Owens, Buck - It's A Long Way To London Town Lyrics

Well, it's a long long way to London
It's a long way to London town
When you've got no way of goin'
But pickin' em up and puttin' em down.

There's a got cold, cold rain a fallin'
I hope to God that I don't drown
But I've got a sweet baby waitin'
And it's a long way to London town.

One day I packed up my belongings
Said I could make myself a name
I knew that somewhere away out yonder
There was awaitin' me fortune and fame.

But now my rainbow's end has vanished
My pot of gold's gone up in smoke
And I'm just tryin' to get back to baby
And Lord, I hope my baby love me broke.


I nearly froze to deathly
Russia burned up in Thumbatoo
I got drunk down in Australia
Ad nearly made me a king of rue.

But now my big dreams all have failed
M big plan's gone with the wind
And if I ever get back to London town
I'm never gonna leave again.

It's a long long way to London
I's a long way to London town
When you've got no way of goin'
But pickin' em up and puttin' em down...

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Owens, Buck It's A Long Way To London Town Comments
  1. Nik Turk

    I did not realise that Tiperary was in Ireland

  2. Saúl Paolo Pacheco Laguna

    El buey con tapadera.

  3. Aaron Kelly

    This song is for the Irish soldiers killed in WW2 only for their own brothers in arms to kill their people 30 years later in the troubles

  4. David Mcmullan

    Rest In Peace all those people who gave there live 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. kevin Jhonson

    MASH 4077

  6. Roman Stigs

    It’s a long way to mukumbura.

  7. Pedro Rodriguez

    This hymns is a tribute for the British infantry in the Battle of the Somme (July,1916) ?

  8. -Lightning Will-

    I hope to serve in the British army soon and this is one song ill keep with me

  9. Cáit Ní Chadhain

    I live in Tipperary.......


    Cáit Ní Chadhain you’re immune to the draft now

  10. DAN CAN

    At 0:49 they sing if you want to skip that part

  11. Patrick Loftus

    Battlefield V anyone ?

  12. bbyunderliined

    who else is watching this rn cos ww3 is bouta happen

    SupremeLeader GNKdroid

    bbyunderliined comment didn’t age well


    @SupremeLeader GNKdroid what

  13. Findlay Bennett

    Listening to the this on the edge of a new war 2020

  14. T royaltie

    Primary Flashbacks

  15. The Nightless Fall

    thx to  Jack Judge and Harry Williams

  16. DonGondola

    Hey, jetzt sind wir die Tommies.

  17. carole wilson

    I gone local cemetery taken sailors numbers name then find photo on Internet brings.History comes to life.one of saddest was looking photo the 19yr old had on his picture smiling boy said I love you mum.He never went home.when I look at those head stones of young boys and men I think sweet hart you in that grave as my son and I your nan you were to young to have a life and it not fair.
    in my town was only sailors and merchant ships I in seaside town

  18. AAA DDD

    my grand..., grandfa was song that song....

  19. Chris Johnson

    Soldier: Where is Tipperary?

    Captain: I have no fucking idea, but we must get there!

  20. Khomotso Morris

    Who's here after reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill?

  21. Arthur pierval


  22. German Shrek

    Its 3,665 miles to Tipperary from where I'm at right now.

  23. Nicolás DS

    The Club Atletico River Plate from Buenos Aires, Argentina, used the music from this song to create its hymn.


    Quem veio pelo livro

  25. Fylker

    Lest we forget

  26. Commander Appo

    These men are gone but not forgotten my great grandpa included

  27. InfiniteFlightPilot

    Isn’t this song about a place in Ireland s

  28. N.O.X

    Are these Americans singing this?

  29. TheSilverGamer

    Under No Flag


    Those brave soldiers sang the song 419,654 sung it in the other life and the rest were broken

  31. A random channel Yeee

    The war to end all wars end ended nothing. But it did create some sweet music

    Joseph Michael

    Its ironic how 99% of todays problems come from the Cold War which was started by WWII which was started by WWI

  32. Radiant idk

    "They never got older"

  33. _xXLyrical_PupXx _

    Love these songs. Gives me a nice feeling thinking about the people who served our country and god bless them.

  34. Shrek Is My Religion


    Me: *tries not to cry*

  35. Doaga Mary

    Such a joyfull song for such an....well not joyfully war

  36. Go Away

    “And when he gets to heaven to saint peter he will tell ; Just another soldier reporting sir ive served my time in hell”

    Werewolf Fam Guy

    Go Away Holy shit


    War is easily worse than hell. According to religious folks, only sinners go to hell. War is full of the innocent dead, regardless of race, colour or creed.

  37. HakuIce

    They people who disliked this thought the hike to Tipperary was to long

  38. Steven Gordon

    Thumbs up if Snoopy brought you here.

  39. patrick Katalenas

    2nd best generation in human history. rest in peace you glorious buggers.

  40. CarBoost

    Anyone agree ww1 songs are better than today’s rap? don’t ok boomer me


    issa Joke unless..

  41. Fireandice3107

    This song gives me a feeling of sadness and happiness at the same time

  42. Alfred F. Jones

    The wrong side won the Great War.


    Alfred F. Jones how?

  43. Adam Carroll

    I live very near tipperary in ireland

  44. papugod.ff-


  45. chunky boi

    Me and the Bois going on holiday

  46. 李若來


  47. Mkoll88

    got this burned into my head by a podcast lol

  48. Darth Maul

    *Hears it’s a long way to Tipperary*

    *Battlefield 5 memories flood in*

  49. christian witt

    A funny song for a sad thing.

  50. Anubhav Mukherjee

    100 years of Versailles.

  51. Parcival Productions

    When the firebox is hot and you have mark v tanks on the flatbeds


    Who’s here because read the name of the song on the book “think and become rich”?

  53. idk a name a name so this is it

    Who is here in 2019 also a story
    My great grandfather was born ww1 and fought as a messenger in ww2 and u feel proud of him
    Edit: he died

  54. Phil Harris

    My grandfather is 86 lying in a hospital bed with dementia. He has no idea what he is doing or who anyone is and it is very distressing for him. However, I played this to him and his whole demeanour instantly changed and he happily sang along. Incredible how music can effect us like that. Thanks

  55. et lux in tenebris lucet

    My school said I'm not able to wear an beanie with an Australian flag on armistice day and when I said it was to comemerate my great grandfather because he had lost his life in world war one the school made me go to detention and yes my school doesn't let out on veterans day

  56. Dami rojass


  57. Szkarłatny Pumpernikiel

    The graphics are way too pretty, for war. They got me right away.

  58. rekkof1


  59. Jovis

    is it American or British?

    Outlaw Hardwick

    British it's an irish regiment marching song i belive

  60. Groniz Herz

    No more brother wars.

  61. Poësis 1978

    God save the veterans who brought us freedom in Europe 💖

  62. Howard Pearcey

    Imagine a day when there are no more veterans alive. From any war. Think about it.

  63. wavylikeswavy

    It's 2019 and I love this music


    wavylikeswavy and you have a fortnite profile picture

  64. The Raging Kommandant

    I find WW1 a lot more tragic than WW2 with the conditions that solders had to live with. WW2 was the people's war where no one was safe, WW1 though was a war that caused so much death and destroyed the romantic notion of 1800 war. If you were to be sent off to war you were very likely going to never come back. Having that constant chance of death, either a shell landing on you or getting shot without even knowing where it came from. Sitting in a shell hole after a failed attack and having to deal with the rats, mud and whatever wounds you acquired from the attack. Having to see your comrades blown to bits or getting shot and screaming for help is just something that I don't think most people could handle today. "The War to end all war" as it's known even though it ended nothing. The Great War is a brilliant way of describing it as there is no other war I can think of that could fit that description. Of course more people died in WW2 but the conditions for solders during WW1 are abysmal compared to even some of the most gruesome battles of WW2. It is sad how little people truly know of WW1 compared to WW2, I bet most people couldn't even tell you how it started. May the souls of the people who's lives were cut short rest, they shall not grow old.

  65. Helmut llanquileo

    River Plate tu grato nombre...Saludos de un hicha del CASLA!

    Helmut llanquileo


  66. Ананимус2015

    A lot guys in 2019:
    Rap Trap Flex
    It's a long way To Tipporery
    It's a long way GOoOOOOO

  67. Ананимус2015

    101 #WeShallRemember

  68. Fireandice3107

    This is the song i listen to when im in a bad mood

  69. AVFD248

    BFV anyone?

  70. Luis-von-Schweitzer 20

    Das boot 👍

  71. Blessed_Father_Strong BEATS

    Is it normal to cry at this

  72. Plan Z

    God bless all those soldiers

  73. Niki Niks

    You just alerted every singel nazi

  74. shannon maggs

    This is my sisters assembling cause she is learning about WW2

  75. Wilhelm II

    Happy end of ww1 I will always remember those who fought first as well as their sons who were second

  76. Deleted Nachos

    101 years ago, keep marching boys

  77. magicmuchenshrooms ,

    Happy veteran's day everyone.

  78. Adam Lee

    101, 100 was last year. See you buys in 2020 for 102.

  79. Aren Sereathy

    Another year
    May we nevertheless always remember those who die for what they love.

  80. Kyle Ratcliffe

    We will remember them


    101 years later and we’re still not there

  82. Thomas McGovern

    101 years ago today

  83. Jeff Person

    who is watching this in 1918?

    hiiamnice hiiamnice

    Nobody reduce to atoms

    Jeff Person

    @hiiamnice hiiamnice sadly true rip those brave brave man

  84. Harold Hardrada

    just watched das boot also its 11 / 11 RIP soldiers who died in pointless brother wars

  85. King Victor Emanuele

    Here at 11:00 am, 101 years latter.

  86. HistoricalMan

    Lest we Forget

  87. Dalek Emperor

    Lest we forget...

  88. RatMouse55

    It's so weird how the attitude of the war was so cheery in the beginning. All the soldiers had no idea what was to come. They all had that "War is a grand adventure" mentality. World War One: The War To End All Wars. Ironic how it only started another, more greater war.

    11/11/1918. We Will Remember Them.

    Enigma Prime

    Honestly it was to be expected. If you treat a defeated country poorly like they did with Versailles Treaty, then no doubt that country is going to snap and start a war to end that oppression.

  89. Jarod Farrant

    To all the soldiers and civilians on all sides of the Great War I let’s remember them🇨🇦🇫🇷🇺🇸🇬🇧 🇩🇪 🇷🇺 🇮🇹 🇷🇴

  90. The Kush Puppie

    I can’t believe I’m saying this but the lack of poppies on lapels this year was shocking. Wear a poppy always and never forgot. Not just WW1 and WW2 but every serving man and women who has given there lives to this country and everything we stand for

  91. Megan Nguyen

    I even know how to hold the last note

  92. Megan Nguyen

    this is my play song for my school XD

  93. Mountain Duck

    Another year but we won’t stop remembering

  94. Egg

    RIP to those who fell

  95. Jon Don

    Who's watching this on armistice day?

  96. Claire Vere Nicoll

    Thank you to those brave brave men and women who laid down their lives for us and our future, and we musn't forget the horrors of both World Wars then, now and for ever... We have a human duty and responsibility to remember...and to remind our children and our grandchildren and theirs after..

  97. Anthony Ó Súileabháin

    Yanks ???