Owens, Buck - Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus Lyrics

Here the labor is so hard and the workers are so tired
And our weary hearts are yearning for a rest
And we find we're gettin' anxious to be in that happy land
Where we'll receive such peace and happiness
Wait a little longer please Jesus there are so many wandering out in sin
Just a little longer please Jesus a few more days to get our loved ones in

We may look into the skies and tears may fill our eyes
For our burdened heart grows heavier with each day
First we cry oh Lord please come come take your children home
But then we look around us and we say
Wait a little longer...

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Owens, Buck Wait A Little Longer Please Jesus Comments
  1. JoAnn A Halaby

    Love both of you - sure do miss you.

  2. Alexander Ryan

    It's been decades since I heard this song, but it came to my mind today as I was contemplating the opposite longing of Believers: "Come Lord Jesus come" and "how long O Lord."

  3. alayahbug

    love this song! plan on singing it in church with my family.

    Joe Kelly

    sung it at the Quilt Barn,
    a fairly warm response.

  4. SantaJS1

    I had never heard this song...Thanks to a special friend for telling me about it...:)