Orwells, The - Last Days In August Lyrics

I'd like to be
Closer to you
Outside your doorstep
Somewhere with a view
I'm digging in the backyard
With a bee sting in my arm
And ill meet you if they let me
But I promised I wouldn't go far

Sick of the sweet summer breeze
Always ending in dead autumn leaves

I'm sorry I'm a let down
I've scraped both my knees
I got dirt inside my nails
And my brains in a freeze
Oh Mayra come find me
I'm hiding in the tree
With the dead trunk
And the red leaves
And I'm counting to three

Oh Mayra
Sick of the sweet summer breeze
Always ending in dead autumn leaves
Sick of the sweet summer breeze
Ending in dead autumn leaves

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Orwells, The Last Days In August Comments
  1. El 'Chino

    Sound like FUR

  2. John McCurdy

    I can actually see this as an iconic album cover.

  3. Eric Kolkey

    Great song! Great album! Great band!

  4. Belén O Rincón Rosselló

    My friend showed me this band when we were younger. We saw the orwells in the mad cool festival of 2014 or 15 and we listened to them over and over. I still listen to their first tracks every once in a while their music brings me so many memories of being a fucked in the head kid.
    I heard the news and all I have to say is I am so happy they got out these beautiful songs, especially this one, and I really hope this is not the end of the orwells because I love to grow alongside of them I don't really follow any band nowadays I prefer good ole music but you guys are something else

  5. Omar Rodriguez

    Hope you kids get labeled up and go on tour. Love ur lyrics from the first album to this one. Saw u guys in Des Moines, Iowa a few years ago and was planning on going to the metro show. Someone sign them before we lose them forever!


    I love their music, don't know about the accusations, but record companies are afraid of negative publicity, Me Too protests, etc.

  6. Lucas Leone For Christ

    I listened to you guys in 2015. Best year of my life. Eating acai with my family in Southern Brazil on the beach street and listening to you.

  7. Gilbertoasr

    classic Orwells.

  8. Kevin

    I hope your dick falls off, Mario.

  9. Luis Eduardo Silva

    This one is great, so glad you guys are back

  10. Sherry Wood

    will there be a tour??

    Exotic Butthurt

    sadly not

    Sherry Wood

    @Exotic Butthurt damn.

  11. Sherry Wood

    I'll be up all night listening to this. Hugs.

  12. Eric Kolkey

    Great great great song!! Solid gold!!!!

  13. Ashton Rowe

    Fucking great. Love it so much

  14. Raven Ramirez

    Nostalgic and beautiful fuuuucckkkkk

  15. Killua

    It's almost July here in Brazil, after that August can come and get me

  16. 2002 Dodge Neon

    Perfect to smoke to

  17. TheDudeMinds89

    I love this song

  18. Dale Cooper

    29 august...

    Dale Cooper

    Dan C even with this, like they knew it

    marie chatelot

    @Dan C Is Dom also singing on this one? Or is it just Mario?


    Dale Cooper dude, I m too old

    Lucas Leone For Christ

    @Dan C How can we support them on Twitter if they are gone from there?


    @Dan C Dan... Can you pass me your Twitter? I am wondering if The Orwells are really back... Because you said in a commentary to support them on Twitter... But I do not see any activity from them on there...