Orwells, The - Painted Faces And Long Hair Lyrics

Vanilla chocolate swirl, she got her finger in a curl
Sh-sh-sh-short dress, your head it give me a twirl
She’ll go all night long, yeah summer girl

Summer time, she told me; “I feel fine, go ahead come on down.”
“We got a bottle a wine, we got lots of time.”
“It’s summer time and we feel fine.”

Bring along them, whatcha want to do?
Whatever you want, and you want
And we don’t gotta think about school

Go ahead and break the rules
It’s summer fool
The kids, the school, don’t matter the summer’s fine and break the rules

Vanilla chocolate swirl, she got her finger in a curl
She got a short dress, your head it give me a twirl
You’ll go all night long, yeah summer girl

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Orwells, The Painted Faces And Long Hair Comments
  1. Shane V

    Come play with us! Today’s music theme is “Makeup” https://www.facebook.com/groups/SupercordsMusicClub/

  2. Paul H

    You disgust me with your long hair and general disregard. Effing Punk Lay-Abouts!!!

    Citrus Thing

    well fuck you, ha!


    Paul H If you don't like it then why the fuck did you come here? This is for those who love long hair and painted faces. This is The Orwells!

    Helen Chu

    lmao neither of you know sarcasm

  3. Puja Nithyananda

    Nice Very Nice

  4. Mia C


    The Sharkinator

    I just uploaded a tab on Ultimate-Guitar, should be accepted soon.

  5. nycbambi

    lord of the flies reppin 



  7. LarryG

    The orwells fucking rock man!

  8. De ath

    riff sounds a bit like Nor Horse by Dead Weather

  9. Gregorio Ganesh

    I already think their earlier stuff (like this) is better than their current stuff. But we're talking about a very short space (as of this writing) of barely three years. It's amazing the amount of output this band has already put to wax. 

  10. Gregorio Ganesh

    Aw....yeh! So garage!!

  11. ayoub ayoubi

    awesommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmme Goooooooooooooood Jooooob Rachid From Morocco

  12. Warwick Kidd

    Awesome :)

    Jeremy Spencer

    I know where you got this :-)  and @Catherine Gunton hasn't stopped going on about it. h/t @***** 

  13. Scotty Walters

    J-Mills showed we me whats up with The Orwells and I fucking love it. Keep doing watcha do please! Vanilla chocolate squirrel ;)

  14. Steve Kraynak Jr.

    anyone have lyrics?

  15. Sri Tripset

    This track should just be called "Getting Sex On At The Pool While Riding A Lion Stoned, On The First Day Of Summer; With Beer, Papst Ofcoors.

  16. Sri Tripset

    This is fucking sumer

  17. mariana19100


  18. My Little Underground TV

    Its our fav on the album and what a great album it is well worth getting. Thanks for the comment and hope you keep coming back for more.

  19. leanx falcon


  20. lovemoneyhorses

    Love Love Love

  21. Harvey Black

    What an awesome track, these boys are brilliant!!