Owens, Buck - Along Came Jones Lyrics

Well I plopped down in my easy chair and turned on Channel Two
A bad gun slinger called Salty Sam was a chasin' poor Sweet Sue
He trapped her in the old sawmill and he said with an evil laugh
If you don't gimme the deed to your ranch I'll saw you all in half
And then he grabbed her (and then) he tied her up (and then)
He turned on the buzz saw (and then and then)
Eh eh and then along came Jones tall thin Jones
Slow walking Jones (deep voice) slow talking Jones along came long lean lanky Jones

Well commercial came on so I got up to get myself a snack
You should have seen what was going on by the time I got back
Down in the old abandoned mine sweet Sue was a havin' fits
That villain said gimme the deed to your ranch or I'll blow you all to bits
And then he grabbed her (and then) he tied her up (and then)
He lit the fuse to the dynamite (and then and then)
Eh eh and then along came Jones...

Well I got so bugged I turned it off and turned on another show
But there was the same old shoot-em up and the same old rodeo
Salty Sam was a tryin' to stuff Sweet Sue in a burlap sack
He said if you don't give me the deed to your ranch
I'm gonna throw you on the railroad track
And then he grabbed her (and then) he tied her up (and then)
A train started coming (and then and then) eh eh and then along came Jones...

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Owens, Buck Along Came Jones Comments
  1. Marisa Miller

    I melt when I hear Don's harmonies.
    ❤❤RIP DON❤❤

  2. Rob Schott Jr.

    And then he turned on the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzsawww...

  3. ronald welch

    They had fun, miss them ,a great family show, today u can’t watch anything.

  4. Carolyn Spencer

    Sitting here in the heat trying to stay cool and I came across this video. I can't stop laughing. A classic and incredibly funny performance. RIP Jerry Wiggins. That performance in the wig just made my day!!

  5. Sherri Anderson

    RIP Jerry Wiggins - Goldilocks on the drums

  6. Tina Beatnik

    Funny!! I am in England, so this a first for me. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Joshua Brooks


  8. TheRonnie63

    They were having fun ,....no talent today too bad

  9. crlchs

    So cool!

  10. sammy martin

    thats the wig roy clarke used

  11. Paul Hebert

    This is terrible!

    Frank Kelch

    It's fantastic!!!

  12. W. David Ferrell

    Reminds me of his live in Los Vegas album

  13. Michael Glenn

    the best word to describe this performance is .....classic. everybody looked like they had fun and that is what makes it more fun for fans to watch.

  14. Kinsey D

    that's funny

  15. Janie Palubin

    They did this on the Buck Owens Ranch Show, and Buddy Alan paraded through pretending to be "Jones".

  16. Kori Schneider

    My dad is Doyle Holly.  He's the one in the Black (top hat, mustache and black cape) Awesome skit they did on Hee Haw!!


    Your Dad IS.....fill in the blank with any word that means top of one's craft, true professional, uber-talent, and all-around-awesome. God bless you and thank God for his talent. You should be right proud. :)

    kirk hubbard

    You had an awesome DaD

    barry emmett

    Kori Cruz , beautiful that's so cool

    Red Deserted

    Bass player for the greatest country band ever!

  17. insrob

    Buck was the MAN. He wore Michael Jackson "type clothes" before Michael Jackson. Heck, check out the Buckaroo's...Oh Yeaah thanks for posting:)))

  18. Jim Hiers

    When music was music.

  19. onemorebrando

    anyone know what amp don is playing through? the head and cab looks like a bandmaster reverb. and what pedal/box is he plugged into? he was a bossman, no doubt.

  20. skellywag rock

    the drummer is hilarious!

  21. bakoboy63

    They were better together, Buck brought him down from Washington to play for him! Both were good friends of mine,

  22. Rob Iacullo

    Nothing against Buck. I've always been a fan. But why would Don become a side man for Buck when he sings writes and plays so well. He could have been a big star w/o Buck.

  23. Ethel Teague

    Caught this on Hee Haw and laughed til I cried. If I had not had DVR I would have missed it. Another of Don"s attributes. He is good at comedy. The man never ceases to amaze me. We miss you Don and love you still. Thanks Yankee for a great post.

  24. unstopedpiano

    Don is priceless!

  25. bakoboy63

    this was great stuff especially when they did it live!!!...

  26. Joe W.

    Great Stuff... I watched Hee Haw with my mom when I was a little guy... Brings back some great memories.... Thank you...

  27. Allen Booth

    Don Rich clowning around! Now that's a side of him I NEVER saw!