Orwells, The - The Boxer Lyrics

Lately I can't explain
Been shadow boxing a fogged up mirror
In the morning with the heavy bags
Under the eyes of a half assed leer

I'm made into a villain
Bank in the pocket
Love at the table by my side
Take all my winnings
Buy out the building
I'm not the man to take a dive

Forgo companionship
Forgot my name when my brain got sick
Turned in my concrete mitts
For a half wit kid and a grocery list
I get handsy force of habit
Former champ drives a station wagon
Name lit up at the dealership
I ain't half the man that his grandpa is

I'm made into a villain
Bank in the pocket
Love at the table by my side
Take all my winnings
Buy out the building
I'm not the man to take a dive
Pacing the lobby Ma couldn't find me
Iron my shirt and call my ride
Hands on the table checks in the mail
I got a fight quarter past five

I'm made into a villain
Bank in the pocket
Love at the table by my side
Take all my winnings
Buy out the building
I'm not the man to take a dive
Pacing the lobby Ma couldn't find me
Iron my shirt and call my ride
Hands on the table checks in the mail
I got a fight quarter past five

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Orwells, The The Boxer Comments
  1. Lely Mijares

    You know how religion shouldn’t affect government?
    Maybe arrest records shouldn’t affect music.

  2. Torsten Jansen

    Great song, I really love it.
    Hope they come to Germany for some shows, soon...

  3. tommyrp14tp

    Album cover of the year

  4. Bella Aguilar

    The amount of praise these video's are getting is horrendous. I'm going to attach the link of the sexual assaults in this post in case some of the viewers are not familiar with this band's abuse. Mario Cuomo continue's to paint himself as a victim, playing off that his fame was stolen from him though underaged girls, and other women, are left with trauma from his/their actions. This is a sad, and very low attempt to "see what you're missing." To hell with your shitty music, and the people who continue to support you, or any other sexual abusers. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c6eUBTbYREwUZSLsY8DK2FYGVul0dwSJDyEuv6wzjsg/mobilebasic


    shut up, bitch


    While he’s no saint for sure, how do we know any of the rape accusations are true? I could have just written a long narrative about how I was raped by Hillary Clinton. None of these have been taken to court, and I definitely encourage that it should be, but only if it’s true. Cancel culture is stupid, and everyone who likes this artist has every right to if they enjoy it and can ignore the messed up things that he tends to write. He is still innocent until proven guilty, and with all this alleged evidence, I have no clue as to what to say about the people who haven’t tried to sue this guy.

    Luke Barry

    They're great talent musically and all people make mistakes. Even if they were involved to certain extent in sexual situations none of it was serious enough to completely dismiss them as musicians and human beings and if you don't give them a benefit of a doubt and a second chance and believe all accusations without a proof you are biased and prejudiced and you are much, much worse than them. They are in a rock band and all rock bands hang out with groupies and have one-night-stands and some groupies don't get attention they crave and they get pissed off. They're not rapists until they're proven so. So stop it.

  5. j0sH092

    This band is sick as fuck and anything in the past is irrelevant get past your projecting and insecurity and listen to the music


    I want to cry, I love it.

  7. Error

    Great Song!

  8. Jesus Loves You

    This has moved to my favorite off of the album.

  9. Kozmic Bluesss

    Im here for the music.

  10. Lucas Leone For Christ

    Mario. You should cover My Girlfriend's Girlfriend of Type O Negative. I wonder if you know them.

  11. I h8 Morrissey

    I miss them I miss when disgraceland came out and there was so drama and just good time

  12. Dan Gaskell

    I love the orwells. I have just learned of the sexual assault allegations and I feel that the band have been forced to be disbanded by a mob of radical new age feminists. I am all for protecting vulnerable people from shady situations but these guys are rock stars. what young rockstars haven't pushed the boundaries of sexual desire at the expense of others. It's stupid. Don't want to get burned don't play with fire. Imagine if they did an investigation into all the backstage antics of the 80s and 90s rock and roll scene? half of the songs those women love will not even have been written. I'm glad they brought this album out and I hope some label has the balls to re-sign this band. they are awesome.

    colzbroeffect boss

    @Ian  Just because there is more than just one accuser doesn't mean that there's any truth to their stories. Again, I'd like to think that people would be honest about these kinds of things, but some of the accusers had also been accusing Summer Salt of similar allegations, Summer Salt was able to get their statements retracted. Matt's took charge of the band sometimes and had gotten into arguments with their managers. Matt's dad saw the allegations and decided that it would be best that Matt left. The band soon disbanded because Matt left. I wouldn't say that they "cowered", they released this album back in June (the songs featured in the album were written and recorded before the allegations came up in August) and Mario, Henry, and Grant are all still on social media. I would go further into detail about some of the stories told on the Google doc, but Dan (a friend of some of the band members) covers a lot of it in his comment under the "The Orwells| A History" video here on YouTube. Consider the credibility of the alleged victims here, none of them went to the police, and, as I explained, some were called out when they made similar statements about another band. Again, we should also presume innocence, especially because none of the stories told were actually proven to be true.


    Ian The sad part is that the bands livelihood was taken without a trial by their peers. We live with a liberal mob in love with their own opinions and cancel culture. The me too movement isn’t due process. Your hearsay is called speculation in court. A liberal mob is not a courtroom. Anonymous videos aren’t evidence. And presumption of innocence matters not. These guys were done wrongly.
    Groupies may want attention. They may want money. Some WILL have remorse. We will see every celebrity male go through these mob attacks and it’s not what our founding fathers wanted. Remember the Salem witch trials? Believe all women. . . only if they have evidence. If it wasn’t important enough to take to the police, why would you take it to twitter or Instagram or google? Could it be. . . for attention? Due process is a right.

    Dusten Black

    Shut the fuck up rape apologist

    Dusten Black

    @TULL oh boooo hoooo people are being held accountable for being rapists. Shut the fuck up

    Luke Barry

    @Ian Mate, you are backwards. You don't know if they are part of your mentioned rape culture. If there was any solid evidence they would be in jail but they're not. You have to realize that what you are accusing them of is very serious and it has already dented their careers massively. You cannot do that without a proof. I'm pretty sure they were involved in some sexual situations and had sex with their fans but thousands of rock bands do and that doesn't qualify as rape. Not every girl saying she's a victim is one.
    Rape accusation is as serious as rape so as long as you're not 100% sure have a benefit of a doubt. If you can't prove your statements, keep them away otherwise you're just a false accuser and that is as bad as being a culprit.

  13. Julia Mendoza

    oh yes .. yer fuckin music genius Mario 🎶😍

    Lucas Leone For Christ

    You are in every comments section. Good musical taste, girl.

    Julia Mendoza

    Lucas Leone For Christ thank you (:

  14. Eric Kolkey

    I have been listening to this new album non-stop and it is a masterpiece!

  15. Eric Kolkey

    Turn it all the way up!!!!!!! Blast it!!!!

    Jamie Carlin

    Love ya Eric. This work is a testament to the greatness of the group. Miss you and the boys.

    Eric Kolkey

    @Jamie Carlin We miss you too!!

  16. Kevin

    Rapist scum: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1c6eUBTbYREwUZSLsY8DK2FYGVul0dwSJDyEuv6wzjsg/edit?usp=drivesdk

    colzbroeffect boss

    Kevin, you raped me. Not only did you rape me but you had sex with some of my friends who are underage. Now, I can't actually be bothered to go to the police about this, that's too much work and they would actually prove you're innocent. Instead I'm going to deliberately spread stories, post doctored screenshots of the dirty messages you had with my friends, and I will keep doing this until your reputation is destroyed.

  17. Allan Rodriguez

    this really made my day. I was hoping that you'd release new music. Im excited you're back !! lml

  18. Angel Erazo


  19. Drew Dickens

    Rape? Dats jus rocks in rolls baybi

    Lucas Leone For Christ

    Consent is not rape.

  20. Emily Van


    Saint Jabroni

    @Dan C Nice post. Thanks for the info.

    space aphid

    People who falsely call others rapists have a special place in hell right next to the rapists. Hope you have fun down there, asshole.

    Robyn Locksley

    So I'm guessing you're the type to believe everything the mainstream media tells you?

    All American Cosmonauts

    Fuck you too ya attention happy assuming sheep

    Dan Kruep

    I'm guessing not you mean mother

  21. Julex Turnercas

    My God, this is horrible.

    El Panteón

    @Big Smoke lol I get the reference

    mi Pen15

    Whata nerd

    All American Cosmonauts

    Look whom is talking thot

    Dan Kruep

    Yeah you mean mother

    de strokes

    lol look at all the rapist apologists defending you

  22. DaYungPaperChaselol

    This shit sucks lol. Go work on yourself instead of trying to do some unexpected rebellious gesture of dropping an album nobody wanted.

    Lucas Leone For Christ

    Everybody wanted this album to come out. I am in Southern Brazil and they have fans all over Europe as well. The Orwells are the new The Beatles.


    @Lucas Leone For Christ you know who else had fans in Europe

  23. Maricela Garcia


  24. Bailey

    get fucked dumbass

  25. Edgar Nunez

    Yall got some balls releasing this