Owens, Buck - Black Texas Dirt Lyrics

Mama and papa spent the very best years
Of their life on the west Texas farm
Tryin' to scratch a livin' from the black land dirt
That traded them only with storm.

From way before sunup to way up to sundown
Papa walked behind that ol' mule
Until the day that they laid him away
He lived by the golden rule.

Black Texas dirt you're full of hurt
And you won't grow nothing but weeds
You took my mama and papa, it's true
But you ain't a gonna get me.


Yes, sun and the rain, well they took everything
'cept the dirt that would fly in my face
I swore that someday that I'd find me a way
To take me away from this place.

I packed up my belongings for soon
I'd be goin' far off to start a new life
And I'd better hurry or I'd have to worry
About those dark clouds in the sky.

As I reached the gate and turned to take one last look
At the old homeplace where I was born
I thought I could hear voices callin' to me
But then I thought no that just must be the storm.

I couldn't get over the feelin' something was wrong
That I was leavin' something behind
I couldn't put my finger on it
But I couldn't get that off my mind.

It seemed as if the wind was mama's and papa's voices
And that they were pleading with me to stay
And that the rain was tears that the skies were shedding
Because I was goin' away.

But then like a bolt of lightnin' from out the blue
Oh, that feelings got over me like a flood
And for the very first time in my life, I knew
I had black Texas dirt in my blood.

Black Texas dirt you're full of hurt
And you won't grow nothing but weeds
You took my mama and papa, it's true
And now you're a gonna take me...

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Owens, Buck Black Texas Dirt Comments
  1. heidi szabo

    I love this song reminds me of being a child in 1973

  2. Margit Salonen


  3. ruth bøe

    fin låt

  4. Bärbel Nitsche

    --- i really like that song very much !
                   Thank-you .

  5. Sandra Garland

    Mary Pipkin I was the same as soon as I heard it I loved it :-)

  6. fullerbrush1

    Love this song ♥

  7. Mary Pipkin

    I've been looking for this. I was 10 when I bought "Made in Japan" with paper route money. This was on the flip side. I wore out both sides of the record. I don't know why I like it so much. It's not his best, I'm not from Tx. and I don't farm. It just touched me somehow. Thanks for posting.

    Paula Di Bernardo

    Mary Pipkin Same here!