Orwells, The - Halloween All Year Lyrics

You're young
They don't listen, but I believe
Get a knife from the kitchen and follow me
Is it fake? Is it real?
But, I can't see
Take a drink from the vial, and lie with me

I believe
They're looking for me

There's a body on the ceiling looking for me
Get a knife from the kitchen and follow me
But, I can't see
But, I can't see
Follow me

You're young
They don't listen, but I believe
Get a knife from the kitchen and lie with me
Lie with me
But, I can't see
Is it fake? Is it real?
But, I can't see
I believe

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Orwells, The Halloween All Year Comments
  1. Hannah Burnard

    love this gem

  2. natalie

    spending my night crying to this, happy halloween

  3. Caitlin Bryant

    Happy Halloween 🎃

  4. michael tabor

    It’s always been that time

  5. prod. knives

    woah this is amazing

  6. Es Popelka

    watching this and hearing the lyrics after finding out they're rapists makes me vomit

  7. Caitlin Bryant

    I love y’all

  8. DIET

    Kind of personal story but here we go! A little while ago I was on a trip 12 hours away, we were driving to the northern United States. On our way back it was near 3 AM and I was listening to this song to make the time go by, the freeway and lights just melted together into one massive blur of rock 'n' roll, I couldn't even tell you how many times the song passes, it just became one big blur. Well I decided to go to sleep and then it started to rain really really hard. I though "It's okay, we'll be fine" then we hydroplaned. We rolled three times and landed on the drivers side. We easily could have died. I still can't listen to this song without thinking of that night. I was just made so aware of everything while sitting on the freeway with sirens all around me. Just dazed and confused. like I said it's personal but it is what it is!

  9. joe shmoe


  10. Pigman1969

    Serious Pixies vibe going on here

  11. UglyFlorist

    Favorite song of all time great vocals

  12. El Panteón

    The live version is a lot better in my opinion

  13. mi Pen15

    Breaks my heart knowing that they won't ever make new music together ):

  14. Salb814

    This music video reminds me of the prom scene from Carrie and the singer of the Orwells creates even more reminisce of the film since he looks just like Carrie’s prom date

  15. Salb814

    This music video reminds me of the prom scene from Carrie and the singer of the Orwells creates even more reminisce of the film since he looks just like Carrie’s prom date

  16. Lulu Garibay

    1:19 “ there’s a body on the ceiling “ #supernatural

  17. Larain Taylor

    What a jam

  18. Joe Bennett

    This is my favorite song. This song is dark like they are the rock version of slim shady

    Bill Blasko

    Oh yeah. Totally. Sober up, but.

  19. bris atalia

    too bad the band is a bunch of rapists they had real potential

    Dallas Robertson

    bris gastelum what are u talkin bout?

    Vadim Condrea

    Who cares about the alligations? People need to separate the band's personal life with the musical one. As long as they make good music, they're worth listening

    grape soda

    Cane in Fuga no

  20. Ravioli 1999

    Cant believe they just broke up..fuck dude, i was getting balls deep into them smh

  21. jessica loney

    These guys are a blessing to the music industry

  22. atomik nacho

    skate fast eat ass fellas

  23. Mitchell S

    It's like Karma Police meets Saturday Night....

  24. Danton Steele

    man he wants heather grahm so bad

  25. Sierra Glaister

    is it fake is it real

  26. Nathan Parks

    "Take a drink from the vial, and laaaugh with meee" best lyric of this song.

  27. Webert Macedo

    besti song

  28. Danton Steele

    beware girls know too many lesbians.not smart n uncool

  29. Danton Steele

    someone's spreading their genitals

  30. Danton Steele

    wonder why I got so high round East Carolina campus ditched my Plymouth ran like hell..you know where.browntown

  31. Danton Steele

    my first tattoo watching dueceduece south central in n.carolina spring 1994

  32. Danton Steele

    nobody mentioned fun..that one song,and its video

  33. Danton Steele

    every video has had 1k likes thats really nice

  34. vaguelyhuman

    um fuck yea I love this whole teen dropout Halloween punk aesthetic, what

    Sean OMara

    the orwells never ever


    this comment is everything

  35. Ozymandias Rex


  36. Ass Slayer

    they arnt bad

  37. Alex Gonzalez

    One of my favorite bands, makes me 10000000 times happier that they're also from Chicgao

  38. Joshua Fathollahi

    Reminds me of Saturday Night by the Misfits

  39. MrMomoitin

    why does this seem so familiar...
    whats that smell? ...
    its smells like...
    almost like...


  40. Erny Mondragon

    If you hear Hombres G - Te Quiero they have almost exactly the same rhythm

    atomik nacho

    for real?

    fab n


    capgras sd. band

    Erny Mondragon quizás porque las dos canciones llevan compases de 3/4 por eso la rítmica es parecida

  41. HoGaN StEwArT

    mario hawked a big lugger in my face when i saw them a couple years back



    HoGaN StEwArT

    Yeah i wasnt even mad i enjoyed the show

    Mattie Myers

    Jack from Black Lips spit a mouthful of beer onto my blouse and I couldn't even be mad so I relate to this

    Dj Crook

    At least it wasn't jizz

    Warlord Cleon

    You should've kicked his ass. I don't care if it was God himself spitting in my face, someone does that shit to me is getting their teeth kicked in, then spit in their face with a big "fuck you" at the end.

  42. Felipe

    Its going to be wierd

  43. Steven Cruz

    it took me three years to realize how his voice in the chorus sounds so reverby and overdriven

    Jack Er

    Almost instant for me, its kinda annoying.

    Pedro Augusto Santos Orona Silva

    Same here, it was like "bitch, shut up"

  44. adhh xgxhhg

    This song is sounds almost exactly like 'Les Rallizes Denudes - White Waking', except more repetitive and with a slight scream in one part.

    Someone owes royalties is all i'm saying.

  45. hey.alright.

    this song is fucking weith my head shiiit

  46. Sofia Enger

    I love the song! (also the lead guy looks like he's having an orgasm)

  47. slosh1997

    Why does this make me want to cry, but also have sex with someone?


    @slosh1997 this is so accurate


    @slosh1997 Because man. It has that "doo wop" feel to it.

    Eric Gatzemeyer

    that's because your lame l


    I had sad sex to this song and I think you should too.

  48. Green Man

    This makes me want to slow dance with my highschool sweetheart.

    Ana Amaya

    Only if he could grab a knife and follow me...

  49. maeve dba

    Saw them live and got to meet them in madrid last week , amazing

  50. panda

    this is so good.


    Why are you supporting criminals ??  The Orwells killed president Kennedy.


    @ExclusiveLM right, totally forgot gosh
    will remember next time!

  51. La-Lola

    These guys are even better live.

    Alijah Jones

    Very true, this song is great but the audiotree live version blows this one out of the water


    LolaDoesPhotoshop Discovered this band tonight and just bought my tix for a show in a few weeks. Picked a good time to discover em

  52. Xochi Chung

    my favorite song by The Orwells by far

  53. Izzy Shine

    Dexter Romweber was destroying this shit before the strokes and before jack white..Dex is the Da daddy of modern torch.  On the other hand Buddy holly was the torch these guys carry.  Thanks Detroit

  54. Rob Bibb

    How many basses does the bassist have, every single orwells video he's using a different one, makes me so frekin jealous tbh xD

    Dorian Flavors

    hey bibb, pay me what you owe me

    Rob Bibb

    How much do I owe you

  55. Matt Webb

    The Orwells are like putting The Strokes, Misfits, and Nirvana in a blender and making a beautiful, musical milkshake.

    John W

    Why did you forget the stooges

    atomik nacho

    ay fuck you man


    Absolutely agree with you

    ja dal

    and some pixies too

  56. AbstracktAlias

    Reminds me of "We are the Champions." 

    Maria Felice

    lol peak

  57. Contrariwise37

    sounds like a gothic version of the Strokes in 6/8


    hahaha thank you for this 

  58. ElFamoso Art

    these new bands are kinda bring back good music, The Orwells, Tame Impala, and King Krule

    Arianna Alvarez

    ElFamoso Art the frights! if you haven't heard of them.

    Twito Ayala

    And Royal Blood!!! 🤘🤘🤘

  59. Oscar De Avila

    what kind of guitar is the white one

    Max Brunt

    They're all white bro

    Jimi Hendrix

    its a danelctro cant rember which type but a think its on there website

  60. Nadia Tahoun

    they killed Miami opening up for AM <3

  61. Lee Jones

    New favourite band.

  62. alwayshalloween

    Amazing song! :)

  63. joseph wright

    These guys played a amazing show last week in manhattan!

  64. Cj Gifford

    They came to Houston and I forgot that they were coming :///

  65. skodiacs

    Great song!

  66. DW64

    Was it at the hoosier dome?

  67. mxfangsx

    You are incredible

  68. penny lane

    saw these guys this week. great fucking stage presence, even better music.

  69. Lillian Shipley

    love this band. got to see the at Acl 2013 they where amazing

  70. Matt Webb

    I like listening to the audio only version of this song, it just sounds so damn cool

  71. Cj Gifford

    Looking forward to the show in Houston! I've been covering a lot of your music!

  72. tnopkcaz

    seriously dope

  73. brkngbnjmn14

    It's like 90's grunge mated with 50's doo-wop and the 60's surfer scene.

  74. William Wehrwein

    looks like mommy didnt give somebody their good night kiss

  75. MegaHawthorne

    I'm going to see them in September when they open up for Fidlar. Should be a bitchin' show!

  76. James Jackson

    great band

  77. kevin rascon garcia

    am i the onlu one who sees influences by sonic youth?

  78. K Hanada

    They are playing an aftershow at Schubas during lolla...one of the few shows not sold out. I would buy tickets now!

  79. Dom Peluso

    They live by me

  80. 1984G1984

    That look... it reminds me of Dave...

  81. derpbitch

    Oh, they're young? Really? No wonder they look so young?

    People these days.

  82. Abby Stevens

    love them so much

  83. first last

    Who cares if they're young? They've got a chance to evolve into something great, not that what they've done now is horrible.

  84. J.T. Fleming

    maybe because they are young dumb bitch

  85. Alec Scinto

    I went to school with these kids, and I did not know they were so good.

  86. brett rosenfeld

    hands down best show ive ever been to

  87. derpbitch

    They're not bad. It's just soo hard(atleast for me) to get past how young they look.

  88. richardrichardw

    they're no parket quorts that's 4 sure

  89. AbstracktAlias

    Haha, this has such a 70's high school prom vibe to it. I love it.

  90. NONAME

    did anyone understand what hes singing ? im german so its really hard for me

  91. colle31

    I like the part where the drummer hits it with the sticks.

  92. Hal bass

    The lead singer seems like one of those rare talented people that come around once in a while that will make a mark on a generation. You guys will go far

  93. Diego Maximiliano Diaz

    Gosh this song is so good, it makes me wanna cry.

  94. Eric Kolkey

    The greatest band since The Stooges!!

  95. akmv1

    saw them last night in philly, amazing show