ragnar Zolberg - that is the blond guitar player, right? He has a phenomenal voice !!! He actually sounds like an angry woman. But really really good to my ears.

  11. Biserka Brkic

    PoS just has so many layers... my heart...

  12. Chris S.

    I've been a long time fan and defender of Pain of Salvation, but their newer style (this song included) just kind of falls flat for me. It doesn't even have to do with the lack of "metalness" as of late that a lot of others seem to be bothered by, some of my favorite songs of theirs are some of the slower, softer songs like "Dedication" and "Iter Impius". I guess all great bands have their golden period followed (and sometimes preceded) by lesser music, it's just hard to see it happen to one of my all-time favorite bands. At least Symphony-X is still kicking ass, they haven't let me down yet.

  13. Cartman Dreamer

    bring Ragnar back!!

  14. Nowaha

    It's a great song. I haven't seen any hate, don't know what people are referring to?

  15. Neither cure nor place

    This song leaves you breathless. I can't really understand people insulting PoS for it. Maybe it's not the metal you expected, but it doesn't mean the song isn't good enough. When you listen to this song you can feel - almost touch - the feelings behind these words. It makes me cry and think about the person I love in such a un unusual way...
    Thank you with all my heart.

  16. Ricardo Rodrigues

    beautiful and perfect song...

  17. headhunter82a

    Esta canción... sin palabras

  18. Raiderblack

    This song rules... their voices are amazing together... too bad we won't get more...

  19. Calciumchlorid

    Can you recommend more music like this ?
    Ia am looking for more!

  20. Thamires Milanes

    It's sad that Ragnar time with Pos was not as happy as PoS time having him as a member. No words to describe how talented I think he is, how much he brought to this album, and how he should have stayed because Daniel and him did something amazing.

  21. Tiago Toledo

    This video is so amazing..what an awesome song performance and video...just a shame we wont see this 2 together anymore.

  22. Alex G

    Breathtakinly beautiful.

  23. Ifty Sarwar

    I am an old bird
    Careworn from flying
    Caught in the down wind far from home
    I used to fly
    I was fire
    Mine was the sky and the sun
    Maybe I'm too far gone and my wings too beaten and torn
    (now I'm lost and I'm tired)
    'Cause I spin and I stall
    But I hope if I fall
    I am falling home
    To you
    I should be home now
    Done with this wild sky
    My only hope now is falling home
    I'm falling home
    I'm falling home
    I'm falling home
    I used to fly
    I was fire
    Mine was the sky and the sun
    But I'm too far gone and my wings too beaten and torn
    (now I'm lost and I'm tired)
    'Cause I spin and I stall
    And I hope if I fall
    I am falling home
    Falling home
    To you

  24. Patricia Fallis

    im home beautiful

  25. Dr. Mantis Toboggan, M.D.

    PoS is so versatile. I like this just as much as their harder stuff. There's nothing wrong with variety, people.

  26. ANdrew Gilmour


  27. Ricardo Martins

    Ragnar sounds and looks a lot like Sebastian Bach from Skid Row, hahaha

  28. LunaWolf29

    OK. Just checked out two more of their vids-- Linoleum and Reasons-- AWESOME!!! Going to see where I can buy their music and will probably watch a live show I saw posted here.

  29. LunaWolf29

    I don't get some of the criticism here. I love this song. Great harmonies and love the video. I have heard of Pain of Salvation but have never heard their music. It sounds like this is a break from their usual style which I assume is metal? I love hard rock and metal too but I also love Celtic music and Spanish guitar and blues based artists like Chris Stapleton. Fans and artists don't always have to stay in the same genre-- it gets boring. Yes, sometimes a band will try something different and it falls flat but I'm sorry, I think this is beautiful. I will check out more of their music, metal or not.

  30. Matjaž Petrič

    some1 suggested this band to be good. i've listened to 5songs. none of them sat right.

  31. Mars Topia

    "More than woooords, is all you have to do to make it reaaaaaal"

  32. Michelle Cayla

    Merci à vous

  33. Rasal

    fucking love this

  34. monaski

    This song makes the world a better place. Live your emotions, let them echo in eternity

  35. Kleber Fainer

    And this song reminds of Hanson. (=

  36. Raquel Fernandes Zorzanelli

    I'm addicted to these voices.... Gee...

  37. Cure For Optimism

    Ragnar should seriously be a model...he's gorgeous! Of course I don't just like him for his looks lol that's just a bonus. 😄 He's incredibly talented too. His voice is incredible. The first time I heard this song I was impressed but it wasn't until I heard Daniel and him together in "Meaningless" that I realized how great their voices are together. They're so different sounding but the contrast works perfectly. The first time I heard "Meaningless" I was in awe. (That whole album is amazing!) He's a great addition to Pain of Salvation. 🙂

    Raquel Fernandes Zorzanelli

    I am seriously obsessed with Ragnar.

  38. Bwanito Bwanito

    bien sûr c'est pas tout à fait eux, mais c'est magnifique

  39. Diana O

    Beauty of Daniel never ceases to impress me...

  40. The Urban Grouse

    Great harmonies! Beautiful song! Thanks for this ...

  41. Raí Tolkki

    Triste sou eu gostar tanto dessa música, pegar ela no violão mas ninguém conhece ou curte :/ toco só pra mim mesmo

  42. Sin Sin

    powerful voice.. love it

  43. TheNotSoEvilDead

    HAHA little bitchboy blocked me. As usual, people run when they figure out they are on the wrong side of an argument.


    ElisaZ. sorry the truth hurts, but that doesn't change it. keep screaming "racist". it's cute.

  44. Thomas Hirschl

    I love this Band so much!!!!!

  45. Mike Patrick

    Man, can Daniel find sidemen, or what? Jeez...

  46. doggonemess

    Every time PoS releases a new album they change their style and I'm afraid I'm not going to like it... and I LOVE IT! They might be the most versatile band I've ever heard.

  47. Raymaster7482

    Great song but they "borrowed" some ideas from Pink Floyds On The Turning Away

    Supertonic Jack

    yeah to some extend. true. but that is more than usual these days, especially. many styles and ideas already exist, so it can also be a coincidence. you know most artists just write there songs and don't mind to much if it turns out they were obviously or subtly influenced by other artists.

    R Neumann

    yeah but neverthless it doesn't take this song identity at all! think about it as a homage!

    R Neumann

    besides, its just a chord progression that reminds of on the turning away...

  48. Luke Warren


  49. TheDeathOfPassion

    DAMN! not following bands as i used to and just learned about gildenlow health situation. I'll make a quick reasearch but I'll ask anyway, does anybody know if he's better?

    i feel the cosmos telling me he's dying.....


    He is better and PoS is going to release a new album soon

  50. Carol Jayubo

    Are they the one on the Facebook who covers More than Words song? :/

  51. muntificator

    Personally this reminds me of the band Arstidir. It may not be Remedy Lane or Be, but it's a damn nice song from an awesome album

  52. Ahmed Freak

    Prog Snob

  53. Brad Bowman

    Is this POS's "More Than Words"?

    Daniel Death


  54. ganondorfchampin

    Daniel Gildenlow has the most soulful voice a white guy can have.

    David Schiess

    TheNotSoEvilDead * grabs popcorn*


    @TheNotSoEvilDead They don't get extra points on standardized tests, I don't know what shit you are talking about. It is true the AVERAGE black person scores lower than the AVERAGE white person, but that's believed to be mainly a reflection of systematic poverty rather than genetic intelligence (this is clear from the Flynn effect, where white people did just as bad in the past when the lived in similar conditions). I've actually lived in majority black countries like Ethiopia, and it's obvious you just don't know what you're talking about.

    I didn't miss the main point, moron, because you had no point. There is a difference between stereotypes and actual biological differences. Now get your racist ass out of here.


    Sorry, but I do not give platforms to racists. Blocked.


    They do actually its bullshit they literally call it positive discrimination. It's called affirmative action


    While affirmative action is a form of discrimination, not all "positive" discrimination is affirmative action, and it's done to balance out existing inequalities. It's terrible not because it's discriminatory, but because it actually has the opposite effect that it's intended because having people compete relatively more skilled people causes them to do worse.

  55. spiramandra96

    Beautiful song!!!

  56. Rafałx

    The power of this band is because they make music masterpieces and just simply song like this one.

  57. Jonatan Frota

    Muito bom!!!!!!

  58. Mario Sergio Garcia Maciel

    Skid Row.

  59. Sir Marcus 'Ninguém' Santana

    Denial! Vocês notaram quem é o problema? foda-se a tua resposta, anyway... já da pra ver nos seus olhos... ah... a música? é uma merda... vai ficando pop que tu me tromba aqui em cima também. e nunca mais repita o Meu nome!

  60. Marina ZM

    I just need too say, i'm in love with this song.

    Henric Bohm

    +Marina ZM Then you should speek/meet Daniel irl, you will be amazed!

  61. Néstor Darío Figueiras

    Beautiful song, very nice, so deep! I LIKE.

  62. T Mishmash

    Nice lyrics and song but just not my taste

  63. Inxs94

    This is great... Long live progressive

  64. smallikous

    Γέρασε και αυτός!

  65. Soul Strips (official channel)

    I listen to Pain of Salvation, because I look for new sounds and new feelings. This is progressive band, yup?? ...and they always progress, their style is somehow changing. You don't have to love new records, but you can't deny that songs are very good - on high level with very good mix and sound. If you guys want to listen to "Used to" you can do it all the time, but stop being haters - if you want pain of salvation to re-record their ideas - you have chosen wrong band to listen to. Go and check some Iron Maiden (no harm for iron maiden - I love this band also !! ) - you can be sure how will sound next albums.

    This song is awesome. It has this unique sound and kind of melancholic feeling. I think it's very mellow and mature somehow. It has more positive feelings than for example Cribcaged.

    Bractwo Stali (official channel)

    +Soul Strips (official channel) I agree with you ;)


    +Soul Strips (official channel) Well you make a great point, but this particular track sounds similar to one million other pop-rock songs manufactured for mass consumption. During the 'Perfect Element', 'Remedy Lane' and 'Be' years those guys managed to blow our minds away with their unique sound and style. It feels like they've given up, they don't try anymore. Do you see our point?

    Maxime Rossini

    While I agree that PoS did lose a lot of complexity, I think you mix up simplicity and blandness. There is a lot of work in their new style, a lot more than in the average pop song. The ability to perceive and be emotionaly touched by this work and this creativity, the harmonies, arrangements, is probably something you gain with maturity. You don't always need complexity, even though sometimes that's also fine.

    It does not mean their previous work was inferior. It just means it evolved to something different, more mature, that is in no way comparable to bland pop songs (no harm intended to pop artists, some of them are very talented and do not fall into the "bland" category also). Their style is still unique, and they are still very talented, so I have to disagree with your last statements.

    That said, I also agree that something was lost in this evolution. In the case of PoS it would be some sort of complexity and sometimes epicness. In the case of other bands that went through the same kind of maturation, like Leprous, it would be freshness and crazyness. It can displease, in that case it just means you don't like the new orientation they took. But you can't say they've given up, they just changed and you didn't. And to be honest I sometimes miss those things too, so don't think I'm considering myself better than you...


    +Synthetic The last true albums we had from them was written as a double album. They had written like 25 songs with a loose 70s feel to it. It might not have been what some people wanted, but it's clear from watching interviews that it's what the band (Daniel especially) wanted. And Daniel have talked several times about how he feels that it's wrong to put them in the prog-rock (or prog-metal) category, because he himself feels like their music isn't limited to just that. And now on this upcoming album, it seems like they'll once again try some really complex stuff. Honestly it just feels like they wanted to write something in a different style, and less like they've "given up".

  66. Gilgleison Machado

    great song !! thanks daniel !! always perfect !!

  67. Azael

    Not sure why people are butthurt about this song. I don't particularly like it, but I have the utmost respect for Pain of Salvation for evolving and trying new things. Sure, BE was their last truly good album, but need I remind everyone upset about this song of Scarsick? Imo the lowest point of their career. That album just.. didn't.. work.. for me, anyway.
    I would love to see PoS go back to their roots, as I'm sure many other people would, but the most effective way to do that is to experiment, broaden your skill set (Not that anybody in PoS is even remotely under-skilled or under-talented.) If they kept pumping out the same style of progressive metal/rock album after album, they'd get stale and underwhelming.
    By doing what they've been doing, they're expanding their own talents and will ultimately creep back for a heavier album again, and when they do, it'll be fucking awesome.

  68. Metapodlevelover9000000000

    I love this band, it's been my favourite act for almost a decade now, although their lyrics tend to be a little too melodramatic and whining for my taste. When I listen to this song I feel "meh". In the video I don't see anything that moves me (well, maybe the falling snow): I see two guys that look like rock stars (not that I have any prejudices against the cloth people wears, that would be absurd, just that in the context of the video I feel them as fake); a better choice -for my taste- would be some old people. Anyway most music videos suck and they're just begging "accept me", "like me, please".

    One thing I don't undestand about POS (or Gildenlow) is the talk about how they're being brave by puting out this kind of material, because I can't see that bravery. It's not brave to play pop, nu metal, prog, alternative rock, 70s rock, etc, when you're a rock band; most people into rock will like it. They'd be brave if they really took risks, like making a Salsa, Reggaeton or a Eurodance album, genres that most people who is into rock/metal hates (not me, there's really a lot of great music in those genres). They could bring something new also by doing that. There's a lot of music genres yearning to be mixed but most musicians are stuck into a familiar tiny portion of music genres.

  69. John Reynolds

    That was a tear jerker for sure man and I loved the cover of perfect day that you guys did. Definitely going to check out more songs. long live music.

  70. css rbr

    2:53 - my favorite part, Daniel's voice is so intense.

  71. Martin Ariel Cescutti

    Everybody has a right to his own guitar ballad in G major. This one is masterly crafted; the vocal harmonies, the subtle structural peculiarities, the dynamics... but above all that, one can tell that this song is very, very personal. Daniel has really put his story and his soul in the music and lyrics of this song for us to contemplate, and the result is pure beauty. Art.

  72. Martín Enemigo

    Hold on. Hold on. People really DISLIKE this song? Why? Why oh god WHY? This has to be one of the most beautiful songs ever written and I am a fan of PoS since the first album. FUCK people. A song does not have to include a solo of 1324 notes to be awesome, you know? I swear; progressive genre is the best... but the fans are the WORST.

    Tristan Johnson

    Couldn't agree more!

  73. Jeff Buege


  74. Sergeant Novak

    I'm actually fairly new to POS and all I've heard from this point is their awesome prog metal albums like Perfect Element and Remedy Lane. I'm a little sad that I hear it's not something the band is going to be really doing anymore, but I definitely respect an artists choice to change up their style.

  75. João Pedro Abarno Dias

    more than words feelings...

  76. Happy Valentine

    excellent vocal harmonies in a tender acoustic setting. truly well done.

  77. Kleber Fainer

    This is pure beauty, amazing song! I was at their concert here in Curitiba - Brazil, it was beyond any words could describe, thank you, Pain of Salvation for returning to Curitiba!

  78. Fábio Dias

    Such an amazing song! Daniel and Ragnar are a perfect match.
    Can't wait to hear what will come next after this acoustic EP!

  79. manoel santos

    It is the first time i hear a Pain of Salvation song and say: "Ok.", instead of: "Whoa!"

    Nice song, anyway.

  80. Mewandlife

    great song

  81. Diego Alves


  82. Diego Pujol

    What a beautiful song. Daniel Gildenlöw rocks!

  83. ytsejam6891

    Looks cold. I should start a kickstarter to buy Daniel and who the fuck ever the other people are who we are still referring to as "Pain of Salvation" a space heater. Seriously, Daniel, Opeth, Dream Theater, just change the fucking name of the band instead of dragging it through the mud.

  84. Joviana Marques

    This  song is beautiful beyond words.....

  85. Keith Calhoun

    This made me want to buy the new album.

  86. Shashvat Aditya

    NO you narrow minded fools! This is not something that "thousands of bands doing today". I'm sorry but all these people bashing POS are actually the ones conforming to pop culture whereas POS is still breaking it. I still find POS as appealing as before. In fact, I don't even feel like they changed drastically at all. This side of POS always existed.

  87. vanesa zaninovich

    es genial este tema.......................

  88. Kudelasz Mónika

    All my Respect! <3

  89. Kike 80

    The better POS videoclip for the worst POS song...

  90. Linda Balasso


  91. XDoomriderX

    A beautiful song by the greatest band. This song makes me feel sad and a little scared for the future of pain of salvation due to the deep and emotional lyrics here just like in the song road salt. I read them as Daniel always fights an uphill battle with if it is worth to keep on going due to not getting more success. Don't get me wrong, success doesn't mean a thing if you sell out which is why I love Daniel and P.O.S so much, they have done everything they wanted to and their way. And it seems that the more art, and the more work and depth you put into something and being unique and true to what you want to do, then you will have less success because it doesn't become easily accessable to a mass audience. They make music for ppl that knows how to appreciate it, ppl that actually take the time to LISTEN and FEEL. No easy cheap thrills to make a buck. Daniel is one of the few people I have most respect for. I hope he stays strong and keeps on walking down that road.

    I've walked this road so many years
    I've worn down all my boots, I've cried all tears
    So many crossroads left behind
    So many choices burned into my mind

    Maybe it's not enough
    Maybe this time it's just too much
    Maybe I'm not that tough
    Maybe this time the road is just too rough
    To take me home

    To take me home
    To take me home
    To take me home
    But I walk on

  92. Lee Cox

    Lovely vocals and melodies. POS can do what the hell they like, good musicianship shows through whatever the style

  93. MJ Kellner

    Wow! Dream Theater, Pink Floyd and Glen Hansard etc. A couple of years ago he was singing Christmas carols. Does he realise that he sounds like a mixture of other people? Or does he think that these are all his melodies? I'm saying "he" cause it's "he" not them.

  94. Antonio Cortese

    I just read the answers of @SeekingRavenMusic and @ownlife  (the second one answered another post of mine but it was anyway about P.O.S.) and, well, I have to admit that I may have been too extreme saying that what they're doing now is no more P.O.S., and that they should change their name. That's why it's good to share your own thougts: comparing your own opinions with other people's, and the fact that it may bring you to open your mind.
    But anyway, there are some points I'd like to mark.
    1 - P.O.S. line-up has not always been extremely unstable. It began to be unstable by the times when Christoffer Guildenlöw left the band, and then they came out with Scarsick first and  then the Live album Ending Themes (On the two deaths ov P.O.S.), which are both great albums. Their line-up kept being the same in the first 5 albums plus 12:5, which are all surely very different: and by "very different" I don't mean "radically different".
    2 - There was that peculiar "something" in their sound that made them unique, that made them distinguish from many other bands, and it's not their heavy side, but rather their darker side, their grim athmosferes, their pieces rich of unpredictable changes, and you could hear all that even in an unplugged live, like 12:5, which I consider very P.O.S. But I'm not hearing all that "something" in their latest works, that's why I hardly recognize P.O.S. when I listen to what they're doing now.
    3 - I agree that bad critiques may just hurt an artist. Not everyone understands that a true artist always tries to communicate what he feels, and not just what people expect from him. But no one can expect people to be forced to appreciate what he does. Any artist (musician, painter, sculptor, writer or whatever) should know that he has to be prepared to face the critiques and the reaction of his audience, whatever they are.
    4 - I didn't say I don't like what they're doing now, I just think they have lost a huge part of their "dark side" which I appreciated so much, but I hope not definitively: I recently read an interview to Daniel and I'm glad to learn that a new album, which will have a "back to the roots" sound, is coming out. I just can't wait to get it and listen to it: I'll see what they mean by that "back to the roots".
    So, after all the above mentioned, of course they're free to keep the same name or call themselves whatever they want, and change their music style whatever they feel: it's their band, not certainly mine, I'm just a fan, one of the many. but I'm also free to express my feelings and possibly my approval or disapproval. And I'm always prepared to compare my opinion with everyone's.


    @Antonio Cortese Yeah I get, it. I liked Road Salt 1&2 , I think it's still recognizable as POS and songs like 'The Deeper Cut', 'Physics of Gridlock' and 'Linoleum' do have the heavier edge in there. I think their latest efforts are more akin to rock 'n roll than to progressive metal, but you just have to watch them live to see how good of a band they still are, the mix of old and new songs is also really good.As for it being almost a solo project for Daniel I get it too, but Daniel has been on record saying albums like The Perfect Element have been almost entirely composed by him, down to the cymbal crashes so there's no argument that POS is pretty much Daniel's band.Finally, I'm delighted that Falling Home is such a creative album with their tunes re-imagined. So many bands would just record 2 covers and a new song and release it in a collection of old songs, but they took the time to prepare something new, like they did with 12:5 way before.And now we wait hopefully for the new album :)

  95. Iohan Kaus

    Oh Well... It's quite beautiful... But for some reason I did not like it =S

  96. Luke Warren

    This is good shit. But people must realise it's from an acoustic album. You won't find heavy riffage there. This is a beautiful track. It doesn't matter what band put it out it's a winner. But POS always put out amazing music and continue to evolve and push their own agenda not yours. If only other artists were half what Gildenlow is the music scene would be a far better place. Live in shame at speaking out against the master.

  97. Jeil bchcats

    Awesome song & Awesome Band. I love you guys & your music. God bless!