Opeth - Still Day Beneath The Sun Lyrics

There is a light that hits the gloom around
Shows the footprints round this grave
Dried up roses scattered on the mound
Honouring the one engraved

Will ever the morning
Carry away
The souls of those for whom we cry

Leaving, grieving
Seeking, meeting
Binding, unwinding
Sighing "You"

Black procession through the narrow aisles
Another's gone for all to see
Near the site for one who lost his trials
Sleeping neath the ground is me

Still day beneath the sun
Asking you who is the one
And when the day is late
We know who must forever wait

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Opeth Still Day Beneath The Sun Comments
  1. Todd Hopwood

    Hauntingly beautiful.

  2. Susnata Goswami

    i'm crying god

  3. Dwarf god

    Sighing... You...

  4. Jordan Pierce

    I hope i can play acoustic guitar this well someday. these riffs are on another level

  5. tiriinss


  6. Ajay Ghone

    Someone in India is playing this song right now while gazing through the devastating smog caused by bursting Diwali crackers.

  7. TheAskald

    I'd totally buy a full album of songs like this one and Patterns In The Ivy II.
    Just Mikael voice and two guitars

  8. Pedro Ventura

    Mikael is GOD !

  9. Pedro Ventura

    The Best Album Ever made !

  10. gabriel mayrand


  11. Grimalkin Felidae

    Gives me chills every time.

  12. ej732

    I’ll never understand why these guys aren’t household names.

    spore bubu

    Becuz growls n metal n stuff

    T Gru

    They kinda are though, as far as metal goes. They're freaking huge

    Phil S Rupe

    People who know what great songwriting truly is know Opeth, and hold them in the highest of regards.

  13. João Pacheco

    this is the beauty of simple, nice and calm songs <3 opeth i fucking love you

  14. TheMoonPrincess2

    This is on Blackwater Park?


    Not on the original record, it's a bonus track. Even if I really like it, it wouldn't have fit the record, imo. Same thing for Patterns in the Ivy 2

    Armand Christophe

    TheAskald It works best as a standalone track, I think.

  15. Rick De La O

    underrated song. beautiful

  16. Ollie Choklit

    everything about this song is a maaterpiece piece. cant get it out of my head!

  17. dave61s

    And when the day is late, I take the time to masterbate

  18. Headphone Actor

    This song is not on iTunes for some reason but it's so amazing.

  19. josh weber

    So weird that i hadn't heard it. So, so weird.

  20. Andrea Butler

    Beautiful patterns.

  21. Kairuu Tenma

    I've listened to Opeth for over a decade and never even knew this song existed! what album is it off of? Is it a single?


    Kyle Farnsworth Bonus track BP 2012

  22. Salmonella Sam

    Rip this song not on Spotify

    Ornulfr LoL

    You can vote for the request here:

    Javier Torres

    Yes! Why won't this song be spotify?

    Layne Staley

    Javier Torres
    The Jews. Duh.


    @Layne Staley Fuck off.

  23. TheAudioInjection

    Holy smokes. How'd I ever forget about this song!?? It's been YEARS since I heard and I listen to Opeth on a regular basis.
    Then I see this song and wonder "what is this? I thought Blackwater Park only had 8 songs." Listened to it and all the nostalgia came flooding back <3

  24. rockntroopen

    guess what i want to be played at my funeral

    Sutu 7 Kamyoncu

    Funeral Portrait ?

    Schaurya Iyer

    Steal my girl by 1D

    Arda Uslu

    Eternal soul torture?


    Whatever the song, I'm sure you're gonna enjoy it.

  25. Furkan Şahin

    Listening Blackwater Park songs after 5+ year break. I totally forgot the songs. It's like re-discovering. Undescripable experience. I've met many great bands between that period but now I realised Opeth is the most special one and ever will be


    This is not from Blackwater Park, it is a single from 2002/03 to promote Damnation, along with Patterns in the Ivy II.

    Alexander Baker

    Lol... this and 'Patterns in the Ivy II' are, somehow, the b-sides of Blackwater Park my friend. They were recorded on Jonas Renkse's couch if I'm not mistaken.

    These songs are on the Blackwater Park 2-disc special edition, one of their rarest releases. I have both these songs on the 7-inch vinyl, even rarer still, which I had signed about ten years later. It's absolutely a Blackwater era release. Just to fill ya in~


    +Alexander Baker
    Oh, i didn't know about this edition of the album. I knew these two songs first appeared on the reissued deluxe edition from 2002, but this special for the original release (2001) i did not know. So i thought the song was to promote the Damnation album, especially 'cause their sound is certainly more 'Damnation' than Blackwater Park; and with the fact that this special edition doesn't exist on Discogs, had totally me confused.
    Anyway, thanks for clearing that up!


    In my opinion this is nothing like the sound on Damnation. I was very disappointed of that album after listening to BWP+the bonus songs for a few years.

    Btw have you listened to “Mordet i grottan”?

  26. Akshit Kumar

    Killer songwriting.

  27. Alexander Larsson

    First i heard was damnation album. I remember how i sat with my freestyle on the bus on a hot swedish summer day and had my first ear orgasm ever :D Thats a memory i´ll never forget

    Michael Orlet

    Alexander Larsson until you heard Morningrise

  28. Anuj Upadhyay

    it was the first Opeth song I had heard 3 years ago.. instantly became a fan.. now I hv all their albums.. I miss their old growling style now.

    Darth Revan

    It's a shame I know. Having said that I fucking adore Heritage onwards. Sorceress soon!

    daniela lls

    Anuj Upadhyay it's kinda funny that you said it in a song that doesn't have growls (and they have other songs without harsh vocals, you know, since morningrise)


    They also lost this kind of music.

    J.R. Severt

    This is also kind of an obscure song to be your first. Lol

  29. Heathen Nations Music

    Mainstream pop to me.

    Lurch Murphy

    @Heathen Nations Music Whatever makes you sleep at night.  

    Heathen Nations Music

    oh everyone just chill out!  I love Opeth and this song just as much as you all do and I've even known how to play this song for over 10 years...It was one of my first! Still kinda tricky. Great shit. I was just testing gullibility thresholds for fun

    Heathen Nations Music

    That's cool. I always hoped they would make an album of stripped down arrangements and sparse production such as this track. Like this and Still Day...demo quality

    Peter Carlson

    Nsync is what I listen to when I've grown tired of the soulless, radio and MTV-friendly crap Opeth writes. Nsync, now were talking deep, poetic and timeless music. Mozart eat your heart out!

    BlackDildoBoyWithDiabetes LovesHorseCock

    You probably listen to tripe like Lamb Of God

  30. Didier Meireis

    Nice song !
    Thanks for sharing ☺

  31. Aaron Gentry


  32. McSand

    0.60 un euro


    ? ahahah

  33. Kevin Benoit

    I love Opeth's metal songs, but their acoustic/clean songs will always have a slightly higher place in my heart <3 So beautiful...

    Vanessa Dias

    I feel the exact same way...

    Marcelo Hermosilla

    I got a playlist called "acoustic metal" ... pretty relaxing ¡¡¡


    Do you call those blues-y ones like Hours of Wealth acoustic too ?
    I love those ones, but I can't decide wether I prefer them over their metal songs. Long live Opeth !

    Soy Boy

    I think the soft tracks are the best that they have to offer.

  34. Evelyn Pasten

    I love this song !!!!

  35. Adianbeat

    perfect with a cup of tea under the sun

  36. Asger Skov Velling

    Which album is this from?

    Alberto Astorga Piñones

    Blackwater Park

  37. Yaman Shakya

    Marjana Semkina sent me here




  38. I, Jupiter

    Long time Opeth fan ...never heard this till today....wow....dark and beautiful.......almost like a more melancholy beatle song...

    I, Jupiter

    Oh, yeah! Sad thing is, they're apparently going into hibernation. ...I don't like the sound of that.....they may or may not be back, time will tell......Their music is so amazing. ...

    I, Jupiter

    +Sean Bell Hey Sean, you're a dummy! New album this September!

    philip naclerio

    Best band ever

    I, Jupiter

    @philip naclerio Àgreed!

  39. locksh

    Practically mesmerizing in its magical nostalgic charm.

  40. filologiade laexistencia

    Hmm seems like itunes has no power here

  41. JollyGreen8

    does anyone know how to obtain the legacy edition of Blackwater park, which contains this song and patterns in the ivy II

    Stephiroth Drow

    It's not on the legacy edition. It's in the special editor that released along that standard album. Only way to get it now is via a used cd.

    Stephiroth Drow


    Conan the Barbarian

    Stephiroth Drow Piratebay if you cant find a hard copy or digital one elsewhere

  42. Jordan Wolff

    I'm feeling right now that this is the best song I have ever heard.  Those lyrics put a vibrant colored movie in my head. No drugs in me atm.


    @Jordan Wolff atm so soon :P?

    Jordan Wolff

    +Drench3 I don't know what you mean... However, I saw their most recent show in L.A. and I think Opeth is more of a drug than a band. XD Seriously my fav band. and drug.

  43. pewpew pew

    I thought i had listened to all Opeth Songs, but somehow i missed this one (probably because it was on the standard version of the album) and i got absolute goosebumps while listening to it. Basically happens all the time when i first listen to an opeth song.

    Liam Fitzpatrick

    Don't let "Patterns in the Ivy II" or "Throat of Winter" slip by either!

    Tom McSorley Jr.

    Or "Mellotron Heart" ^ .^

  44. Layne Staley

    A lot of people don't know what they're missing

    Owesy Woesy

    @Rocky Coroner What is this comment?

    Layne Staley

    Layne staley lead singer of AiC

    Owesy Woesy

    I see now. Makes much more sense when you point it out.

    Bryan C

    Missing out on beautiful music

    Layne Staley

    Bryan C
    Damn right man. I’m back for more. I find comfort in this being my favorite song by them yet it has less then 400,000 views. Even more than at least a year ago.

  45. Nathan Fazekas

    Mikael is the best thing to grace the world of music in the history of ever.

    Dakota Otero

    You have to give props to Waters and Gilmour, as Mikael explained
    Floyd was a huge inspiration. You can tell that some of these rifts are really similar to some of Floyd's earlier finger picking songs.

  46. Purkinje

    Yeah, but the ending of Blackwater Park is a perfect ending to the album.

  47. ImBlurzzy

    touches the .......soul <3