Orwells, The - Parade Of Legs Lyrics

All of my bad days
Came in two's
Been around a pothole
Gutter view
There's a couple people
I'd rather lose
All of my bad days came in two's

I split my time between a couple of places
Did what I could to keep a couple of faces
No use keeping me in check
I'm on the way out laid to rest

Summer gave itself to labor day
I never worked a job you'd celebrate
I never worked a job that deserved a parade
I never worked a job anyway

Stuck inside a tried and tired state
Where curbs will crack and lawns degenerate
Spend half your life caught in the slow parade of legs
When weekend wars end in a stalemate

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Orwells, The Parade Of Legs Comments
  1. musaeus

    Garfield it a listen at 1.75x Ridge

  2. musaeus

    i understand the effect, but this should be uptempo

  3. Dark Blue

    brillant album... but bad press for these guys

  4. BoomStick Titan

    The 22 dislikes are from losers

  5. Lucas Leone For Christ

    This could be perhaps the most amazing song on this marvelous masterpiece album...

  6. Julia Mendoza

    Oh mannnnn 😍😍😍😍

  7. Eric Kolkey

    The entire album is awesome!!!

  8. Anthony Cruz

    Best album yet

  9. CafardBreton

    Well that's a f****** great album !

  10. Dale Cooper

    happy birthday waylon jennings

  11. Osama Been Fartin

    Clicked pretty gosh dang fast

    Lucas Leone For Christ

    Man... Twitter makes it look like they have no fans... But Twitter is a den of vibores... Only evil people in there... I personally think that those allegations are bullshit... Do you use twitter? There should be a community or fanpage of The Orwells in there. I am still looking up for their come back on Twitter.

    Synth Brer

    Lucas Leone For Christ exactly people who use Twitter are nine times out of ten self-righteous pricks who think their opinion matters

    Synth Brer

    Lucas Leone For Christ if your looking for a community of folk who still like them go to their reddit plenty of fans still there