Owl City - New York City Lyrics

I'm digging through the glove box
I thought I had a map in here
The driver's door doesn't lock
I bought the car my junior year
There's candy in my backpack
And you can pick our soundtrack
We're heading for the East Coast tonight
So pack your bags and hold on tight
Cuz we're taking off

We're taking off

Run away with me
We're on the way to New York City
Take my hand and see
Manhattan never looked so pretty
Travel light and see the world right
You'll never know if you never go so
Run away with me
And say hello to New York City

Feet up on the dashboard
We're driving with the windows down
Did you forget your phone cord?
We'll buy one in the next small town
Get dinner at an IHOP
A shower at a truck stop
We'll listen to some Johnny Cash
Take my hand and don't look back
Cuz we're movin' on
We're movin' on

Run away with me
We're on the way to New York City
Take my hand and see
Manhattan never looked so pretty
Travel light and see the world right
You'll never know if you never go so
Run away with me
And say hello to New York City

Run away
Run away
Run away
Run away

Run away with me
We're on the way to New York City
Take my hand and see
Manhattan never looked so pretty
Travel light and see the world right
You'll never know if you never go so
Run away with me

Stroll the midtown streets
And tell me that you don't feel giddy
Lady Liberty
Ain't throwing us a wink or is she
Travel light and see the world right
You'll never know if you never go so
Run away with me
And say hello to New York City
Say hello to New York City
Say hello to New York City

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Owl City New York City Comments
  1. Sunflower O.

    One of the artists that should not be underrated

  2. Family Bowles-Flannery

    Ikson version is better

  3. DerpKing playz

    Could you maybe do a concert or tour in California please I would love it if you did

  4. Prince Devitt

    Who still loves the song 1st January 2020?🌼🌼🌼💥💥

  5. Kaitlyn Hulstein

    Thank you for showing the absolute beauty of the Midwest!

  6. Michael K

    Hope Never Dies

  7. Juannn_

    i love the intro

  8. Williams Nail

    Hola, algún latino que escuche a este crack!

  9. Solid Snake

    Only 3m views😑😑🥺🥺

  10. Evin Blaner- Class of 2024

    ...i wanna go on a road trip now

  11. warren abalos

    a fan since they were skysailing hello adam young ^_^

  12. Asaf Amin

    We have a facebook group named, Owl City fans club, i will be happy i you all want to join....😍😍

  13. Yasmin Ghen

    This song makes me kid again

  14. Samir Gyawali

    Your song teaches me how to live a happy life. Thankyou for this amazing song.

  15. HARSHIT In InDiA

    Hello to all my hoot owl homies of owl city🌹❤😇
    Owl city= our most beautiful world❤

  16. Akhi Ezzuddin

    still listening, NOV 2019.

    peace from MALAYSIA ✌️

  17. Diana Cabrera


  18. Rishabh Bhatia

    Someone please take me to New York.

  19. Sikandar Deewani

    Ooooo New York Mis you ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  20. Keagan Finaughty

    Who else recons this would be an awesome road trip song? 😀

  21. Atamurat Abdyrahmanov

    Unusual song about New York.Hope will visit US and New York in future.Great job.Keep going.

  22. Wilmer Ciro Osorio Díaz

    alguien en peru octubre 2019?

  23. The Life of Lila

    When I was coming back New York City this summer, I listened to this song and just started crying, because it really captures the wonder the New York City gives to a Kansas kid like myself.

  24. karthik k

    Every couple of months I revisit this song and it makes me happy

  25. Sara Barhama

    Iloveu since i was 16 yrars old.. Now im already 28.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  26. MC Rich - IG: officialmcrich


    Honza Speedcore

    Owl City is underrated singer.

  27. beckie johnson

    I live in Minnesota and know the guy I live in ellendale and my town is by hope

  28. Vladilson Serafim

    kombinha 😍

  29. Darrious Joyner

    i live in new york trust me its not fun

  30. Jack

    I live in New York and I approve of this song. Groovin'.

  31. aeiol0u

    everyone should check his new album.... it's everything about his life!!!!!

  32. Jorgeandres Rodriguez

    So amazing! Oct 2019

  33. Momodou Jallow

    Since then am still here....yet to move to New York city

  34. iyan gembul

    kecil banget bro teteknya

  35. Antonia O

    Love this song

  36. Aspen

    Thanks for the awesome feelings Adam!
    From brazil

  37. Daring Hunterz

    Owl city is and always will be my favourite

  38. PrO GaMeR

    *Y o u w o u l d n o t b e l i e v e y o u r e y e s*

  39. asianmango

    I literally live in N.Y.

  40. lovepreet singh Brar

    Still pure ®️🥇

  41. Aniket Sutar

    My fav 😍

  42. Poopy Jiemba

    Make more music :c

  43. Ken Fuku

    This song keeps me motivated for a goal

  44. Lee Hitt

    It’s cute he still uses maps from the glovebox. 😊

  45. Epicstyle - Brawl Stars

    Run away with me and see the new York city!! 😍😍😔🗽🏃

  46. Akash Dhange

    I see this song first time in 2018 when i was on east coast in cambridge, maryland.
    Really Song of the century♥️♥️💯

  47. not gay i swear

    So glad I grew up with songs like this and not Gucci gang or baby shark

  48. i have no life and kinda wanna to die

    Owl city is so underrated rn people now r interested in shitty music

  49. JhonnyMcBendy Licktinstein

    You probably won’t see this but I am a Phlebotomist and have played your music/albums for patients during the blood draw for 8 years strait now. It gives them a sense of peace when they are scared. Keep making beautiful music my man

  50. Misbah Khan

    Those who disliked it are probably from jersey

  51. MountainDew

    This is how owl city became a thing

  52. Rj Prevendido

    Just remembered Owl City last week and I can't stop listening to this song

  53. Michael Chasteen

    Crazy how this is the first time hearing this song and I feel nostalgia like crazy

  54. Oscar Estivelan Carabaly Herrera

    Hello from Venezuela Bolivarian Republic

  55. co re


  56. soma Cck


  57. raakesh mallempati

    I didn't like that shopkeeper, any one else ? 😂😂

  58. I'm the special one BROOK 10

    why peoples dislike this song ?

  59. Farhana Tan

    I love owl city

  60. app le


  61. Chirtransh Mathur

    Very Attractive And Best Song ❤❤❤

  62. Maureen Reeder

    Lovely!  Really enjoyed that.

  63. Charlie Jones

    Its weird that a song isnt about sex drugs girls money. Like it is about girls but just him having a fun time with a girl he loves, the songs kind of cheesy but I still love the song(s)!! Keep it up!

  64. Otaku Boy

    OWL CITY. Since Fireflies song all the way to latest <3

  65. mehdi laskar

    948 dislikes. Probably they have a screwed up screen n sound system

  66. Cubed

    No girls, No nudity,

    Just pure music.

    That’s what I like about Owl City.

  67. complex lifestyle

    Ohhh, I knew it was owl city that sung this song maan! Lol. Thank you chili's restaurant! I heard it there first.

  68. GoldenJet michael

    Que Viva el Español

    Yo vine Por Wolfychu :3

  69. Caleb McDaniel

    Owl City - New York City [Official Audio]: https://youtu.be/lIgvk6uH6Go

  70. Adam Warlock

    What a beautiful song ❤

  71. Abhi Jith

    this is too cute (*^-^*)

  72. Gian Carlo Dulay

    Pleas comeback

  73. Creaden lead leads


  74. JVN Plays

    Owl City is such an great artist!
    his songs about his life and happiness

  75. Srwolfalot _Gaming

    Owl city you have done it again another hit keep up the good work your career is rising through the roof

  76. Irene Chacón Ruiz

    I love how the three videoclips tell this story about reaching your dreams and falling in Love and searching your happiness. Three absolutely pure things

  77. Adhil Binyamin

    only 2.9M views 💔

  78. GaOn

    How is this not getting more views?

  79. AndreyKov

    Please make more music Owl city we miss you

  80. Sue Townley

    Your songs always make me feel so happy! I can’t wait until you release more songs!!
    P.S. My sister, mom, and I went to one of your Cinematic tour concerts last year. Best birthday gift I’ve ever gotten!!

  81. zaw htet

    I rarely comment on yt but WTF IS WRONG WITH people??? You add nude girls,sex scene,sport cars and boom you are famous.People dont even care about lyrics and they just jerking off the THINGs that they can never get.

  82. Аликатор А-ЕВ

    Абсолютно-хороший КЛИП-видео-я сначала слушаю "первоисточник"-почему не обратили внимания продюссера:это талант!-идея клипа-бедна,обратитесь ко мне-БЕСПЛАТНО!-сделаем ХИТ-!!1

  83. Jidzan ms

    Im always listening this song every morning

  84. Joseph Singculan

    Every time I listen to owl city, I feel like I'm in a magical world were there is full of happiness..

    Randi DeBey

    I wish I could heart your comment

  85. Aryan Nohara

    Who wants to run away with me to New York City and play Owl City all the way there? 😂

  86. Chexa

    They're both cuties 💓

  87. DaffaWj


  88. Imli Alexandria

    Owl City songs Will always be my favourite

  89. Thotiana

    im your 69th thousand like :)

  90. Lm fao

    This masterpiece 💓🤩

  91. Pinnell Records

    I have always liked the songs featuring places.
    But this one's is about traveling too.
    Wow man love this song😍

  92. Felieks San

    Why this is so underrated, this song gives me so much optimism.

  93. Federick Sumagaysay

    owl city create best music ever as in always you listen to their music you feel happines love you guys more best music pls :)

  94. Surdinho Jr #9

    i love her smile it makes me respect women even more such pure smile this is more like it 100% no objectifying women.

  95. だよみっっさん


  96. Ron Jiggy

    Dope 🔥🔥🔥🔥 love this and I’m from New York added to my favorite New York City songs playlist

  97. Umesh Kumar Payun

    Still waiting for his comeback

  98. Wan peace

    I really like this song👌